Seahawks QB Josh Portis arrested on suspicion on DUI

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The Seattle Seahawks continue to deal with issues that will potentially affect the availability of their players on the field.

According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, Portis was arrested and charged with a gross misdemeanor on May 5 after being pulled over on a freeway just outside of Seattle. The officer noted a “strong odor of intoxicants coming from the vehicle” and Portis registered reading of .092 and .078 in tests following the stop. Washington’s legal limit is .08.

Portis was released from the Seahawks practice squad last November before being re-signed by the team in April. Portis has not played in a regular season since signing with the Seahawks as an undrafted free agent in 2011.

Portis was on the practice field and participated in the team’s first OTA workout on Monday. He faces a battle with Brady Quinn and recently signed Jerrod Johnson for possibly one or two roster spots at the quarterback position. Seattle only kept two quarterbacks on the roster last season.

Running back Marshawn Lynch still has a pending DUI case in California pending from an arrest last year. The case is set to go to trial in June.

72 responses to “Seahawks QB Josh Portis arrested on suspicion on DUI

  1. I understand PED’s taste nasty, the poor guy needed a strong drink just to swallow his daily allotment of PED’s, just trying to keep pace with his teammates.

  2. Cue the trolls making moronic, hatin comments. School is out, moms busy washing their clothes, and making their Mac n Cheese ,so they will sneak on her PC to troll all things Seahawks.

    Bless those sad lil trolls

  3. Lol haha since when was a practice squad player who will most likely be cut a ” top story ” ..

    Que all seahawks haters in 5..4…3..2..1.. Way to fuel the fire. Doesn’t matter this Hawks team will still mash you. And you’ll be left pointing out backup players flaws.

    Good luck with that Clique ginx stuff many of you throw their way. Hate comes from fear!

  4. What a disciplined team. Their coach really has his players in control.

    They better be careful or their whole team will be suspended before they start the season.

  5. thats nothing maybe 2-3 drinks. Also being as how the calibrations breathalyzers are not exactly on point he will probably be let off depending how he performed on his field test….non story

  6. That’s one heckva team Petey has there in Seadderal. Makes the Raiders of the 70’s and 80’s look like choir boys.

  7. Well at least it was not a Performance Enhancing Drug……

    Besides, drinking and driving is more of a Dallas Cowboy thing. Maybe Portis is eying a promotion in backing up Tony Romo? Better look out Kyle Orton, Josh Portis is a go getter.

  8. Ahhh, DUI. The only crime in the US where you are fined and have property confiscated before you ever see a judge. Charges dropped or be found not guilty, try getting your tow, impound, and bail fees repaid. Won’t happen.

  9. ped’s or dui’s what’s the difference??? i think people should be more upset about the dui because he actually put other’s live’s at risk. ether way the hawk’s should probably scratch that! the nfl should hold a meeting with all players and coach’s and talk about taking this stuff a littke more seriously. no matter what team it is.

  10. Is it true TLC is in talks with the Seahawks about a new reality show?

  11. Petey’s Seahags keep refreshing the news cycle! Too bad it’s the wrong stuff. Keep it up!!

  12. Uh huh the NEW Lions baby!! Good get us out of the spotlight. Just shows that all teams will have issues as these guys r grown men that r young and very very rich. Once they leave work ( just like us ) they let their hair down and cut loose.

  13. You are a largely unknown quarterback fighting for your life to make a pro team so you can make some money. Your choices are:
    1. Arrive early…stay late…get in shape…learn the playbook
    2. Get a DUI

    He chose poorly….

  14. When will these guys sober up and realize its not worth it… Call the NFL’s car service, you morons!!!

  15. He was only driving because after he got drunk he remembered he had to pick up his Adderall.

  16. So who else glanced at this and thought “Seahawks QB arrested” and thought …..holy s#@! Russell Wilson was arrested?!?

    Just me?

  17. I supported the bringing back of portis, now I’m thinking he’s blowing a 480k a year job

  18. Tough call by the police. As an attorney who has handled many a DUI.
    This one is puzzling. Most affidavits of probable cause do not allege a distinct odor of alcohol with such a relatively low reading. Also there is usually a fatual cause or reason as to why the individual was stopped. Many states mandate the lower reading as the controlling reading. This does not stop an affidavit from the officer that indicates that based upon his expert evaluation that the driver was incapable of driving safely. In short if they are looking for it …..they will get it. Then a defendant is screwed. The offer of ARD or some diversion is contingent on a defendant waiving any rights to fight the charges. In short you exercise your constitutional rights…no diversion.So many just plead. The cops know this and abuse it.

  19. As a Lions’ fan, I remember the last off-season and I kept trying to dismiss all the extracurricular noise. But, you know, it affects focus and momentum.

  20. A reading of .092 and .078 is nothing for a professional athlete and most people. Being in shape allows the alcohol to burn off faster, and considering that the second reading was below the legal limit tells me that this should be thrown out.

    Not condoning drinking and driving, but this is a non-story and no legal repercussions should be held against Portis.

  21. Not sure where you guys got this news, but it’s false. Josh Portis wasn’t arrested for anything. His agent is on Twitter calling you out for the false report right now.

  22. Is anyone in charge of this team? Wow, no discipline, respect for rules, and a definite sense of entitlement.

  23. Does Pete Carroll think this is USC? Someone please tell this guy to get his team in check. Smh And ppl say he is better than Jim Harbaugh. Hahaha

  24. Goodell should make the penalties for DUI the same as PEDs-4 game suspension the first time, 1 year suspension the second time and indefinite suspension a third time. If someone gets hurt or dies, then a lifetime ban.

  25. Protect and Serve?

    I have a # of friends who are cops. And the vibe on always the same; If the person we pull over is a jerk we right’m up when we can. If they are respectful and reasonable, and of course not loaded, they can go on their way.

    It sounds like Portis had a strong glass of wine……or 2 beers with dinner…..

    Clearly not at all hindered from driving well.

    Either Portis was a jerk, or this cop has to understand what his job ask him to do.

    The low blood alcohol limit is all about politics…
    Cops have to use this to their advantage to ring up jerks, not feed their ego with a DUI “bust”.

    God Bless the good cops.
    A tough and thankless job.

  26. WOW….The Seadderall Seahawks are at it again…Come on Pete Carroll the Hawks never made news like this before you got there…Now suspensions, DUI’s, attitudes…. Clean it up…. Take it from a Bengal fan who experienced the 2005-2007 period of arrests….This isn’t fun dude….

  27. It’s would not be a story if he wasn’t the 2nd Seahawk this week to get in trouble. With both conerbacks failing drug tests last year, I know one beat the system, and Lynch’s DUI, although at least he did not run someone over this time, you see a pattern going on

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