Concussion lawyers keep pursuing Mark Murphy, Troy Vincent

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In some respects, the concussion lawsuits arise from a desire to get fair compensation for former players who suffered real injury as a result of the NFL’s alleged negligence.  In other respects, the concussion lawsuits arise from a desire on the part of the lawyers to get paid.

There’s no other way to explain the fact that lawyers have been contacting former players like Packers CEO Mark Murphy and NFL senior V.P. of player engagement Troy Vincent.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the efforts to recruit Murphy and Vincent to sue have occurred repeatedly.

It’s no surprise, given the efforts that came to light last year to get more and more former players on board.  “There is strength in numbers!” former NFL player and broadcaster Sean Salisbury wrote last year in an email encouraging players with any lingering concussion symptoms to join the litigation.

The lawyers have a clear financial motivation to add as many former players as possible.  The cost of adding names to a list of thousands is relatively minimal; the potential fee (at 33 percent, typically, of anything recovered) can go up exponentially if enough players join the parade.

While persons with real injuries resulting from real liability have the right to pursue relief, the lawsuit industry results in warped motivations and blurred ethical lines, and I continue to be reminded in situations like this that I don’t miss practicing law, at all.

15 responses to “Concussion lawyers keep pursuing Mark Murphy, Troy Vincent

  1. A basketball player stars in the big league, has success, earns alot of money, becomes old, knees arent 20 years old anymore so he has to retire.
    Oh but wait….. he should sue the league for millions because his knees hurt now and the league didnt tell him it might happen.

    A baseball player gets hit by a pitch a few times, breaks a bone or two in home plate collisions, now is too old to play.
    Fear not!!!! Sue because nobody told him he might get hit by pitches or break a bone.

    A police officer gets shot by a bank robber. Thats ok, sue the government. Nobody told him he was gonna get shot.

    How bout a fireman, loses his life in a fire rescueing a family. Sue the City. Nobody told him fires were dangerous.

    Freakin sick of this whole concussion lawsuit and all of the hypocritical, two faced ex players

  2. I don’t get going after Murphy.

    Parading the success of the Packers as proof of how concussions affect a person’s cognitive ability later in life – doesn’t make much sense.

    Mark seems to be doing more than just okay.

  3. This isn’t a comment. This is a request ,so I hope a person (and not the proverbial chimp) is proofreading this and get thus to Mr. Florio or anyone near his rank. I am a 34 year old African-American man and I ABSOLUTELY love sports since I was conceived. I live in Balt.Md (born n raised) and I know I am special (in the good way). I am very very bright and I work for the I.R.S. I can’t stand it and I been there 13 years now. Please rescue me from my boring , robotic , lifestyle. My true passion is sports . I played all sports at a high level my entire life into my 20s. I have a babyface and I’m an extremely hardworker. I am willing to take a paycut. I strongly believe in “DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO”. I am extremely charismatic and I have the “IT” factor in any facet of life I’m also very humble and patient when I need to be. I had a cup of coffee in college. I just hope this request gets to the right person and that person look beyond this post. I am addicted to PFT so ill be writing and reading 1000 times a day if not more like o I always do.

  4. Heck, they’ll even let you stay party to the suit while you’re still playing so who’s surprised? It’s what leeches do.

  5. Sir, how dare you bring up the name Sean Salisbury. I thought he was appropriately banished to the ash heap of history.

  6. Why on Earth would Mark Murphy get involved in this? He is management now, he isn’t one of the players. Furthermore why would he risk endangering his position as the only President of a team that can con its own fans out of hundreds of dollars a piece for pieces of paper that make them “owners” of a team. Murphy is financially set for life there is no incentive for him to join in.

  7. If a former player says he has symptoms, he’s taken at his word and added to the list. If he denies it and says he’s fine, the lawyers will say he’s in denial and should be added to the list.

  8. Our legal system is so messed up.

    Frivolous lawsuits for the sake of money make me sick.

    I was sued at 18 by a guy who HIT ME in a parking lot… 10 months after he did it. Conveniently after he was fired from his job.

    And being young and dumb, I settled.


  9. Maybe Mark Murphy and Troy Vincent realize that the only people who make any money in a class action law suit are the lawyers.

  10. So, the slice of pie gets smaller for each player, but larger for each lawyer?

    The guys who are in this deal who need the money will get nothing, and the guys who don’t need the money wil get nothing. Great idea.

    Lets sue for a billion dollars and get a billion people to sign on. Each person gets a dollar minus the lawyers fee.

    These lawsuits are a scam to the people who initiate the suit. The lawyers will make hundreds of times more than the players.

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