Arians: Palmer was great in “a crazy situation” in Oakland


Cardinals coach Bruce Arians says his new quarterback, Carson Palmer, has played better football recently than most people think.

Arians said in an interview on ESPN that he believes Palmer had an outstanding season in Oakland in 2012, and that people who focus on the Raiders’ 4-12 record need to realize that Palmer was not the one to blame.

“What he did last year with the Raiders, in a crazy situation, I thought was very, very impressive,” Arians said.

Arians didn’t elaborate on what he thought was crazy about the Raiders over the last two years, but suffice to say he’s not the only one who viewed the Raiders that way. And Arians makes a fair point: Palmer completed 61.1 percent of his passes, threw for 4,018 yards and had 22 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Palmer wasn’t the reason the Raiders lost 12 games.

In Arizona, Arians thinks Palmer is going to win a lot of games.

“The biggest thing is his experience level,” Arians said. “He’s tough as nails. As good a deep ball thrower as I’ve ever seen — I mean, really accurate on the deep ball and still has it.”

And now Palmer may finally be in the right situation.

70 responses to “Arians: Palmer was great in “a crazy situation” in Oakland

  1. We will see if he feels the same after throws another one of his end of game picks 6s. He might not have been the problem but he definitely didnt make things better.

  2. As a Raiders fan I think you can safely say that having to learn two offenses in 2 1/2 seasons, getting traded for in the middle of a season & dealing with the transition the Raiders have now completed could be considered crazy. Best of luck to Carson Palmer.

  3. The long time icon and owner dies, the QB snaps a clavicle and the head coach turned GM gives away the farm for his boy, Palmer.

    Yeah, you could say it was kinda crazy in 2011 (8-8) but 2012 was different.

    The reason for the horrible season was the change in offensive scheme and a terrible defense.

    Palmer was not the problem, but he wasn’t the solution either.

  4. He’s a scrub. Can’t wait till they play the Rams. Looks like another 10 sack day for Chris Long and Robert Quinn. Oh crap, Ogletree blitzes up the middle…

  5. Calling the Raiders an embarassment to pro football is like calling the Grand Canyon a big ditch in the ground. They make the Jets look like New England.

  6. I think Arians must be having a “senior moment”…is a bit confused, and has Palmer mixed up with somebody else from his past…maybe Manning or Luck. The “hard sell” is only making already skeptical Cards fans more skeptical. BA needs to quit trying so hard to “sell” Palmer and let Palmer prove himself. The fact that the O-line was not really fixed but only shored up a bit will not help Palmer and blurr the facts when Palmer is flat on his back!

  7. hey threw almost as many picks as TD’s plus Oakland has a better Offensive line than the Cards….
    How many sacks did the Red Birds give up last season?
    Bruce needs to figure out that before making comments on other organizations…

  8. Stats make Carson look better than he was. He got his yards because the Raiders would always be trailing by 3 or more scores. His completion % is padded because he would check down to TE or FB after the WR’s ran clear out routes. He would lead a charge in the 2nd or 3rd quarter that would more often than not culminate in an interception. You certainly wouldn’t want to put a team on his back, but he’s willing to go thru the motions. And going thru the motions would actually be an upgrade to the Cardinals.

  9. Dont just look at the stats Arians. Palmer did well, while here BUT he did his best Tony Romo impresion also. What the stats dont show you Arians is that he threw picks and pick sixes in key situations, mostly in the 4th quarter when the game was on the line, or in key situations when momentum was on our side. (Often into double and/or triple coverage)


  10. There are many many things I expect people to call Palmer (ie: quitter, whiner, etc), but “tough as nails” is absolutely not one of them.

  11. Saw all the Raider games last year. Palmer was only effective after the games were out of hand. Was able to run up those stats against the 2nd and 3rd team players.

  12. Arians is right. Palmer didn’t cost us all of those games, except maybe one. He played well. The fallacy of this whole thing is believing that if he plays in Arizona somehow the end results in the won/loss column will be different.

  13. He did one hell of a job in Oakland, don’t listen to the butthurt Bunghole fans.

  14. Wow when the coach of the cardinals can call the oakland situation crazy u know it got bad in Oakland. However it’s just another outsider looking in who doesn’t know what there talking about. Good luck in Arizona Bruce lmfao

  15. bejohn2 says: May 20, 2013 9:34 AM

    Saw all the Raider games last year. Palmer was only effective after the games were out of hand. Was able to run up those stats against the 2nd and 3rd team players.

    Again…non factual garbage. Since you are so bold as to mention “stats’ why don’t you look up the actual stats.

    His numbers were virtually the same in the first half of games as they were in the second half.

    If u don’t believe me look it up.

    Maybe you are one of fools who say the 55-20 loss was Palmer’s fault. Or the 37-6 thrashing from Denver, or it was his fault the defense gave up 255 yards to Doug Martin.

    If you’re gonna separate which stats are “garbage time” from “non-garbage time” then do it for all the other Qb’s in the league who had the benefit of having one of their receivers in the top 50 (pff ranking) of which Palmer did not, or maybe a running game (of which Palmer did not) or a defense to actually keep him in the game, of which Palmer did not.

    Raiders D last yr. was their worst in the franchise history and you geniuses blame Palmer for everything.

    Global warming? Palmer’s fault.

  16. Wasn’t this the same argument people made for Kyle Orton when he had 3600+ yards, 20 TDs and 9 INTs in 13 games in 2010 when the Broncos went 4-12?

  17. When a team is always behind in the 4th quarter like Oakland and Arizona seems to be (since Warner left to save his health from an atrocious O-Line and arrogant Rod Graves and Whisenhunt who cared less about keeping Warner healthy), any QB who wants to win will try passing the ball a lot more than grinding down the field with running plays. With any crummy team, that QB will have more interceptions in the 4th quarter and second halves of games since the defenses know passes are going to be thrown. It is a no brainer that Palmer may have had more picks trying to bring the Raiders back into games. Also a major factor is if the game plan is any good in the first place and how soon the HC or OC dumps it and goes into the passing mode to try to catch up.

    With the Raiders and Cardinals last season, both team were terrible due to horrible head coaches and poor offensive game plans. With the Cards, Whisenhunt was plain stupid and deliberately lost games just to screw with players who he decided he did not like and wanted to try to destroy their NFL futures. It was an easy decision for the Cards to fire Whisenhunt since the guy went totally stupid. As for the Raiders, poor defenses, underperforming defenses, the lack of any running game, poor offensive and defensive game plans, and injuries kept holding them back.

    It is plain to see Palmer was not the problem at Oakland. Football is a team game with both sides of the ball just as important as the other. You lose as a team and you win as a team. Brady and the Mannings could not do their things without good to great teams around them. That is why teams who have stunk for years like the Dolphins, Raiders, Cards, Bills, and others (of course ignoring those anomaly years like the Kurt Warner years with a superstar inspires a mediocre team to perform at heights they have never known) keep being mired at records under .500.

  18. So, it was the situation in Oakland last year that effected Palmer? OK Bruce, lets dig a little deeper. Palmer hada passer rating of 85.3 last year. In 2011 it was 80.5. His four prior years in Cincy, his passer rating was 82.4 (2010), 83.6 (2009), 69.0 (2008) and 86.7 (2007). Looks like Carson was no better or worse in Oakland last year than he’s been over the last 5 years. It would be nice to know what the heck Arians was talking about.

  19. The only thing ‘crazy’ about the situation in Oakland was the draft picks they gave up for Palmer, subsequently hamstringing the organization from getting talent to put around him.

  20. I cannot figure why Arizona didn’t do more to fix their o-line this off season. I can’t see Palmer being effective for them if he gets sacked on 50% of their plays.

  21. The man isn’t lying about that. Carson Palmer is the ONLY immobile pocket passer that I’ve seen play well when everything around him was underperforming. I wouldnt call it “great” because theres no greatness in losing, but I would say he played exceptional.

    It was a crazy situation. We had a young offensive nucleus that was built for vertical passing and power running, and this guy Dennis Allen decides to install the West Coast Offense and the outside stretch zone blocking scheme. A running scheme that Darren McFadden has proven ineffective in on the NFL level. It was beyond crazy.

    That being said. I feel that Arians is a over rated QB coach/OC who needs a thoroughred QB to succeed. I was hoping the Arizona situation would expose him. Yet we give that man Carson Palmer for a late round pick. Reggie Mac may know personnel, but he is no GM.

  22. He did put up over 4,000 yards last year and he is the best QB to wear a Cards uniform since Warner left.

    The Cards long-term solution at QB is in the 2014 NFL draft: Boyd, Murray, McCarron, Bridgewater …

  23. This article is spot on. Palmer was not the problem. They had sub standard wide receivers and no running game last year and it was Palmer’s fault???

    Palmer is going to make the entire Raider organization look foolish (again) when he has an all pro year in Arizona.

    It’s amazing that Palmer gets heat when that bum Mcfadden is hurt 5 years in a row and never finishes a season.

  24. johnstone17 says: May 20, 2013 9:04 AM

    As a Raiders fan I think you can safely say that having to learn two offenses in 2 1/2 seasons, getting traded for in the middle of a season & dealing with the transition the Raiders have now completed could be considered crazy. Best of luck to Carson Palmer.
    Exactly WHAT transition have they completed? Do you honestly consider them a force in the AFCW or in the NFL at all? Pipe dream bro. Pipe dream.

  25. “Palmer completed 61.1 percent of his passes, threw for 4,018 yards and had 22 touchdowns and 14 interceptions”

    These stats coming from a division where he played KC and San Diego twice a year…..

    Didn’t someone tell him who he was going to be playing against in the NFC West?

  26. Palmer was easily the Raiders’ best player last season. Reggie really botched it when he fired Hue Jackson to get “his guy.”

    I know my fellow Raiders fans think Reggie is some kind of hero/magician/saint but the fact is he took a team that was 16-16 over the prior two seasons, fired its best coach since Gruden, and implemented an offense that rendered its best player ineffective and went 4-12.

    Reggie was a rookie in 2012. Hopefully it’s not too late and he learned from his mistakes. I like some of what he’s done this off-season, not all but some. But excuses will only buy so much time. Signs of improvement need to be shown in 2013 and if no playoffs by 2014 it’s time to bring somebody new in.

  27. Well Bruce, he may be accurate on the deep balls in practice…but come game time, you can guarantee those deep balls will be far less accurate and more than likely end in a pick.

  28. and yet you gave up only a 7th rounder for him !while alex smith got two 2nds!!!ehh

  29. Just hope that the Cards don’t go 4-12 this year, otherwise Palmer will want out.

    Here in Cincy, we’re happy with Dalton, who has a 19-13 record as starter. Palmer was a loser here and will continue to lose wherever he goes.

  30. Wasn’t fun for a lot of players in the east bay and sure as hell hasn’t been fun for the fans but major change is in the air in Oaktown-stay tuned.

  31. I watched him loose at least 4 games last year all by himself. He is very good at throwing the ball to the other team. It happens most often when the game is on the line and 80% of the time it is a pick 6.

    No team can win when you have a QB that consistently scores between 7 and 14 points for the other team. As for Arizona?, you are pulling my tit right?, Arizona. If the dude from Pittsburgh could not turn things around the one year wonder does not have a shot.

  32. as a bengals fan the dude is made of glass, got scared when pocket closes and made terrible decisions. thanks oakland for the picks!

  33. The very painful truth is that now that Al is dead, there is no one left in Oakland that knows anything about football. Al was not exactly “with it” in his last few years, but he had more football IQ in his pinky, than Mark and Reggie combined… and I will spot Mark and Reggie 130 points. The Raider nation may not like the truth, but its clear, until the right leader takes over this ship continues to sink.

  34. I practically wrote this article for this site in October/November and got BLASTED for this exact thinking from the writers….6 months later? Not a Raider anymore? Now it wasn’t his fault. You guys are unreal.

  35. Does anyone remember the horrendous QB situation in Arizona? One of the worse I’ve ever seen. For fantasy football players you know it’s bad for a team when multiple ffl players put in high waivers to obtain whatever defense is playing the Cards that week.

    The bad thing was the Cards were a solid team. They have a decent defense that was stretched by too many 3 and outs and turnovers. They have one of the best receivers in the league and their running game was OK if not spectacular last year. The Cards with a halfway decent QB last year would have made the playoffs. They did start something like 4-0 purely on the strength of their D and special teams.

    In any case Palmer is a good fit for them and fits the air it out style Arians prefers. Larry Fitzgerald is in for a big year and the team is in for an improved win loss percentage.

  36. after this year bruce a. would wish he stayed in indy and had Luck as his qb, cause he got him that job in AZ

  37. When you are analyzing a player acquisition, part of it has to be what other options were available. Were there really that many better options than Carson Palmer available at the time? I don’t really think so.

    How many other QBs with 61% completion rate, 4,000+ yards and a 22/14 td/int ration changed teams last year?

    Of course he has flaws. QBs without flaws are generally not traded.

  38. I was disappointed that after giving up two huge picks for him, that Carson didn’t want to stick with it and help lead the turnaround.

    But, if he didn’t want to be here, or wasn’t fully with the program, then I like the move to ship him out.

    We had plenty more issues than Carson Palmer. With that said, he forced the ball an awful lot *before* the games got out of hand. That and the Cardinals’ ability to protect him are the key issues.

    It will be intersting to see how much he improves AZ, whether it is just marginal upgrade or substantial.

  39. commonsensedude says:
    May 20, 2013 9:51 AM
    Carson Palmer is the Roberto Duran of the NFL.

    No mas, already.

  40. Palmer is an above average QB. Given better targets than the middle of the road players picked in Oakland by an intrusive owner who borderlines on senility, he will be much better. He may not be elite, well let’s face it, he isn’t elite, but you dont survive in the NFL as a consistent starter without being ahead of the curve. Arizona made a huge upgrade in his acquisition and I’m sure Fitzgerald is more than happy to see him. The QB rating isn’t a tellall especially when you have a sad O-line, no run and receivers that can’t create space. I am a true blood hawk fan and I believe Arizona, given good coaching, will give the NFC west a bit of trouble and that is based on Palmers acquisition alone. With Palmer, Arizona could see a chance at a wild card berth while Oakland fans will be crying about why he didn’t do that there.

  41. tennesseejohnny is correct. The people claiming Palmer’s stats were inflated due to playing from behind have obviously not broken his stats down properly. Given the situation he was in, he played about as well as anyone could.

  42. I’m sure thousands more Raider fans would be on here bombing away with Cardinals insults but they don’t get their one hour of rec time until this evening. Shut it Raider fans! The only things you should be commenting on are articles about drinking 40’s, being gang bangers, and and discussions on the quality of jail food.

  43. Hate to let the facts get in the way of the haters, but only two of Palmer’s picks were returned for TDs. As far as the “mostly checkdowns” comments go, his 11.6 yard per completion rate was tied with Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers, and he did it without a WR who got so much as 800 receiving yards.

    Palmer wasn’t the problem. Saying “but he wasn’t the solution” is a little silly — the solution would have required a receiver or two, a healthy RB, and something resembling a defense.

  44. the reason Oakland was so bad last year is cause the defense was horrible and the blocking scheme on offense played against the strength of mcfadden which killed em. palmer did ok i agree.

  45. “He might not have been the problem but he definitely didnt make things better.”


    Fair or not, Palmer was expected to carry the team with his passing ability and hide the warts we had on defense and in the ground game until we could get those fixed under the new regime. That’s what good QBs like Rodgers, Brees and Brady do.

    His passing statistics hide the fact that OAK spent a lot of game minutes down by double digits. I hate putting responsibility for wins and losses on the QB alone, but in this case 4-12 is better indication of what Palmer did for the Raiders than his yards and TDs.

    He looked out for the team renegotiating his contract coming into 2012 and he did what he had to do when it became clear he wasn’t worth $13 mill for 2013. Business, not personal.

  46. After reading these comments the majority of them are written by people who did not finish middle school and know nothing about football.
    Seriously you guys should apply for a NFL coaching position because its quite obvious you know more than the coaches.
    I bet these are the same people who said Jamarcus and Vince Young were hall of famers before they play their first game …. MORONS!!

  47. As a Raider fan, I said the same thing. No receivers worth mentioning, an idiotic offensive game plan, and an invisible feature back.
    He did a good job, considering all that.
    He definitely wasn’t the reason for the crappy season.

  48. Palmer didn’t quit on Oakland. They offered him $0 in guaranteed money which no one in their right mind would take. The offer was also a huge mistake in Reggie’s part because the rest of the league knew that Oakland wasn’t going to pay him no matter what at that point. That move cost him any leverage he had in trade negotiations.

  49. People want to believe what they want to believe. The fact of the matter is that Palmer sucks, he does throw a lot back-breaking momentum changing picks, on the other side of the coin Cardinal fans are holding on hope and prayer that this may no be the case, too funny if you ask me. I distinctly recall Bengals fans warning Raider fans of Carson Palmer and of course Raider fans critiscized Bengal fans for calling Palmer out. Anyhow, considering the abysmal QB play the cards had last yr or the last couple of years, this may seem like an upgrade hence the optimisim.

  50. Raiders fans loved Palmer when they traded for him. Joetoronto said it was a great trade. Said cincy was his problem.

    Hmm. Since the trade the Bengals have gone to the playoffs both years. The raiders not.

    Now the raiders say he stinks. And joetoronto throws out a bengals slam

    Get the picture? The only losers in this ordeal are JoeToronto and Raider Nation (because of their mgt. not the fans).

    Keep sucking wind Joe lol. It’s fun watching you embarrass yourself.

    As for Palmer he’s just ok. He’s not a winner. And it’s been proven. Time is up.

    Joes not a winner either. He lives w that every minute of every day.

  51. Gotta love the build up of ARZ coach. He layers on expectations after expectation, seems like Betty, I mean Carson Palmer is taking them to the SB this year. I’m curious as to what the reasons will be when the Cards fail?

  52. I love it. The coherent base of Raider fans labeled Palmer as a quality player and are called delusional. But the moment he leaves them he’s immediately got apologists. With that said, he’s no more of a savior for that team than he was for Oakland. He throws for yards and has spurts of manufacturing points but he lost at least half of the games you could give him credit for winning. Most importantly, oakland’s line was solid-or at least better than the Cards. Fitz won’t be a factor if Palmer is getting planted into the dirt two seconds after every snap.

  53. Fitz is going to have a HUGE year. Palmer throws a great ball and he’s not afraid to throw into coverage and give his guy a shot to make a play. Fitz is one of the best in the league, probably the best behind Calvin Johnson, in that situation.

  54. As a Raider fan, as soon as I heard the words “Greg” and “Knapp”, I knew it was going to be crazy times.

    It was.

    Just like the day I heard the words “Tom” and “Walsh”. The play-calling was hideous last year.

    Tom Cable demoted Knapp from the play-calling responsibilities the first time Knapp got fired in Oakland. Palmer didn’t get enough help last year. The Raiders appeared to be out-coached, out-played, & out-schemed in every game.

    However, the Rams notched 9 (?) sacks in one game vs the Cards last year. Besides the Bears, it is hard to recall an OL which played worse than the Cards’ OL.

    I can’t see why Carson would agree to a pay cut & take the beating he will most assuredly take this coming season. If he thinks he had things bad in Raider-land, wait ’til he ends up on IR this yr…although, he IS a tough SOB. His jersey was waaaay too dirty after every game last yr. This year will be worse for him.

  55. This guy is not a bad QB and not the reason for Oaklands bad season last year. However he does make a lot of questionable decisions and also didnt help matters much. Plenty of times watching games I would see him pass up easy first downs to go for a homerun shot or much harder throw resulting in a int or incomplete. Good QBs know how to just keep the chains moving and pick and choose their shots. I’m sure he will make some nice plays and fitz will make him look good, but at the end of the day the cards will crumble because he is mediocre at best and their O line isn’t very impressive either.

  56. Well Bruce, obviously you’re trying to boost this guy’s ego. I can’t wait til’ you see first hand that Palmer is a turnover machine. If I was defensive coordinator coaching against the cardinals, I’m licking my chops right now. I’m bringing the house on this guy every time. I’m sure he looks amazing in practice. As soon as you stack 8 guys on the line of scrimmage, Carson Palmer melts faster than Frosty The Snowman on a hot summer day. For all you coordinators that have the cardinals on their schedule, you’re welcome for the free advice.

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