Bruce Allen on RG3: “It’s too early to tell right now”


For all the optimism about the condition of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, the reality is that it’s too soon to know how his reconstructed knee will be when the season starts.

And during a tour of the Redskins’ still-being-built training camp facility in Richmond, Redskins General Manager Bruce Allen admitted as much.

“It’s great to hear the building is on schedule, ahead of schedule, and I’ve heard all those same phrases for our quarterback,” Allen said, via Mark Maske of the Washington Post. “It’s too early to tell right now. He is doing everything that the doctors want him to do. He’s a great worker. I think that’s why there’s so much optimism that he’ll be ready at the beginning.

“But it’s really too premature to speculate on where his medical condition is until we give him a physical when training camp starts July 25.”

Griffin had surgery in January, and has apparently been working diligently, but Allen wasn’t prepared to say what his quarterback might be doing when OTAs are opened to reporters Thursday.

“You’ll get to see when you all come out there on Thursday,” Allen said. “He’s been doing a lot of drill work on his own with the other injured players. He has to just follow the doctors’ and the trainers’ advice on a daily basis.”

After the early flurry of optimism, it certainly sounds like the Redskins are adopting more of a wait-and-see approach, which is the only reasonable way to approach an injury such as RG3’s.

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  1. Bruce Allen is not only the best GM at identifying and assembling a talented roster but he’s also by far the classiest. The man defines character and dignity. But that’s what everyone knows to expect from the best franchise in NFL history. I am so proud to be a fan of the Redskins.

  2. hey, the good news is Cousins can carry the preseason load and then he just has to work his way through 16 games. he will have theentire post season to rest the knee and watch playoffs from Chateau IR3.

  3. What? Too early??? But he was just doing jumping jacks on a stage a couple weeks ago?? Doesn’t that mean he’s ready to go?? No? But all the skins fans where swooning over his stage appearance. Oh well.

  4. I’m glad to see Bruce Allen is tempering expectations. I’d rather have Cousins start a few weeks and have RGIII completely ready than see him rush back too soon. The kid is everything we could ever hope for in a leader and franchise QB.

  5. Shanarat will destroy his career before it even gets off the ground. They’d be better off with Richie Kotite than this putz.

  6. Even if RG3 isn’t ready for the first 2-4 weeks, atleast the Redskins won’t be throwing those games like the Colts did (for the whole season) to get Luck. Its good to know I cheer for an organization with some class.

  7. This year, get ready for the ‘Skins to totally revolutionize the art of sucking. And RG3, healthy or not (most likely not), will play a key role.

    So it is written, so it shall be done.

  8. Let the kid sit til week 8. Make sure he is 100% before putting him back on the field. Cousins is good enough to keep them afloat til RG3 gets back. Don’t ruin this kids career rushing him back..

  9. Please Robert, heal in your entirety with haste…

    I speak for the rest of the NFC East when I say, we want you 100% healthy when we beat you down.

    Skins fans, understand all the chatter you’ve engaged in this off season will be taken into account when your leader is laying on the field, broken and beaten, yet again.

    We, like the defenses RG3 will face, will not be compassionate about it.

    Just don’t disappear from this site when it happens.

  10. He’ll be ready to go. If he isn’t then they better play Cousins. I doubt RGIII is going to rush it, nor is the staff. Coach Shanahan I bet has no problems starting Cousins for at least a few games.

  11. Everyone knows to expect from the best franchise in NFL history.

    Another 20 + years of NEVER seeing an NFC Championship game.

    Again, the only NFC East team . .to not get there in over 20 years.

    I am so proud to be a fan of the Redskins.

  12. Did Bruce Allen check this out with RG2 (Papa Griffin) before making such a negative assessment?

  13. I’ve heard this little argument before. Shanahan will ruin Rg3’s career right? And how will that happen? They did the smartest thing they could do last year and that was run the ball and minimize his passing attempts as a rookie. Is RG3 supposed to be immune to injuries? What QB doesn’t get banged up a couple times a year? Big Ben and Cutler did last year. Stafford’s first couple years were full of injuries. Shanahan + RG3 will prove to be one of the most effective combinations in the NFL.

  14. Cousins will start the season until the bye week. It gives them a chance to showcase him for trade value and guarantees RG3 is not rushed back too soon. Looking at the first four games 2-2 is highly attainable.

  15. Lol rg3 hate will be worse than lebron hate before long. Anytime a player is that good all the idiots will always come out and show how jealous and lame they are. They come up with every reason why they won’t succeed…then when they do(rg3 ROY, highest passer rating of any rookie qb ever, most running yards of ANY qb ever, takes team from worst to first in the division, playoff game gainst Seattle leads the skins to a two td lead hurt before getting the acl tear). Now he is working to come back and the shanaplan is in full effect….keep hating losers rg3 and the shanahan’s will continue to make you all look silly.

  16. It is hilarious to read the comments of the scared fans of our opponents.

    What’s funny is how they will slam skins fans for being optimistic that our QB will return ready to go, then turn around and talk about how he won’t last a season, or that the Skins won’t do well next season, etc. Then the really mature ones come up with cute little names like IRG3 or Shanarat. I hope they realize that this is really a tip of the hat and compliment to our team.

  17. Still hoping RG has an injury-free season. Would like to see the Redskins use Cousins the first month of regular season (he can get them 3 wins) and RG take the reigns after the bye week.

  18. Everyone that thinks he’s sitting out the beginning of the season….Do you remember the nfl meeting with the skins just prior to the schedule being released with an emphasis on big early season games for the skins? I don’t think the league had any doubt that RG3 would be back when they released the final schedule.

  19. People around here really hate context.

    Three months ago, we were discussing whether Griffin would be able to return for thee 2014 season. Two months ago, James Andrews was ridiculed for saying Griff might be able to participate in the last few days of August minicamp. Today Griffin and the organization are bieng criticuzed because he may not be ready to start the very first training camp

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