Report: Reshad Jones absent from Dolphins workout


One of the Dolphins’ best defensive players was reportedly absent from the team’s workout on Monday.

Safety Reshad Jones was not present for their workout on Monday. Presence is voluntary at these workouts, but Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins didn’t know where Jones was and spent most of the morning trying to track him down after he’d been a regular participant so far this offseason. Neither Jones nor his agent returned phone calls seeking comment about his whereabouts.

Salguero also reports that there has been speculation among some of Jones’ teammates that the safety is unhappy with the slow pace of negotiations regarding a new contract. Jones’ rookie deal expires after the 2013 season and there have reportedly been “intermittent discussions” about a deal that would keep Jones in Miami for the long term.

Jones started every game for the Dolphins last season and led the team with four interceptions. That helped him hit escalators in his contract that bumped his 2013 salary from $575,000 to $1.323 million, which is likely well below what he’s seeking in a longer deal. As with most players under contract, Jones has limited leverage once mandatory work gets underway so this absence may linger through OTAs if the contract is indeed the reason for Jones’ absence.

With the franchise-tagged defensive tackle Randy Starks also looking for a new deal, Dolphins General Manager Jeff Ireland still has a good bit on their plate after an offseason that’s been a busy one in Miami right from the opening bell.

UPDATE 2:43 p.m. ET: An earlier version of this story indicated Monday was the first day of the OTAs. The Dolphins reached out to PFT to clarify that Jones missed a workout today and that OTAs officially begin on Tuesday, something Salguero has also updated in his original report. The team does not know if Jones will be in attendance Tuesday or whether he was absent.

11 responses to “Report: Reshad Jones absent from Dolphins workout

  1. “”i remember when a contract was a contract””

    In BOTH directions! Which have you heard more?
    A player completing their contract, as signed. Or a team renegotiating that contract to a lesser amount?

  2. The “voluntary” OTAs show which players are there for the team and which ones only care about themselves and/or money. I like Jones but if he is going to be one of those whiners who demand more money even though their contract is not up yet then he can get lost. He should set the example for the young players and work on the contract issue while still fulfilling his current obligations. Still not sure if there is something legitimate going on or if he is being a selfish a$$. I’ll reserve judgment until more is known.

  3. Miami OTAs start Tuesday this week. Seems he may have missed an offseason conditioning session, according to the story PFT is citing.

  4. Get what you can Reshad, at this moment you are at your most valuable once your value dwindles they will call the shots. Its only business nothing personal , isn’t that what they say when they cut some players they don’t want.

  5. Exactly jdphx. They force restructure and pay cuts on these players all the time. Don’t let them suffer an injury, their future is in jeopardy. There is nothing wrong with getting your pay day when you have out-played your contract. No one complains when someone has been cut and their contract tossed in the garbage.

  6. Good player but i guess hes like most nfl players these days. Money first winning second

  7. this is a 2 way street if its optional and is the only leverage the player has so be it, if the fins don’t negotiate an EXTENTION then he can exercise his option at the end of the year too many teams don’t take players seriously this is a way of finding out if the fins really want him or not. the team may be thinking they want him this year and not after his contract goes up while many say he signed a contract the opposite side shows how many guys that had a year or 2 left on theirs at 2-3 mil per and suddenly get cut

  8. @garyhd01, I see your point and it is somewhat valid. One caveat. When the team/players sign a contract there is a preconceived belief that the player will be paid for a certain level of production and it is built in to the contracts. They are not signed to simply be a warm body. In order to get that rookie contract, you must first actually make the team (non guaranteed contracts). If you play well enough, you get to that next year money, and so on. The players seem to believe that they can “outperform” their contract. I do not believe that is possible from a practical standpoint. Players get cut when they do not perform well. There are times when players do not live up to the $ being spent and cutting (or renegotiating) is the only way to fix that issue. It can be assumed that this is the player’s version (opposed to the teams cut option) but the player has a back-up that the team does not. If a player is genuinely good, there are 31 other teams that will pay him accordingly once the contract is up. Negotiating early is the team’s effort to keep a player for the future but some players have tried to turn that into a money grab (for lack of a better term)

  9. It’s not about money, it’s about job security.

    Reshad is already going to get paid by the Dolphins this year. He wants to know he’s part of the team’s long term plans.

    He’d get paid in FA next year anyway.

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