Tebow makes appearance, although late, on The Apprentice

Getty Images

I spent last night watching the Penguins blow a 1-0 lead to the Senators on NBC Sports Network, before eventually losing in double overtime.  The game-tying goal came with 28.6 seconds to play.

Over on the parent network, Tim Tebow showed up after the clock expired.

For the season finale of Donald Trump’s The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice on NBC, Tebow arrived at the final task with a check for $100,000, which went to finalist Trace Adkins’ charity.  But Tebow got there after the deadline for gathering funds, so Adkins didn’t get credit for the money.

Adkins still raised more than fellow finalist Penn Gillette, and Adkins ultimately was named The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice, a title that as far as we can tell is meaningless.  Like Vice President of the United States.

It’s unclear when the segment including Tebow’s appearance was taped, and whether the money came from his pocket, his foundation, or elsewhere.

It was clear that Tebow showed up with $100,000 less than expected.  Adkins said multiple times that Tebow was coming with $200,000.

Regardless, it was a generous contribution, which will go to the American Red Cross.  And it possibly gives Tebow an opening to join the show for its next season, since he quite possibly won’t be otherwise occupied.