Mario Williams says texts to ex were blown out of proportion


Bills defensive end Mario Williams is embroiled in a lawsuit with his ex-fiancée, attempting to force her to return a $785,000 engagement ring. As part of that lawsuit, his ex-fiancée has released text messages in which Williams discusses taking prescription painkillers and having thoughts of suicide.

But Williams says that’s nothing for anyone to worry about.

I could really care less. I mean, all it is is allegations, text messages or what not, whatever information blown out of proportion. I mean it’s completely out of context,” Williams said of the released text messages, via WGR.

Williams says that when he mentioned “suicidal thoughts” in a text message, he was “just venting.” Asked about the suicides of Junior Seau and Jovan Belcher, Williams was quick to answer, “Dude, I’m nowhere near that position.”

Williams also said he only uses painkillers as directed by the team’s medical staff.

Anything I take is 100 percent prescribed, given from here,” Williams said, referring to the doctors at the Bills’ facility.

Blown out of proportion or not, these are the kinds of embarrassing stories that tend to come out when people get involved in litigation with their exes. That’s why it’s wise to take it slowly with romantic relationships, and wiser still to buy a more sensible engagement ring, and save the $785,000 jewelry for the 50th anniversary.

54 responses to “Mario Williams says texts to ex were blown out of proportion

  1. Everyone’s got laundry that’s dirty and meant to be private. A life lesson learned. Too bad she’s so bitter. Keep rolling Mario.

  2. I don’t care who you are. What kind of person gives an $800,00 ring to someone? What kind of person accepts one? These people live in a strange world.

  3. In fairness, I imagine most Bills at one time or another have texted something to the effect of “Playing for this team makes me want to kill myself.”

  4. I used to think this was the site to go to for good Fantasy Football news. I hate this site now. Please talk about Football i don’t care about Mario Williams personal life and his relationship status.

  5. Marriage in the eyes of the government (shut up religious people) is nothing more than a legal binding contract. Once she broke the contract, he should get his property back.

  6. This guy will never live up to the level of play he was supposed to deliver for his 100 mil contract.

  7. “I could really care less” suggests he has some level of care. So, Mario, is it a lot or a little? With embarrassing emails like that, I’d guess a lot.

  8. The truth will soon come out as the reason he bought her the ring was a bribe to get her to move to Buffalo.

  9. He sounds like an idiot defending himself, and the law in their state says the ring belongs to her…His dumb a$$ for blowing $800,000 on a ring.

  10. mz1394 says:
    May 20, 2013 4:34 PM
    Allegations ?! Her lawyer released the texts those are hardly allegations that’s called truth . Idiot
    Her lawyer is a scumbag for doing that, and since she hasn’t fired him, she’s one too because it means he did it with her knowledge and or permission.

    And regardless of the law, or even who broke the relationship off the right thing to do would be to give it back since the marriage didn’t take place. I’m happy for Mario that at least he learned that she’s trash before he married her. It’s cheaper and less emotionally draining.

  11. Please, would all of you that have done something stupid because for a woman please stand behind Mario and I.

  12. I know hindsight is 20/20 Mario…but the better play would have been..

    ‘I got 100M…and I decided you are with me…your engagement ring is being with me…if that;s not good enough…well…I’m ok with that…there might be 1 or 2 others out there….maybe… your move girl”

  13. Yup she’s a gold digger and seems like a terrible person. I mean in the wake of the story of him wanting the ring back, her & her lawyer decide that the best thing to do is to release text messages that aren’t even relevant. Talk about being desperate & petty!

  14. So her and her lawyer release the texts to back her story and prove she’s telling the truth and they’re the scumbags sounds like Mario Williams isn’t the only idiot under this topic

  15. And there’s the obligatory Albert Haynesworth reference. However, anybody making that lazy comparison does not pay much attention to football.

    Look, Mario didn’t have a great year last year, but he had an okay year (third-highest sack total in his career). It was nothing like the putrid efforts Albert Haynesworth put up after his big payday. Not only that, Williams doesn’t have the flawed character of Albert Haynesworth, either. He seems like a fine guy.

    Struggling franchises like the Bills have to overpay for talent. Mario Williams will never be able to live up to that contract, mostly because statistically he wasn’t a 100 million dollar man to begin with. But you can’t blame him for taking the money, and to compare him to Albert Haynesworth is simply ridiculous.

  16. I’ll be honest, if I were dumb enough to leave myself open to an ex-fiancée walking away with three fourths a rock, I would kill myself immediately.

  17. jovan wasn’t “near that position” either. he was a 100 tackle a season guy and a good teammate. there is this idea that its just evil, and that is that. no. mix alcohol with depression and some hits to the head and you have some issues.

    fortunately, those who talk about it, seem to be a lower percentage than those who don’t, who end up taking their life. belcher wasn’t going to take his life, he just killed himself because once he pulled that trigger and killed his wife out of anger, he knew it was prison or death. he chose death

    Mario needs to be careful like anyone else, it can all change in an instant.

  18. Neither a fan or hater of Mario, but man that’s a big ring. It’s easy for me to say this because it’s not my money, but he should probably write off the ring as “payoff” money for her to get the hell out of his life. Her true character as a greedy gold digger has come out. She would have cheated on him and then divorced him, expecting HALF of his money.

    I think for Mario, it’s the principle of the matter for him to get the ring back. She deserves NOTHING. However, sometimes the headache just isn’t worth it.

  19. I don’t see the relevancy between potentially embarrassing texts and whether she should return an engagement ring. It would be relevant if he said something like ” no matter what happens you keep that ring”… This just seems like a spiteful attempt to embarrass Mario Williams, since she’s taking public criticism for being a gold digger.

  20. @thegreatgabbert

    Maybe she wants to keep the ring for sentimental reasons. Stop being so cynical.


    Plz, get serious. Whether he gets the ring back or not, he should just drag it out in court so all she will have is 800K in attorney fees.


  21. Bills fans 6 weeks ago: OMG Revis wants $100M, what a CIRCUS the Jets organization are, LOL!!!

    Bills fans today: So what if we ACTUALLY gave an unproductive headcase with suicidal thoughts $100M, it’s not that big of a deal, guys!

  22. Suddenly he is thinking “maybe a relationship over the phone with a fake chick isn’t such a bad thing…”

  23. With a $800,00 ring you would think he could have gotten a prettier girl. Hopefully his uses this issue to makes sacks on the field.

    Mario, get your self a buffalo girl most of them are good natured.

  24. I’m a Bills fan, and I do not love the 100 million dollar contract for a non-quarterback. But I certainly do not blame Mario Williams for taking it. It was a management decision, and while it wasn’t a great business move, it was symbolic to the fan base that management was going to go out and fix one of the team’s biggest problems (the pass rush) with big money. Was it the BEST use of funds? No. But again, we have to overpay in Buffalo. There is no denying that.

    To call Mario a “headcase” is downright mean and also just untrue, particularly if it is based off of a report of a dispute with his ex-fiancee over a large sum of money. He’s been a fairly decent guy thus far in Buffalo, and has had no major character issues. To call him “unproductive” is also off-base. As I stated before, Mario was not a 100 million dollar man to begin with, and giving 100 million dollars to a guy who has never had more than 13 sacks in a season will not magically give him the ability to produce 15 to 20 sacks. He still might do it, but wither way, he is not “unproductive.” That’s silly.

  25. demolition510 says:
    May 20, 2013 4:33 PM
    You could buy a house with that ring. Geez

    Heck, depending on where you live, you could buy 4 or 5 houses with what that ring cost!

  26. demolition510 says:May 20, 2013 4:33 PM

    you could buy a house with that ring. Geez

    Correction, you could buy a totally awesome house with that ring. (Or a shack somewhere in Manhatten…)

  27. @pftfan

    Since when is 10.5 sacks after wrist surgery unproductive? You know nothing. Plus these texts have nothing to do with the issue at hand, but since he’s on the Bills I guess we have to make run of it right? SMH, you’re ridiculous.

  28. Mario, I’ve been through depression. Count your blessing and find a release (with me it was running, with you it should be crackin’ heads).
    Let her keep the ring and choke on it.
    Write her off and move on buddy.
    Sanity is a one way trip.
    Women can be replaced.

  29. demolition510 says:
    You could buy a house with that ring. Geez

    Heck, in Buffalo, that’s about 8 nice houses. In Silicon Valley, it wouldn’t cover too much – maybe a quaint 530 sq ft condo in East Palo Alto, with bars on the windows, overlooking the Bayshore Freeway.

  30. Mario see if you can write off the ring as a gift. Just move on and chalk it up as a bad experience. You have so much more and lots more to come. Get your game right.

  31. Yes, prescribed, but used as prescribed, not so fast…like the rest of the USA. Painkillers are legal heroin and the doctors are the new legal drug dealers! That ring can cover his painkiller addiction for the year. It’s a shame what’s prescribed to regular joe shmoes, I can’t imagine how it’s like with the nfl giving someone as many Brett Favres aka painkillers aka legal herion as they want! I think that should be looked into quicker than hgh testing!!! The truth probably won’t get posted though.

  32. She resides in Texas, and state law says she keeps the ring if he breaks it off. She is several steps ahead by getting a lawyer and making a case of his mental stability.
    Mario, be grateful ya didn’t marry her. Next time don’t spend big dough on a girlfriend. Her true colors will come out if she gets a ring for 5k instead of 785k.

  33. you have got to be 100 percent insane to accept a state recognized marriage. especially when you have 100 million dollars in contracts paid up to you with more coming. now if you are broke and chasing a 1 million dollar man. you damn well better go after that state recognized marriage. Wont ever happen to me though. I am not stupid

  34. She’s reaching. These texts have nothing to do with the fact that the gold digger doesn’t want to give the ring back.

  35. @nyyjetsknicks
    The engagement was broken off, not a marriage. I dont know how strong a verbal “I do”, holds up in court. Plus she says that he broke it off.

    Finally, IF she was a gold digger, She would have married him. Ask Strahan how much a prenup is worth.

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