McGahee absent, Moreno sidelined at Broncos’ OTAs


Broncos rookie running back Montee Ball is getting plenty of work with the first-string offense at Organized Team Activities.

That’s because neither of last year’s top two running backs, Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno, are participating. McGahee is the only Bronco who has chosen not to attend the voluntary practices, while Moreno, who suffered a knee injury in the Broncos’ playoff loss to the Ravens, hasn’t been cleared for team drills.

The decision to draft Ball calls into question whether the Broncos plan to bring back both McGahee and Moreno. Denver is fairly deep at running back, with Ronnie Hillman, Lance Ball and Jacob Hester also on the team. But Chafie Fields, McGahee’s agent, told the Denver Post that McGahee’s absence from OTAs doesn’t indicate that he doesn’t plan to be a part of the Broncos when mandatory work begins.

“He’s following the same routine he’s had his whole career,” Fields said. “He’ll be there. He’s ready to compete. No messages.”

McGahee may be ready to compete, but every day he’s not there is a day that Ball gets another opportunity to show the coaching staff that he deserves to be the team’s No. 1 running back.

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  1. Moreno is hurt? That never happens. That’d be like a Seahawks player testing positive for PEDs. The day that happens I’ll know I’m in bizarro world.

  2. Willis is going to be asstrong as ever. no show Moreno never lived up to 1st round expectations andprobably never will. Time to get the young guys some reps and keep the vet that can pound it inside. Willis is all heart as he will prove again this year. So long, no show.

  3. McGahee’s absence isn’t anything unusual. He’s never attended voluntary workouts his enitre career.

    That being said, he knows he’s due to get cut.

    Not that the Broncos dislike him, just his 2.5 mil salary.

  4. My guess is that mcgahee will be gone (that is if Moreno or any of the other RBs don’t get hurt first). Denver doesn’t want to eat a 2.5 million from a 31 year old RB. I think Ball will win the starting job after its all said and done. He’s the perfect back for a Peyton manning offense. He can run, block, catch, and make plays.

  5. Also, you could recycle the headline from every season of Knowshon’s career. Every season:

    “Moreno not practicing, recovering from injury.”

    Not getting cut last preseason shocked most in Denver. Him making the team (for depth) seems like a lock this year.

  6. I for one, like Moreno. When healthy, he runs hard and sets a good example, both on and off the field, for all the other guys.

    Not sure, but I think McGahee had injury problems too and he proved to be a great pick up for Denver.

  7. Actions speak louder than words. You all can joke about Moreno being a bust, but what happened when McGahee went down last season? Moreno got 25 carries per game. Hillman rode the pine. Ball got even less spot work than he did when McGahee was healthy. Moreno may be injured, but he was the back the Broncos trusted to get the job done, and he didn’t disappoint.

    Thing will change if Hillman learns to pass block, but don’t go running Moreno out of town yet.

  8. McGahee is showing some poor judgement here, staying away from OTA’s isn’t a big deal when you’re younger and the guy but when you’re getting older, you have a salary the team isn’t in love with, you’ve had fumbling issues the past couple of years and the team drafted your replacement it’s probably best to get there and show the team you’re number 1.

    Every day McGahee misses is a chance for Manning to grow more comfortable with Montee Ball and for the coaching staff to see that maybe other guys can do the job as well or even more effectively.

  9. Knowshon was the best back on the team based on performance last year.

    Coaches need to stop playing favorites and doghouses and play Knowshon and dump Lance Ball.

  10. I too think McGahee is making a mistake here. It’s likely of course that Knowshon will be the one to get cut, but I think the Broncos are getting tired of RBs who aren’t available. That said, Hillman isn’t a third down back at all, so I expect to see Denver try to keep McGahee around one more year while they work with the rookie Ball.

  11. typical broncos they don’t wanna be there or stay healthy. gonna have to play ball montee style and be last in the AFC West. chiefs gonna run this division for a long time

  12. kcprideinthesticks: settle down, you do realize that your QB is Alex Smith right? And that you have no receiver threats outside of the overrated Bowe? Or that your burned out new head coach managed to take one of the best backs in the league and neutralize him?…I’m sure he’ll do the same for Charles!

    The only reason you won’t finish last this year is because the Raiduhs might be worse than you guys.

  13. I think everybody showed up today other then McGahee. I get that he’s 32 and has always skipped out on voluntarily workouts, but he HAS to compete somewhere, there’s to much depth at the running back position. Hillman and M. Ball are obviously going to make the team which only leaves the one or two spots (I’m assuming 3rd and 4th string). I just don’t think Denver wants to put up with a 32 year old running back who fumbles a lot and is a bit of an injury prone player….

  14. Atwater are you really talking about burned out anybody, your coach failed in Carolina, your o coordinator ran away and your qb chokes picking out socks much less when the game is on the line. please keep thinking your team is great. delusions are fun.

  15. Teams and the league should just do away with the so-called “voluntary” Organized Team Activities. Players get a lot of grief when they workout at home or an agency.

  16. McGahee is a beast and stud. Montee Ball is nice and it will be a good competition. If the Broncos think they can live without him please do so…the Ravens would love to blow up a rookie and rip some fumbles from him.

  17. Clady was also not there as a contract dispute for getting tagged this year. So Mcgahee wasn’t the only Bronco not there.
    As far as RB’s go… I’m pretty confident that Montee Ball will be the 1st string starter this year at that position. And hopefully for many years to come.

  18. McGahee and Moreno both getting hurt was one of the big reasons why the Broncos lost to the Ravens besides the Hail Mary pass. Once Moreno went down Manning was getting pounded. He took a real beating in that playoff game. McGahee is great 3 down back who offers a lot to Manning. Moreno while not as good a blocker is much better than Hillman. I have no idea if Ball can fill that role protecting Manning. For Manning’s sake I hope McGahee comes back.

  19. HAHAHAHA! This KCPride guy is killing me with his comments on here… You’re going to run this division for a long time? Lol… Did you really forget how much you sucked? Funny stuff man… Go play in the sandbox with teams that are on your level… The Raiders, Jaguars, Browns of the league. Tell me KCPride when is the last time you made the playoffs? And then when is the last time you won a playoff game?

  20. nick please keep talking about how great the broncos are, I enjoy the comedy. your great qb barely beat Rex Grossman in the Superbowl and proved over and over that he has possesses no calm under pressure. so by all means pick on our team. talk smack come January when you guys are at home crying

  21. kcprideinthesticks says:
    May 20, 2013 5:19 PM
    typical broncos they don’t wanna be there or stay healthy. gonna have to play ball montee style and be last in the AFC West. chiefs gonna run this division for a long time

    You realize we swept the entire AFC West last year right? We lost Doom, and gained Welker, and some stud rookies. What makes you think Alex smith is going to help you “run this?” lol

  22. @kcdelusioninthesticks: 1 team in the discussion won the AFC #1 seed. The other won the #1 pick in the draft. You need to drink more water. You’ve been drinking way too much of the KC koolaid. The Chiefs MIGHT be good enough to pull out 9 wins this year and fight for a wild card.

  23. I don’t know why the raiders even got brought into this conversation but before tebow who can’t get a job in the nfl the broncos were a Super Bowl contender right oh wait and did do the raiders have a more current afc championship I think they do so don’t get it twisted the broncos sucked for a long time

  24. It’s not required, but your co-workers know who is committed and who is collecting a check. If he makes the roster this is probably the final year for McG.

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