Dwight Freeney confident Chargers will use him well


When the Chargers announced that Dwight Freeney signed with the team, General Manager Tom Telesco called him a “perfect fit” for the team’s 3-4 defense.

You can’t argue with that as far as getting a healthy body into the lineup to replace linebacker Melvin Ingram is concerned, but Freeney’s previously stated preference to play defensive end in a 4-3 scheme and somewhat diminished results in a 3-4 with the Colts in 2012 made “perfect” seem like a bit of an exaggeration. But, as Freeney explained to Peter King for this week’s Monday Morning Quarterback, the Chargers told him that they aren’t going to try to put a square peg in a round hole when it comes to deploying Freeney in 2013.

“They’ll run both. They’re willing to feature me and free me up to make plays. And they’re going to put me in good matchups in the 3-4,” Freeney said.

There wasn’t much point in signing Freeney if the Chargers weren’t going to use him to do what he does best, so we’d expect to see a fair amount of Freeney on the edge with his hand in the dirt on passing downs this season. With Kendall Reyes and Corey Liuget capable of generating some interior pressure, the Chargers pass rush should be able to threaten offenses in multiple ways now that Freeney’s in town.

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  1. Double digit sacks for Freeney = Bolts in the playoffs. I hope he is with the team for the duration of his contract, to be a mentor to Ingram when he returns next year.

    The San Diego Chargers Super Bowl Express is rolling.

  2. Chargers are bereft of talent.

    I remember when they had like 8 pro bowl caliber players on an extremely young team. The Merriman shock dance days.

    Now, even Phillip Rivers looks like he’s fading into mediocrity.

  3. I am a raiders fan and IMO the chargers are making a great turn around and I’m not happy about it I wish they had kept norv turner in order to never be threatened by them. The defense is generally solid when Ingram is back and now with freeney and teo they will be top 15 defense. Its all on rivers now the pieces are in place now he needs to come through for once and don’t complain about receivers they are all capable( but not great) and you have the number 2 te of all time in gates. Stop the complaining and finish I’m loving the AFC west competition it makes eeveryone better . AFC west come up minus the chiefs don’t care who the coach is they are still a joke.

  4. They already have been playing a hybrid 3-4/4-3.

    SP95 played with his hand in the dirt much of the time last season. With Ingram in there, they would have leaned more 3-4, but now with Freeney they will lean 4-3.

  5. Judging Freeney based on last year’s diminished sack totals, and suggesting that it was entirely a switch to the 3-4 is a mistake. He played through a high ankle sprain, suffered in week one, that certainly impacted his sack total. A healthy Freeney with a focus on pass rushing – not coverage – will be productive. How productive? We shall see.

  6. Well I’m also a Raiders fan “logicalvoicesisnotlogical” and I’m going to tell you why I think this is a big question mark on this signing.

    Dwight Freeney was a dominate DE in a 4-3 defense during his younger days with the Colts. The indoor artificial turf make him even a faster player. When it got loud and the LT had a hard time hearing the snap count, it was all over after his first step.

    But then the Colts decided to make him a 3-4 LB. It’s not a coincident that his sack numbers dropped to only 5 last year.

    With Freeney being 33 years old and most likely having limited snaps, I don’t think it was smart for Freeney to continue in a 3-4 defense. He had much more success as a 4-3 DE. I felt he would have been a force in ATL, Detroit, or Minnesota.

    BTW, logicalvoicesisnotlogical, Norv Turner’s two years in Oakland, he was 5-11 and 4-12. What are you even thinking about wanting him back? None of the players even respected him during his time in Oakland.

    Norv Turner has never won anything as a Head Coach. He was a loser in Washington and Oakland. When he got to SD, one of the best team on paper, he screwed that up. Marty and Norv are cut out of the exact same mode. Classic underachievers.

    If you’re a closet Charger fan, then come out and say so. Don’t embarrass Raider Nation by thinking you’re a Raiders fan cheering for the Chargers.

    Phillip Rivers is still screwed with that pitiful OL for this upcoming season. His last season with SD.

  7. San Diego is slowly making some good moves, but won’t contend this year. Freeney will sadly fade into oblivion in SD

  8. hey chargers, how did it workout last time u guys signed one of our castoffs, Desmond “Bob” Sanders????

  9. The annual preseason Super Bowl Express has left the station, with Dumbolt at the wheel.

    Choo choo!

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