Greg Schiano clarifies Greg Schiano’s position — again

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If Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano ever gets tired of having to tell people Josh Freeman is his starting quarterback, someone should probably mention to him that it’s kind of his own fault.

Schiano started singing like Tammy Wynette again in relation to Freeman Monday, the day after he was quoted as saying he was “not against” the notion of starting rookie Mike Glennon instead.

We have a starting quarterback, and it’s Josh Freeman,” Schiano said, via Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times.

According to the report, Schiano said he’s trying to be honest, and doesn’t mean to put pressure on Freeman by saying such things in the national media.

“I guess nationally, they don’t sit here with me every day like you guys [local media] do,” Schiano said. “From the day we arrived, our whole program has [been based on] competition, . . . That’s what we believe in. It’s the most competitive sports league in the world. It’s competition, and I love it.

“But we have our starting quarterback, and it’s Josh Freeman. I’m not looking to find another.”

If he really wanted to clear things up, he could always, you know, stop leaving the door open a crack every time he talks about Glennon.

Or, if he wanted a stronger statement on Freeman and how much he loves him under center, he could give him a new contract to replace the final year of his rookie deal.

But it doesn’t appear at the moment that Schiano intends to do either.

And that’s fine, as long as everyone’s clear about the implication sent by those actions.

He likes Freeman, right up until the point he decides he doesn’t.

So Schiano’s apparently going to have to keep clarifying all the things that he keeps saying, whether to the national or local media.

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  1. What Schiano needs to learn, which all veteran NFL coaches know, is that he really doesn’t need to clarify anything for anyone.

    If you ever wonder why coaches like Belichick and Reid and many others can hold an hour long press conference and never say anything, this is why.

    The second they say one meaty thing, they will spend the next week being asked more questions about it, because what the media does is ask the same questions over and over again in the hope that one time the coach will say something that contradicts himself.

    It’s the same way detectives ask suspects the same thing over and over and over again. Which is why smart suspects lawyer up and smart coaches never give the media anything to work with.

  2. “It would allow self-respecting Christians to watch the NFL once more.”

    Many of the people that defend Vick & throw around Bible verses to minimize his evil past already fall into that category.

  3. There is a reason Chip Kelly turned them down. No one wants Freeman as their QB. First chance he gets, which I think will be around the 3rd pre season game, Glennon will be named the starter.

  4. @pdillon1

    I agree with you. I am not sure why all the thumbs down. Buccaneers fans need to take off the rose-colored glasses sometimes. This team–at best as I continue to look at the schedule–is a 6-10, 7-9 or 8-8 team next year–9-7 an outside shot. Too tough of a division–the lack of speed on the DL/healthy bodies/sacks is still going to leave the secondary weak, Revis won’t be the same–don’t care what anyone says, it isn’t going to happen–he’ll be solid I’m sure but not Revis Island; Glennon takes too many sacks and gets hit a lot, too tall and lanky to really be anything more than a career backup. I’d be surprised if he does anything decent for this team.

    That all being said, this is Freeman’s last year/shot regardless-at least with the Buccaneers. He has to prove it and put it altogether, stay consistent and eliminate mistakes. If he does then I think the QB issue can be settled for a while. Even with a phenomenal season from him (doesn’t matter who starts) I don’t think this team is just there yet.

    Now next year…depending on how the QB issue plays out…that is a whole new story and I think they ascend to compete for the playoffs and have 10 or 11 wins. They just have to make sure to address D-line and secondary still next year; with QB being a caveat dependent upon Freeman this year. And then they need solid OL depth and a receiver to either emerge or taken to be a threat in the slot and/or a stud TE in the mold of Gronkowski, Gates, Gonzalez, etc. Just my two cents on this matter.

  5. To quote another ex-Buccaneer coach
    “I’ll tolerate you till I can replace you…”

    Freeman will be ok, he’s another in a long line of NFL QBs who have been stifled by their own franchise’s inability to provide them with a consistent message and coaching staff. This will be year 2 in Sully’s offense, and with the caliber of playmakers he has around him, all Freeman has to do is deliver the ball…

  6. Why just last week Josh was named a better QB than Matt Schaub. And, of course, he has the wins and stats to back that up, tee hee.

  7. .

    The head coach has a responsibility to the players, fans, and organization to put the best 11 on the field to win the game.


  8. Freeman is gone no matter what. He is already the longest and most talented employed QB in the Glazer era except for Garcia.

    After Trent Dilfer was Eric Zeier, Shaun King, Brad Johnson, Ron Johnson, Brian Griese, Chris Simms, Bruce Gradkowski, Tim Rattay, Jeff Garcia, Luke McCown, Josh Johnson, Byron Leftwich, Josh Freeman.

  9. Barring injury, there is no way that Glennon replaces Freeman — this year. In today’s NFL, a QB has to be able to strap a team on his back and carry that team. So far, Freeman not been able to do that, though he’s had some good moments. Flacco has been inconsistent through regular seasons but has been excellent in the playoffs — and he’s had a good/great defense around him. For all but the most elite QBs, they need a good supporting cast. Freeman hasn’t had that, at least on defense.

  10. “crappygovernment says: May 20, 2013 1:13 PM Tebow would be great there. It would allow self-respecting Christians to watch the NFL once more.”

    If people can’t separate their personal faith/ religion from watching pro sports, then there’s no helping these conservative fundamentalists.

  11. As with the NFL, nothing can be straight forward. But this decision really is. Trade Freeman, & bring in a vet QB to mentor the rook. Having all this drama in the offseason is the best way to ruin the regular season.

    Personally I think Freeman can be a good QB, the coach thinks otherwise which is why we’ve seen 100 posts on PFT w/ regards to the topic.

  12. ‘If people can’t separate their personal faith/ religion from watching pro sports, then there’s no helping these conservative fundamentalists.’

    Tell that to all the scheming anti-christian gms, comrade! Will this be the beginning of the end for tolerance in America if Tebow is not tolerated?

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