Pete Carroll on player issues: “We have to figure this out”


The Seattle Seahawks spent the offseason adding to an already talented roster in hopes of making a Super Bowl run this fall. But on the first day of OTAs Monday, Pete Carroll had to address off-field issues for his team instead of the additions to it.

Defensive end Bruce Irvin was handed a four-game suspension Friday for a violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drugs policy. Irvin is the sixth member of the Seahawks active roster to test positive for performance-enhancing drugs in the last three seasons. Backup quarterback Josh Portis was also arrested earlier this month on suspicion of DUI and joins running back Marshawn Lynch as Seahawks with pending DUI cases.

It’s not the focus Carroll was hoping would be on his football team.

“Unfortunately if you go wrong, you get popped and that’s how this thing works, and I’m really disappointed that we have to deal with anything like this. But there are going to be other issues too, and we have to deal with them,” Carroll said.

Carroll stressed the team takes the issue of players getting in trouble seriously and they continue to focus on improving how they handle the situations when they arrive. He said the team employs people specifically to help players in these situations.

“We have people on staff that are here specifically to work with our individual guys because I really see this as an individual challenge. We try to bring each kid as far along as we possibly can to make them available for the opportunity that they have,” Carroll said.

He said the team goes beyond the punishment set in place by the league to make sure players understand the seriousness of the incidents. However, with players still finding trouble, the team may need to explore other avenues of getting the message across.

“We have to figure this out and try to help through education and through all of the ways we can, and we’ll always compete to find more creative ways to make the message clear,” Carroll said.

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  1. Everyone look at Sneaky Pete trying to be sneaky. Sounds like he’s the one passing out the steroids to me!! But that’s ok, the SeaWacks will never be domanant like the beautiful niners!!! How many Super Bowls have we won again??? Like 7?? Go back where you came from Carrell!!! Your team sucks, your city sucks, and your fans suck!!! Learn how to draft idiot!

  2. Pete says, “We have to figure this out.” With PC, one is not certain if he means how to STOP the issues, or how to not get CAUGHT when committing them !!

  3. The Seahawks will implode this year, Pete is too buddy buddy with his players. Once he looses control of the team he will not be able to get it back…it happens to “college coaches” and “players coaches” all the time.
    You heard it here FIRST….and YES I AM a 49ers fan

  4. With the Seahawks PFT is kindly discussing these personal conduct problems, almost as if they are getting a mulligan. However you guys tore into the Bengals last year, lamenting their management top to bottom. What’s with the discrepancy?

  5. Wow ok Pete,you go above and beyond really. Do you take us for complete idiots. If you go above and beyond, than why didn’t any of the guys who have had issues why don’t they get teams suspensions as well than or fines. Cause all that stuff would be extra punishment if they do go above and beyond than we would know cause it would be reported the team did there own suspensions or fines. So Pete your not pulling 1 over on me I know you don’t do crap. Now maybe you have them take to a counselor but that’s not a punishment. So no you don’t go above and beyond punishment. So enjoy your lies cause anyone with a brain now you are feeding us full of crap.

  6. I believe Pete Carroll takes it very seriously when his Seadderrall Seahacks players get caught. I’m sure he’s going to work on figuring out more creative ways to avoid that.

  7. I am a dedicated Seachicken fan but this is getting old, DUi’s, Adderall, domestic abuse! Whatever happened to character and sound judgment being prerequisites for gainful employment? I am almost ready to advocate bringing back “moral turpitude” clauses in employment contracts!

    By the way, does anyone know who the last white NFL player is to have gotten busted for a DUI? I have to think that racial profiling is driving a lot of these incidents (pun intended).

  8. ““Unfortunately if you go wrong, you get popped and that’s how this thing works”…………..just like Petey got “popped” for cheating at USC. Pete Carroll is a bigger bag of wind than even Rex Ryan. Petey knew exactly what kind of a Seadderall team of hoodlums he was putting together

  9. Well, Pete, you had a better week than Obama, if that’s any consolation.

  10. Usually I say to myself that these players are just complete jackasses and leave it at that, but with the scumbag Pete Carrol as a head coach there is 0 accountability. His past proves it. I wonder what the Seahawks ownership was thinking when they hired this clown as he was jumping ship at USC?

  11. Spotlight is on us now pete. Media is bringing massive scrutiny. Time for a zero tolerance policy. We need an image change

  12. A stand up guy, Pete Carroll. Like how he jumped ship to the NFL when the NCAA possee was ready to bring the hammer down on USC. I’m sure it’s not his fault that systemic corruption follows him around like a dog. Images of Brian Cushing come to mind: “I don’t know how these steroids got in my body. I’m as surprised as you are. I must have a tumor.” Nope, Brian. You were just mentored by the best, Pete Carroll.

  13. How do they go beyond the league’s punishment?

    They bring in guys to help players get away with taking PEDs?

    LOL sounds like they’ve got a good system in place. I doubt they punish anyone past what the league does.

  14. In before Seahawk fans try to justify drunk driving like they have been Performance Enhancing Drugs all week. Hey Pete, when 6 players test positive it is not an “individual problem” it’s a systemic institutional problem that starts at the top. Hopefully Goodell will put the hammer down on the Seahawks to show that cheaters aren’t tolerated in this league. And by that I don’t mean a useless monetary fine that will have ZERO effect. You don’t want to look like your pandering to the cheaters like MLB do you?

  15. Florio got it right in his report – there are 5 players who tested positive. I don’t know why everyone else is saying “6” when we know Sherman’s case was overturned.

    Carroll is excellent at working with players, which is why most free agents WANT to play here – see the Real Rob Report.

  16. This team needs Tebow. Makes sense because, due to similar playing styles, R. Wilson could be kept as a capable backup.

  17. It sounds like Covering your A** 101. So far, 6 PED offenders got ‘popped’ since ’11.

    Either start holding yourself accountable or nip the issue in the bud. You have a helluva good team up there with a helluva patient fanbase…cut the BS double talk and stop pi**ing away this window of talent that this region has been craving for countless years.

    They deserve better.

  18. Contracts with automatic reductions by significant percentages with teams having the ability to add another year or drop a player without being obligated to pay them while getting signing bonuses returned might slow it down…….

  19. When he says “figure it out” he means he’ll bury his head in the sand like he did at USC.

  20. It’s absolutely simple to go to the doctor and tell them that you have ADHD. They talk to you, and you just sit there staring at the floor the whole time, and then they’ll ask you what you comprehended. When you say nothing, they will gladly prescribe it and end all of your suspension possibilities. Why can’t they figure this out?

  21. Don’t worry about this Pete. The rest of the league is now fearing the Hawks, just like the Raiders of old. I love it. It’s nice to be feared!

    Performance enhancing drugs, please the entire league is addicted to them in some form. Deer spray, skunk repellent, adderall, it’s happening everywhere on every team.

    Building the mystique.

  22. “He said the team goes beyond the punishment set in place by the league to make sure players understand the seriousness of the incidents.”

    This is what turns people off the most about Pete Carroll, he’s completely full of crap.

  23. Pete what do you have to figure out??? how not to get caught. ???? the whole organization are LOSERS. Empty Trophy Case Losers.!!!!!!

  24. Yea Carroll I’m sure you had no idea what was going on. This reminds of a coach covering stuff up at USC. Oh wait! That was the same person, named Pete the cheat! Keep them coming Seahawks!!! Love it!

  25. Too bad Pete can’t flee to the NFL this time. Chip Kelly should start taking notes.

  26. It’s not hard to figure out. Corrupt, inept leadership will make an NFL team flounder. “Unfortunately if you go wrong, you get popped”, get that? He only cares because they got caught. The fish rots from the head down.

  27. Hey, it’s Pete Carroll who lives with the motto — character is not important. And while you can’t have nothing but choir boys, this stuff just seem to dog Carroll where ever he goes…

  28. It’s not hard to figure out, don’t sign players who have histories of off field problems. See the Buffalo Bills for an example.

  29. Nothin but lip service from Sneaky Pete.
    He doesn’t care what players do as long as they show up on Sunday.

  30. “We have people on staff that are here specifically to work with our individual guys because I really see this as an individual challenge. We try to bring each kid as far along as we possibly can to make them available for the opportunity that they have,” Carroll said.

    Well if you keep calling them kids and keep treating them like kids, you’re gonna keep going through this type of stuff! Make those kids act like men and punish those men accordingly! Wasn’t this the same type of crap that he ran away from at USC?

  31. Does anyone take Carroll seriously, Jets, Patriots, USC and now the Hawks a disaster after his lead.

    Absolutely no class with this guy

  32. Just sounds like a Carroll kind of team to me. They’re good and have fun and like each other but find lots of trouble. No discipline.

  33. Just like the old days at USC huh Pete.. turning a blind eye to the obvious in order to have an advantage against the competition.

  34. What he is trying to say is more creative ways to cheat…lol. Of course the DUI thing–heck it seems anymore every team has a couple of guys getting busted for this easily.

    I think it would be an interesting article to fill the off-season time to find out who leads the league in arrests and/or suspensions, regardless of what the suspensions are for.

  35. Jim Schwartz 2.0 amirite?

    Probably not, because everyone on the anti-Schwartz bandwagon is a hypocrite. This is how it started with the Lions and everyone ran to crucify Schwartz.

  36. “the team employs people specifically to help players in these situations.” – the fact that any NFL team has people on payroll to teach players how to stay out of trouble or to help them after they have had problems tells one that these players are so lost when it comes to reality. Most of us know right from wrong by the time we are 5 or 6. some of these guys will never learn right from wrong

  37. I get the feeling the Seahawks are going to be disappointed with their free-agent haul. Wouldn’t be the first team to wolf-down a bunch of free-agents, only to choke on them come September.

  38. What’s the shocker Carroll, you were a cheater at USC and it just appears that your ways have followed you to the NFL. Way to go, chump.

  39. “We have people on staff that are here specifically to work with our individual guys”

    Carroll has a history of not taking responsibility for the “problems” players seem to have when they are a part of his program.
    He needs one of those signs on his desk that says, “the buck stops here” and he needs to make that slogan a reality. If he truly wants to “figure this out” he simply needs to put real team penalties in place and use better judgment regarding character when he considers players.

  40. I’m surprised he has a clue of what’s going on. This is the guy that had no suspicion or clue that Reggie Bush was getting paid in college.

  41. For the Seahawk fans that continue to troll the Viking threads and gloat over the fact the Seahawks continue to overpay former Viking players and claiming the Vikings are your “farm team” you should probably wait to gloat until your team does something relevant. In the mean team, worry about your own team and if half of them will be going to rehab with Lindsey Lohan.

  42. You make mistakes in High School, you make mistakes in college but the NFL, how about, “Your Fired.” Seems to me, that sends a clear message.

  43. They are far too important to their team to ever even think about firing them if you are the GMs in the NFL plus the NFPA would never allow it,its the advantage of being in a job where only a microscopic percentage of the population is good enough to play that makes them invaluable which leads the an attitude of prima donna where they can do whatever the hell they want to without fear of repercussion.

  44. Wow, people. Really? Pete Carroll is the only guy who cheats? USC is the only major program that had issues (for a non-performance enhancing violation…). I’m not a Seahawks fan, but it amazes me how many fans like to sit atop their throne and wag their fingers at teams, coaches, players, etc., when their very own teams have very likely engaging in the same cheating behavior. When your team’s offensive linemen begin playing at the more natural weight of about 250 and your linebackers play at a more natural weight of about 220 as they did before steroids and other drugs existed, then maybe you can wag your oh-so-superior finger.

  45. Assuming Adderall consumption is in fact “cheating”, then just under 10% of the league have a prescription to cheat, and are at an unfair advantage, but with a doctor’s note.

    Roids? HGH? Different story.

    But Adderall? Sorry, but has anyone on here ever taken Adderall? It’s 5 coffees.

  46. 20 hawks articles, 20 times I have asked one person to say how Pete cheated, or how his style doesn’t work, 0 responses. Some of you are pathetic…

  47. Pete is a fraud who ran from USC when the NCAA. Caught up to him. He left that program a mess for someone else to cleanup. He got booted twice from the NFL and this time he must figure he needs to do whatever it takes to keep his job. He should be given a 4 game suspension for his girly rah rah attitude and jumping around like a pop Warner coach!!

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