LeSean McCoy leaves Eagles OTA with knee discomfort

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The media was allowed to watch the Eagles OTA on Monday, which meant there were plenty of eyes on running back LeSean McCoy as he left the field before the end of practice.

Geoff Mosher of CSNPhilly.com reports that McCoy left the field to have his knee examined on the sideline and did not return to the field before the session came to an end. According to Mosher, McCoy did not appear to be seriously injured and Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer got the same impression when he spoke to McCoy briefly as the running back went to lunch. McLane didn’t add whether or not McCoy was going be dining in his car or not.

McCoy wasn’t the only player who wasn’t able to practice — several Eagles players were delayed by flight problems caused by weather issues around the country — but starting running backs needing to have their knees checked out tend to garner more than their fair show of attention.

When you throw in the fact that the Eagles are still figuring out things at quarterback, McCoy’s health becomes all the more important. If the initial read is correct, this is something that will be forgotten before the first burgers hit the grill on Memorial Day weekend and that’s all the better for the Eagles.

17 responses to “LeSean McCoy leaves Eagles OTA with knee discomfort

  1. What? no story about Foles running with the first team and Vick running with the second team? I would have for sure guessed that story be blown out of proportion.

  2. tiggerblood says:
    May 20, 2013 3:28 PM
    Way to go tuckrule that was the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard.
    Do you think the 70s’ Steelers needed OTAs? OTAs are a new creation. The only news to come from them are injury related. In the lockout year, without an extensive offseason, teams were in mid-season form by week 2 or 3. If my statement was the most ridiculous you’ve ever heard, you must live in Candyland.

  3. “most rediculous thing ever heard”. Obviously a poor exageration, but considering you have 26 dislikes that shows it’s widely known as a pretty lame statement. Reasons are obvious. The game has changed and this isn’t the mid 70’s anymore. Do you still use your old home home with the circular dial?

  4. justintuckrule,

    Candyland isn’t a real place and that was a pretty ridiculous comment. The only thing that could redeem it would be a thorough explanation of your comment by thestrategyexpert.

  5. justintuckrule says: May 20, 2013 3:11 PM

    OTAs are dumb. Practice a week. Play 2 preseason games. Then go.


    That makes sense. “Hey everyone. Here’s an entirely new offense. We’ll run through a few of the plays one time and I assume you will have it down. Okay? Great! See you in September.”

  6. @dieselguy – ever think the number of dislikes has anything to do with Eagles’ fans disliking any and all things posted by a Giant fan? To think, I actually had their side for a second. Screw it. I take it all back. Triple the number of OTAs and hopefully Shady tears a ligament. Better?

  7. mykelane says:
    May 20, 2013 3:26 PM
    What? no story about Foles running with the first team and Vick running with the second team? I would have for sure guessed that story be blown out of proportion.——————————————————————————————————-sounds right to me.

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