Add Tisch to the chorus thinking Cruz deal gets done

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While there seems to be a general feeling of optimism regarding Victor Cruz and a long-term deal with the Giants — which has been the case for some time — there’s still nothing to put on paper between the Giants and their wide receiver.

But I suppose optimism beats the alternative.

Giants chairman Steve Tisch was the latest to express confidence a deal will be signed, but didn’t have much more than that.

“We’re talking,” Tisch said, via Mike Garafolo of USA Today. “Tom Condon [Cruz’s agent] is talking to [Giants General Manager] Jerry [Reese] and I’m personally confident that Victor wants to be a Giant, will be a Giant.

He’s a great guy. It’s just taking its time.”

Now, as tempting as it might be to take “will be a Giant,” and turn it into more than it is, it would also be inaccurate. Tisch is saying what everyone else seems to say, that eventually something will get done.

We’ve reached the “do or do not,” phase of this story, and the negotiations seem to have slowed. And until somebody starts throwing money around, or the Giants replace Cruz’s restricted free agent tender of $2.879 million with a $594,000 offer (which would be antagonistic in a transaction that seems quite civil), the words don’t matter that much.

12 responses to “Add Tisch to the chorus thinking Cruz deal gets done

  1. The question is does Cruz get $12mm yr like Wallace or 9mm like Jennings? As good as Cruz was in 2012 he had more than a few no-show games and was tied for the most drops at the WR position with 10. His potential warrants a big contract but I totally get why the Giants are hesitant.

  2. He deserves the money! if anything they should give him a big signing bonus with guaranteed money up front. Cruz didn’t hold out when he was making 500k so that shows he’s a professional. PAY THE MAN! He deserves some security after playing 3 years for 1.3m something that a lot of less talented receivers were making in 2-3 games!!! 3 years man!

  3. very limited time frame to earn a living most real good wr s get one good contract some never get past the rookie contract that said if he gets say 10 mil per year for 4 yrs 25 mil guaranteed cant he live the rest of his life on that the govt has decided I can live on 1700 per mo which is 20 k per yr so it will only take me 50 years to make a million both sides need to get it done!!

  4. Relax everyone. Write this down. Deal gets done in July, 1-2 days after training camp opens. Pressure of a deadline will make it happen.

  5. Cruz does deserve a big raise. He is a guy any franchise would want. But every player has a market value. Miami grossly overpaid Wallace at $12 mm per yr. Harvin got $11 mm and Andre Johnson gets $9.6 mm. So if the Giants are offering $8 mm as reported that seems fair. Cruz is a slot WR. Welker only got $6 mm.

  6. logicailvoicesays says:
    May 21, 2013 3:56 PM
    So the Giants may sign a guy with bad hands who is afraid to go over the middle. That’s why they remain a second rate franchise.

    dont forget to check both ways for ngata before crossing the road

  7. logicalvoice is the most un informed redskin fan in the world.
    there is a huge gap in his knowledge and reality. please go look at the football history books and see why we are a top tier franchise and your team will still be happy to get into the tabloids.

    that cat with bad hands sure made chumps out of you for the pasts couple of years!!!
    Im out

  8. In the NFL, and in professional sports in general, there have been and will be situations where it will seem that the player is holding out for more money. This has and will always be a business part of the game.

    But in this situation, and as some have already cited above, I totall agree. While I don’t believe any player deserves everything under the sun, I do realize that in Cruz’s case, he is entitled to some form of compensation. He has performed and has not conjured any “diva” attitude that a lot of players normally have in his situation. Granted the negotiations are dragging and taking quite some time, but he has not gone to the media to make his case or made a show out of the entire contract re-signing process (insert T.O. here).

    Pay the man!!!

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