Seahawks sign RB Christine Michael


The Seahawks have signed second-round pick Christine Michael, the club said Monday.

A running back from Texas A&M, Michael was the No. 62 overall pick and Seattle’s first selection in the 2013 draft. He was the fifth running back taken.

Michael (5-10, 220) rushed for 417 yards and 12 touchdowns on 88 carries as a senior for Texas A&M, but he tested very well at the Combine, and he could vie for carries with second-year pro Robert Turbin behind starter Marshawn Lynch.

According to the Seahawks, 9-of-11 draft picks have signed, with only cornerback Tharold Simon and offensive tackle Michael Bowie without deals.

In other roster moves Monday, the Seahawks released long-snapper Adam Steiner and re-signed tight end Darren Fells, a former professional basketball player.

25 responses to “Seahawks sign RB Christine Michael

  1. Anyone else think this team is overrated? Not saying they aren’t good, but just overrated. I don’t see why they’re SB favorites over the Broncos, Pats, Packers, Steelers, Ravens, and even 49ers.

  2. Many years ago the Cardinals drafted unheralde and largely unknowwn qb Kelly Stouffer in the first round prompting one writer to comment: “Oh my god they’ve drafted a girl.”

    After all these years that line is again funny.

    Stouffer never played for the cardinals, ironically he played one season with the Seadderalls.

  3. report: Christine Michael well be suspended for the first four games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy

  4. Christine is pronounced like Christin, and he appears to be a violent runner and tough as nails. The line about girls is just stupid in this case. Of course, so is the way his parents spelled his name, but that’s another matter.

    As a long-time Seahawks fan, I was amazed and pleased at how well they played in the last half of last season. They basically destroyed the 49ers. The high ratings that experts are giving them might be justified, but only time will tell.

    As for rough, even dirty play and Adderall, I think Seahawks fans are beginning to embrace being villains. I mean, it works for Steelers fans, so why not?

  5. being a long time seahawk fan and suffering thru the 2-14 seasons all the way up to the super bowl season in which they lost and last season,this team has made a lot of improvements over the last few years.So who cares what the names of players they draft are? as long as they can play is what really matters!!! And as for cheats,i highly doubt that.Show me how they cheated and prove it!!!

  6. vanisle1 says:May 20, 2013 3:36 PM

    Christine is pronounced like Christin


    Says his mother who doesn’t seem like she passed high school English. I can sit here all day and say that XYBN is supposed to be pronounced Can, but that isn’t realistic. People should really make better utilization of the 6-9 months they have before their child is born to actually learn how to spell the name they want to place on their child that will follow them their entire lives. They should take into consideration the kids that may pick on them, the jobs that they will apply for and all of that.

    While working at Target 13 years ago I met a female named James. Seems her father had 7 girls and said the next kid is going to be named after me, hoping for a boy. When he got yet another girl he sadly kept his word. SMH.

  7. A team made up of dominate men.. Lets not forget how the Seahawks destroyed the Super Bowl opponent niners late in the season ! On paper he have pro bowlers on every level of our defense… On offense we have pro bowlers on each level as well … An depth at each position.. The broncos have a great team but that ends after there starters an in football you kno sumbody is going to get hurt .. The only other team that has depth like the hawks is the niners…

  8. Oh an to the person who said a team full of girls… You must not pay football at a high level … No girls in the nfl boy!! We grind hard an do wut you can’t that’s why it’s called a spectator sport… Don’t question something you can’t do a better job of yourself …!

  9. That is totally a tranny name. Which means “he” will be busted for violating the drug policy because even Pre-op trannies are on hormone therapy nowadays.

    That being said, the Raiders signed a corner named Tracy, so I guess I shouldn’t throw stones.

  10. Why do all of you Seahawk fans use a win at home (Seahawks have always been tough at home) against the Niners as your benchmark for last years success?

    It’s amazing how none of you even mention how close you were to the NFC championship game, yet continue to regurgitate a regular season win as the highlight of last year.

    Pathetic. Maybe that’s why your trophy case is full of Chunky soup.

  11. Michael Bowie will probably be cut before the 1st pre season game. He’s terrible! Bad attitude! No Personality! Oh, and he’s garbage on the field. Waste of a draft pick.

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