Arm surgery complete, next up for Gronkowski is evaluation of back

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Now that Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has undergone a fourth arm surgery, which initially is being regarded as a success, attention soon will turn to his lingering back issue.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Gronkowski is expected to travel to California in three or four weeks for an evaluation by Dr. Robert Watkins.  (The trip presumably will not include a layover in Las Vegas.)  Watkins will make a recommendation as to whether Gronkowski requires back surgery.

We reported last week that back surgery currently is considered to be probable for Gronkowski.

25 responses to “Arm surgery complete, next up for Gronkowski is evaluation of back

  1. Back surgeries are so sophisticated in this day and age professional athletes can have the piece of Telfon placed between the vertebrae and be running within 3 to 4 days after the surgery

  2. Next up a meeting with AARP AND MEDICADE. AND Prob another. Binge in Vegas. Guy will be lucky to play 5 years in this league the way he is going

  3. Look at that picture. I’m not sure if that is Gronk’s mug or the “Welcome to Vegas” sign.

  4. Sorry for all the pats haters wishing ill for Gronk ( this means you Florio). This procedure was long expected and now that the infection has cleared the healing process will begin. With Gronk, Hernandez and Ballard I wouldn’t want to be a DC against them this year. The offense will be more diverse than they ever have been.

  5. It’s the Patriots, so you can be sure they’ll demand a blood sugar test also – to check for diabetes. Hopefully he doesn’t eat too many donuts the morning of the test, or he could end up getting cut.

  6. I think in 3-4 weeks we’ll find out if he needs disc surgery now or whether it can wait. If he gets it done the 10th week of rehab will put him in late Training Camp. Either way, Patriots fans will be looking at weeks of pins and needles every time this guy gets hit or falls down.
    But his radius and ulna have been healing since the 2nd procedure in January; the irrigation and today’s plate replacement didn’t require resetting. It should be plenty healed by August.

  7. You could always slip something like this into your stories…..

    “The New England Patriots, led by tight end Rob Gronkowski, visited Newtown, Conn., on Saturday in an effort to help the community heal five months after the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The players held a clinic event with kids in the area.”

    instead of taking any opportunity to throw a Vegas comment into every story.

  8. Not a Gronk hater, and I agree that what he does off the field away from the team is his business. However, he’s a highly-paid, highly-visible athlete on a highly-visible team and he should make smarter choices. He’s got a lot of maturing to do.

  9. Nothing has changed from his draft profile. He’s a 1 contract player who won’t ever receive the money in his final year and will be waived.

  10. Haha gotta love all the Gronk haters!! If he was cut by the Pats all your teams would lineup to sign him. Don’t hate……appreciate. The dude is a beast and can ball. Good luck Gronk !! Look forward to seeing some spikes this year!!

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