Peyton Manning: Charles Woodson would be a great addition


Peyton Manning would like to play with the man who beat him out for the 1997 Heisman Trophy.

Manning said free agent cornerback Charles Woodson, who visited the Broncos last week, would be a good fit in Denver, on the field and in the locker room.

We’re always looking to add great players,” Manning said. “That has been pretty evident since the time I’ve been here that management is always looking to add excellent football players through the draft or via free agency. I had a chance to visit with Charles when he was here last week and certainly, that’d be a great addition to our team. I know there is the business side of it that comes into play, but there’s no question that any time you can add good football players at any position, I think that’s always a good thing.”

In 1997, Manning entered his senior season at Tennessee as the clear favorite to win the Heisman Trophy, but Woodson led Michigan to a national championship and became the first primarily defensive player to win the Heisman. Seated next to Manning at the award ceremony was Ryan Leaf, who finished third in Heisman voting, and seated next to Woodson was fourth-place finisher Randy Moss.

52 responses to “Peyton Manning: Charles Woodson would be a great addition

  1. Of course that is what he would say, because he does not want Woodson to hit him on the ol corner blitz !

    Go Seahawks.

  2. Ain’t happening MegaHead…he’ll be slamming you into the turf wearing Silver & Black.

  3. Beware what you say Peyton. He’s not a Packer anymore and won’t get all the calls! Holds every play. Junk!

  4. “Peyton Manning, Charles Woodson, Randy Moss, Ryan Leaf”

    one of these things is not like the other ones…

  5. My comments more about the picture than the report. In the pix I think thats R. Moss wearing shades? If it is, no wonder he came in 4th for the Heisman. Wearing sunglasses in a setting like that shows tremedous disrespect toward who ever is in charge, be it the Heisman commitee or the Judge in a courtroom. Next time you see a live courtroom count how many men you see wearing a hat or anybody wearing sunglasses.
    It seems Randy didn’t change much after that pix. I’m done….Moss on Randy.

  6. Who cares what Peyton wants Woodsons gonna be back in black next season. He knows he’s not a Bronco. He’s a Raider and has always been a Raider. He just talking to Elway so he can play him for the fool that he is. You guys don’t want him, why didn’t all your fans come to the facility while Woodson was there. Denver may have the upper hand in the AFC West right now but Woodson didn’t forget who the real best team in the AFC West is, history doesn’t lie.

  7. Bs I find it weird that manning come out and say this a day b4 Woodson visit Oakland tomorrow lol. John elway paid manning to say that if they wanted him that bad he would not have left Denver unsigned… Believe this or not ill be happy if come to Oakland cool if he don’t let just get the season started #RaiderNation

  8. Randy Moss got shades on at the Heisman ceremony? LoL

    but hey 3 of those 4 HOFers for sure …

    and Ryan Leaf ….. ummmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh. not so much.

  9. You guys forgot the rest of the headline:

    …. but not ‘great’ enough for me to take one penny less to get him on the team.


    Peyton Manning
    Choke Artist, Money Grubber, Blame Avoider

  10. If the raiders wanted him so bad.. Why did they let him sign with greenbay for the prime years of his career??

    I would think woodson wants another run at the superbowl and not going back to the team that didnt want to re-sign him…

  11. A lot of negative votes on my Randy Moss comment. I guess I should have thrown in something like: “Just ask R. Leaf how many people he’s seen wearing hats or sunglasses in a courtroom.”

  12. I hope they sign him and randy moss. it will make it that much sweeter when they choke in the playoffs again to have all those big names and nothing to show for it.

  13. As a Packers fan, I would have loved to see Woodson back in Green Bay at the right price. But the fact of the matter is, he’s broken the same collar bone twice in the last couple years now. Though he’s not “old” old, at his age I just don’t see that collar bone holding up for a full season, especially considering how aggressive he plays.

    I have nothing but the highest regards for CWood, and I wish him luck no matter what team he lands on (as long as he’s not playing against the Packers).

  14. These Raiders fans are delusional. Poochie won’t be back in this Silver and Black ever again. He wants to win another championship in the limited time he has left and that isn’t happening in Oakland. And it shouldn’t break your heart but he will be entering the HoF as a GB Packer.

  15. What a great advantage that the Broncos have. Any potential player that Denver has on their radar – they just arrange for him to visit the Mile High City.

    Elway then gets on the phone:

    John Elway: Peyton, it’s John.

    Peyton Manning: Hey John. How’s it going?

    JE: Great. Listen – how’d you like to have Charles Woodson on the team? Think he’d be a good addition to the defence?

    PM: Sure! How can I help?

    JE: He’s on the 3 o’clock from Green Bay. Could you pick him up at the airport, show him around the facility, take him to dinner, make him feel at home, talk a little football with him and tell him about the great program we got going on.

    PM: No problem.

    JE: Cool. Sell him on the team and the Super Bowl possibilities, will ya? He may not get as much here as he does elsewhere, but tell him he’ll be playing on YOUR team. You know what I’m talking about…

    PM: Gotcha!

  16. Peyton Manning is a choke artist, money grubber, and Tebow destroyer and he thinks he comes out of the thigh of Jupiter. He is nothing like his sweet brother Eli. Amazing how Archie and Olivia have such different sons.

  17. Randy moss had 96 catches for 1900 yards as a sophmore that year!! I’m not playing the race card cause I’m white but if that’s a white kid with those stats he is a definite heisman winner. 20 yrds average per catch.

  18. Chuck has already said he has left Denver and if he leaves Oakland without a contract, he won’t be signing with either. I have a feeling that he won’t be leaving Oakland without a contract…Reggie wants him and Reggie has a good record so far of getting what he wants. Go Raiders.

  19. If Broncs wanted him they should’ve offered him the contract before he left. Broncs are a contender this year so tough for him to pass up if they do come in late but think its time to get back in the silver and black!

  20. Oakland stands no chance in signing Woodson. Who would want to step into that mess at the twilight of their career? Oakland let him go. Don’t be like the jilted boyfriend begging for another chance.
    Woodson will be in Denver winning rings.

  21. You raider fans are something else, first of all Woodson won’t even get close to manning to sack him because the all will be out of his hand by then and Woodson may be called to blinz once. Who cares that the fans are gathering at the facility to beg on their knees for him to join that pathetic 10 year losing franchise. Denver keeps it professional, him leaving doesn’t mean that he won’t sign with the broncos. Peyton was denver first stop and he left to visit 3 other teams, guess where he landed. If you fans are so loyal, why did Woodson leave I. The first place when he was in his prime, he wanted to join a winner. Where were your billboards, where were the petitions, oh that’s right, too cheap. At 36, if Woodson want to join a contender, he’ll join denver, if he wants to retire a loser, he’ll rejoin those raiders. Either way, I don’t care

  22. As a Raider…I hate Denver but hands down Manning is as classy as they get ( what am I saying?)…that being said it is always about the BIZ…money talk and that other stuff walks!

  23. If having an elite, all-time great QB is the be-all, end-all, why is it so important to beef up the lineup? Just asking.

  24. Peyton later added, “Of course, once we get them, we have a hard time keeping them, thanks to our 1983, state of the art, Fax Machine!”

  25. To the clueless GB fan as to why Woodson was not kept in Oak.

    Woodson admitted he underachieved in Oak for years.
    Went off his natural ability to play instead applying himself in the school of studying film etc.

    Was in trouble several times over drinking.

    Was tagged several years after being hurt several years.

    As clueless as Mike and the rest of you like to make Al Davis out to be. He had to be let go.

    Hope that helps.

  26. Let me begin by saying that Oakland didn’t want to pay woodson when he was in his prime. he was theres. they didn’t want him. He doesn’t want you now. The Broncos will sign him. He’ll get a ring or two and retire a Bronco. Because he said,” i should’ve been in Denver all along.”

  27. Well he won’t be able to get away with all the holding he does since he doesn’t play for queens bay anymore which makes him a mediocre corner who’s best days are behind him.

  28. Peyton says he would be great in Denver, whatever Peyton says, I am in agreement with the greatest QB of all time. If he wants to win now, Denver is the best fit, if it’s about money, he will sign with the team who pays more, this will be his LAST contract. If he goes back where he started in Oak Town, he will be treated like royalty.

  29. I think Denver is good on defense and should roll with what they got right now.

    Besides, running back is really up in the air right now, I would rather see them cut Moreno, or Willis and add Bradshaw

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