Rob Gronkowski out of surgery, infection has cleared


Surgery to install a plate in the broken left arm of Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski has been completed, PFT’s Mike Florio has learned.

What’s more, the infection in the arm has cleared, PFT has learned.

PFT reported last week that the infection appeared to be going away. Now, it’s officially gone, good news for the 24-year-old star tight end in his quest to finally completely recover from the arm injury, which he first sustained in November 2012. He re-injured the arm in January.

Gronkowski is also expected to have back surgery during the offseason. PFT has learned a consultation on surgery will occur in 3-4 weeks.

A vital part of the Patriots’ offense, Gronkowski has hauled in 38 touchdown passes in just three NFL seasons.

22 responses to “Rob Gronkowski out of surgery, infection has cleared

  1. Good Lord, finally…finally…some reasonably good news with regard to Gronkowski’s forearm. It seemed as if every shred of news the past several months had been nothing other than a “worst case scenario.”

  2. What are all the judgemental arm chair doctors gonna talk about now? He’s done, he parties too much, same thing happened to me and my doctor said…blah, blah, blah.

    Reports are that his back problems are unrelated to the college issues and he’s getting a 2nd opinion. Surgury is not a definite at this time.

  3. What’s the outlook for him being sound enough to play without jeopardizing his career?

  4. Hope this isn’t a post where it’s updated later saying the previous information was false. Anyway this sounds like good news, now I want more info on that back of his.

  5. Good news …

    I love nothing more than watching the Patriots run up the score. Playing “not to lose” cannot be found in their DNA makeup (unlike 31/32 of other teams). The Gronk is a good ingredient to that recipe.

    Cha Ching, fellows!!!

  6. Saw the Gronk out Saturday night raging in NYC! This guy is a machine and love his style!!! It’s the offseason, let the guy do his thing…38 touchdowns in 3 seasons, get off his back.

    I’m a Ravens fan as well…Not biased here.

  7. He was going to vegas to bet on whether he or Amendola would be in surgery first.

  8. For the life of me I don’t know how anybody can slam this guy. All of us have strengths and weaknesses but few (probably none) of us excel in our chosen fields to the degree Gronk does on the football field. In three short years he has become not only the best tight-end in the NFL he is changing the way the game is played. He played hurt and got re-injured. He was smart enough to sign a contract that protected his downside risk. Good for him. He’s a fun guy and his teammates and coaches love him.

  9. He will be lucky to last 5 years in this league with his life styleguyvis talented no doubt but his life style and rampid party life are gonna catch up to him. TIGERLILAC Gronk hasn’t done anything different then Gonzalez or Gates has done. Only diff is he is in a 2 TE set not one. Attached to Brady and welker when he started. Put him in a diff system and he won’t be nearly as productive

  10. I’m a Dolphins fan, but love what Gronk adds to the NFL. Kind of a throw back to the party guy players in the 70s. It’s true his style if play is changing/has changed the way offense is going to be played in the future (more Belichick genius than Gronk). That being said, I don’t expect him to be around too much longer. Very few guys survive and thrive in the NFL after multiple injuries. It’s not as if Gronk didn’t have major injuries in college too. He’ll have a short but spectacular career.

    Of course if he had been drafted by the Cardinals, no one would’ve ever known who this guy was.

  11. Its been reported that his back problem is the result of sneezing to much. As of right now papers are being written for his immediate dismissal from the Patriots. Bill Belichec wouln’t take any chances and is moving on. He doesn’t want anyone on his team with any possible medical issues even if its just the common cold. All other 31 teams will give their players the benefit of doubt and see how they deal with their medical condition. Bill Belichec is known to believe that Diabetes can be transferred by touching so he is cutting anyone who has come in contact with a person known to carry the Disease. Lol

  12. I remember when people used to have intelligent dialogue. Now everyone hates each other for what the other has. I would love to have Gronk on my team, even if he was Stephen Hawkin’d up. Wishful thinking that he is done. He is a BEAST, he will come back and destroy D’s.

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