Norv Turner isn’t sure any quarterback would have won in Cleveland last year


The arrival of Brian Hoyer in Cleveland has sparked another round of discussion around Brandon Weeden and his future as the Browns quarterback.

The hiring of General Manager Mike Lombardi, the signing of Jason Campbell and Weeden’s own performance last season previously incited such conversations and it’s a safe bet that there will be more of the same in the coming days and weeks. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner thinks that the people having those conversations need to keep a little perspective about where Weeden is in his career.

Turner spoke to Tony Grossi of about Weeden and pointed out some areas where Weeden needs to improve — footwork, playing faster — while also pointing out that the quarterback has “the physical skills to do what we want to do.” He also said that he thought it was wrong to make too sweeping a judgment of Weeden based on the 2012 season because it wasn’t a situation destined for success.

“I think it’s just being realistic about the position. What’s thrown this out of whack a little bit is there have been some players at the position the last couple years that have had immediate impact,” Turner said. “Sometimes that has more to do with the situation they go into as the player himself. I don’t know that there’s a lot of guys in a certain sense last year would have great success offensively at the quarterback position for a lot of reasons.”

It’s amazing how quickly the idea of giving a quarterback time to grow into the job has become as anachronistic as single-bar facemasks, but that’s the reality of a league where rookie quarterbacks seem to lead their teams to the playoffs every year. Weeden’s a slightly different case because of his age and he certainly needs to show improvement to be the guy in Cleveland, but it still seems premature to write him off before his second training camp has even started.

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  1. LOL! It’s true though. No matter what players the Browns field, they will lose; it’s the curse of Cleveland. It will never change.

  2. It’s just the fans and media that have given way to this thought because more speculation happens in a given week of the NFL than the actual one day of football. Actual coaches and (good) GMs do still think this way. Ignorant fans say the same things about Gabbert, Ponder, Weeden, Bradford, Cam, and Locker that people said about Eli, Flacco, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees at that stage of their career. Not all of those guys will turn out, but a couple will have great careers. Just like Kap, RG3, Luck, and Wilson won’t all have amazing seasons again like every fan wants to believe. One season is only 16 games.

  3. pillowporkers: One season is only 16 games.

    Not if you are a good team.

  4. Weeden needs to step up and take control of the QB position. I’m sick of dealing with this position if need each yr. he has the tools to do it so lets Do It!

  5. After watching Norv tank every team he was hired to HC, time after time after time, it’s kinda hard to give him much credibility anymore. Just another ride on the NFL coach merry-go-round, where failing just means getting a new job somewhere else. Unless you’re black, of course.

  6. For me (a Browns fan), the key to this discussion is in the last line of the article. In a general sense, I’m perfectly content with the concept of giving rookie quarterbacks time to mature and learn the game. I’m comfortable with the fact that they may not produce at first or even look very promising. This is all based on the idea that a “rookie quarterback”, “first or second year quarterback”, “inexperienced quarterback”, or “young quarterback” is a young man with the time to mature and learn. Weeden will be 30 years old this year. He’s at least 5 years older than the other starting rookie QBs from last year. I’m in full agreement that the situation that Weeden entered last year was not one that set him up for success. I’m also comfortable with the idea that rookie quarterbacks may need time to grow and learn. When we say about Weeden, however, that he “just needs some time”, how much time are we actually talking about? And how much does he actually have? It’s a little too convenient and easy for the Browns to look back on 2012 now and say that it would be unrealistic to have expected much more out of Weeden, but then how do they justify using the 22nd overall pick in the draft to select a player who can’t be expected to be successful in the near future and will be too old to be very effective in the not-as-near future? If their intention was really to take a “project” rookie QB, then why not take a player at a position with a chance to succeed with the 22nd pick, and select that “project QB” later in the draft (like the Seahawks did with Wilson)? I’m not saying that they should have forecasted and selected Wilson (that’s too much hindsight), I’m saying that a club shouldn’t use the 22nd overall pick on a QB who is going to turn 29 in his rookie season and from whom they don’t expect (for whatever reason) immediate success.

  7. I just do not like the fact this front office is so Dysfunctional, that they bench this kids for the crap they signed behind him, say all the good things you want about Campbell and now Hoyer, But Fact is they are back ups, and if you start one of them you are already tanking the season before it starts, heck but who cares they already have done that haven’t they?

  8. I think Browns fans have much to be bitter over, but all the same I’m glad Norv has the balls to call a spade a spade and call out the get-rich-quick mindset many fans have.

  9. I have great respect for the Steelers and their ability to maintain some longevity at key coaching and front office positions. That translates with some luck and good drafts into success. To me, their greatest asset is Dick LeBeau….. he makes that team what they are. As a Browns’ fan for more than fifty years, success and failure can and often runs in cycles….. who knows if and when the Browns will be more successful and competitive. Weeden needs and deserves another year hopefully with better weapons and someone to execute the play calling with something other than a high school playbook ala Schurmur last year. He seems like a great person, but the plays were were totally PREDICTABLE. The current Cleveland regime needs to be supportive of Brandon Weeden and give him their full support .. he’s their best option. Thanks………..

  10. I agree with a lot of what easy dog said. My problem is not with Brandon Weeden as a person or even purely as a player. I’m not saying that Weeden would never or could never be a decent QB. I just don’t think the Browns made a great decision selecting him where they did in the draft. Here’s how I see the Weeden/Browns situation as a whole.

    1. You can draft a young quarterback who needs time to grow, and you can draft him early in the draft if you have faith in his potential. This is a long-term approach.

    2. You can draft an older quarterback early in the draft if you think he’s ready to play well right now and you think your team is ready to support his success. This is the immediate approach.

    3. You can draft a young or old quarterback later in the draft if you’re taken a chance that they might pan out at some point. This is the “take a chance” approach.

    4. What you shouldn’t do is draft an old quarterback early in the draft if he’s not ready to play well right away or your team is not good enough to support his success right away. This is the approach the Browns seem to have taken.

  11. Weeden will keep the seat warm for his successor. He is a good quarterback. He has a cannon arm and the ability to shine in Turner’s offence. He has maybe 5 or 6 good years in him yet. Let him play and help build this team into a winner…they will draft a top flight successor this year or next…and groom him Aaron Rodgers style. Weeden is no Favre but he is gonna be pretty good. He already outperformed almost all the other rookies last year…just had no supporting cast. Now he does. Gonna be a fun season.


  12. I don’t care who quarterbacks the Browns. I just want one to step up and be legit. This team is not without talent. Improving OL. Young talented WRs and RBs. Strength at DL, but suspect LBs and a huge cavern at one side of the secondary.

    Weeden’s given this season to prove himself by default and if Campbell/Hoyer is starting QB, it’s back to the drawing board to find a championship caliber QB. No doubt Banner/Lombardi are looking to 2014 to pounce on one of those top 10 QBs coming out if Weeden fails. And I think Weeden will have to be REALLY good to keep his job. Like shock the league and guide the Browns to playoff contention. Certainly Vegas doesn’t see this happening setting Browns over/under for win total at about 5.5 in 2013 and near the bottom of the league. Given the improving roster, it’s hard not to think this is a reflection of the Browns QBs.

  13. Don’t know why youre all breaking down draft strategy for young qb’s. Cleveland made a great trade the year before to better the team long term and the past regime pissed all over it. They panicked cause their jobs we’re on the line, they panicked when their guys went off the board and you end up trading julio jones for Phil taylor and Weeden….? Yeah. My 5 year old even said what the hell?! We all shurmers offense was junk and at 30 he’s learning on the fly but you only need a formidable qb to compete. New coach, new offense, new receivers and same ol story. All Weeden has known since coming back to football is nothing has been familiar. Once the guy gets comfortable and lets it loose he may even surprise some people. Fans need to lower the damn expectations and enjoy the journey. Fact is if they would have lost more games the past few years the would have had a combo of aj green and Luck/RG3 so you cant have it both ways

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