Schneider: Irvin suspension “very disappointing”


The Seahawks might lead the league in PED suspensions, but it’s apparently not for a lack of trying.

Seahawks General Manager John Schneider called Bruce Irvin’s suspension for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancing substances “very disappointing,” and said the team has “gone above and beyond what the league has done,” in terms of educating players.

Schneider’s remarks came on SiriusXM NFL Radio with Bruce Murray and Rich Gannon, and made it clear the team’s trying to curb a trend.

“This is something we take very seriously here,” Schenider said. “The league has done a great job of educating guys and we’ve actually gone above and beyond what the league has done. We have a guy in place here that helps our player development people. You do what you can. It’s very disappointing. Pete [Carroll] and I sat down with Bruce. Pete addressed it with the team. Bruce addressed the team.

“And, you know, really good organizations are the organizations that can take body blows. We look at this as a learning opportunity and one that obviously needs to be addressed, but this is also an opportunity for others to step forward.”

The Seahawks prepared for the suspension by signing free agents Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett, but they’ll be required to change even more while they wait on Irvin to be reinstated and Chris Clemons to return from a knee injury.

“And we have to treat it really, quite honestly, like he sustained a high ankle sprain or something,” Schneider said. “And you make those adjustments whether it be in the game or during the offseason.”

Schneider said after doing research on players in college, he’s not surprised at the numbers of suspensions.

But given the concentration in his own building, he should be treating it like a different kind of outbreak, rather than just a four-week injury which will inconvenience his coaches.

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  1. Honestly, I am ADHD. And I take prescription drugs for it. Adderrall isn’t a PED (Performance Enhancing Drug).

    It is a supplement that allows you to think clearly. It doesn’t artificially add anything, but allows you to do what you naturally can do if you didn’t have ADD

  2. “the team has “gone above and beyond what the league has done,” in terms of educating players”………………..that’s code for “we’ve taught them how to cheat and get away with it”

  3. Who said Irvin is suspended for Adderrall?

    It could be any PEDs. The players often leak out the substance as Adderrall to get people like you think that way.

  4. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the Seahawks need to go above what they believe to be “above and beyond” — apparently only going to “above and beyond” is putting them at the bottom of the league.

  5. “This is something we take very seriously here,” Schenider said. “

    The players obviously dont…

  6. Karma, its big on the west coast.
    Next time your teams players talk smack, they ought to be sure their poop don’t stink!
    Niners released the only guy that failed a drug test.
    I can only hope that these players aren’t being taught to take these chems, but that’s my assumption, guilty by association, with their coach!!!

  7. “Very disappointing, however not surprising” is what he should have said.

    They’ll have to work a bit harder to get their players to cheat the system in the future.

  8. Where is all the hoopla about “player safety” now? There should be an outside investigator come in and see what this rash of PED violations within one building. Also the Commish should come down all those who look at this like an injury and make an example of them{i.e saints ,redskins and cowboys}.

    Last time i checked people who sprained their ankle were not caught breaking into homes for ace bandage’s!

  9. Should have learned from Joe Haden’s experience and his PED suspension last year. It happens. Get over it.

    There’s always 2014…

  10. Pete Carroll discourages PEDs to the same degree that Jim Schwartz discourages dirty undisciplined after the whistle play.

    From Remember the Titans: “Attitude reflect leadership, captain”

  11. if the team really has gone above and beyond to educate players, their continued transgressions show that they just don’t respect the seahawks leadership, which comes as no surprise.

  12. @ offthelows

    Moffitt can’t be a fa guy. He is prescribed Adder all and has a medical waiver for it. He was suspended because he took it and tested positive for it before obtaining his medical waiver. He didn’t know it was a banned substance because he held out for a better contract during the time the team went over banned substances. It really isn’t fair to consider him a cheater at all.

  13. thestatsishere says:
    May 20, 2013 3:24 PM
    Honestly, I am ADHD. And I take prescription drugs for it. Adderrall isn’t a PED (Performance Enhancing Drug).

    It is a supplement that allows you to think clearly. It doesn’t artificially add anything, but allows you to do what you naturally can do if you didn’t have ADD

    ———————————————————————————–Honestly, the fact the you have ADHD makes your opinion invalid for this topic though you make a valid point. The players in question do NOT have ADHD and ARE taking Adderall. For you the drug balances you out making you functional. For abusers without ADHD, it increases heart rate, energy and a quickened thought process.I’m certain the debate isn’t wether Aderall is a PED, It is! The debate is WHY are so many Seahawks failing drug tests? Why are they all Aderall fails? I understand team loyalty and standing by your players but in this instance your players WILL have to sit games hurting the team in the big picture. Sherman got off because of a Collection problem, think about that for one second. What would cause an issue with the collection process? How could his “sample” have been compromised? I am betting big dollars that they wear gloves in the lab. Either Sherman missed the cup and hit the floor and it was soaked up and wrung out into a collection cup( not likely) or Sherman got some on his hands when the sample was taken leaving the possibility of the substance in question having come from his fingers. SO, IF it WAS just on his hands, WHY? I also claim this particular case will change the process of collection to being one that is MORE humiliating than before. It will come to where the person popping the test will have to hold the collection cup and maintain visual while sample is being taken. This may require collectors to dawn full bio suits. Lol
    All teams have this issue, it just seems like the Hawks have it WORSE than everyone else.

  14. Q: How does a 7-9 team make it over .500?
    A: Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Bobby Wagner, Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, Earl Thomas, Russell Okung… It’s called Pro Bowl players loser.

  15. It’s well established that Sherman’s sample was poured into the same cup used by Browner by the lab technician, creating a mixed sample and false positive.

  16. Getting busted in the OFFSEASON for a banned substance that isn’t even a real PED is pretty stupid. Not sure what he was thinking.

  17. Since 2011, Seahawks have had 5 PED suspensions. Giants and Broncos have had 4. Why is this such a Seahawk problem compared to just an NFL problem?

  18. Just don’t know why he took it so early in the year. Is he trying to get an edge to make it on the roster? Dumb.

  19. This isn’t just disappointing it is the player being disrespectful of the team, fans, NFL and an example of poor judgement. Talented players seem to do this to get to the top of some elitist list…….Work harder and if its meant to be, it will be.

    To all the players who do things right; a big thank you.

  20. All sings point to Pete “the cheat” Carroll.

    Until Schneider gets rid of him, nothing will change, just the facts.

  21. Once again….. if a player is found the guilty they should be punished. I am good with that. Bruce Irvin is a moron for using. I am a true seahawk fan. I had to sit thru Dave Kreig, Kelly Stougher, Dan Mguire, Rick Meier. You great fans had the great luxury to have Montana, Rice, Young. Good for you. Guess what… They are gone now. Great job at making it to the Superbowl last year. They truly deserved it. They are a great team. In the past ten years the Seahawks and 49ers have been to the same number of Superbowls. I’m looking forward to what I HOPE is a great rivalry. Wish the fans on this post would look at things objectively and let the players settle on the field. That goes for the seahawks fans too. 49ers made it to the superbowl. I respect that. I just hope the seahawks shut them up this year

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