Adviser says Gabe Carimi’s betting on himself

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Usually when guys stay away from voluntary workouts, it’s because they’re trying to make a statement.

In the case of Bears offensive lineman Gabe Carimi, the statement seems to be that he’s putting all the pressure on himself.

Today will be the fifth of 10 voluntary OTA days for the Bears, and Carimi will have missed all five. He’s working out in Arizona with former Pro Bowl lineman LeCharles Bentley, who said the chance he’s taking is worth it.

“Any time a player opts to make an investment in himself that is outside the scope of what the team expects, that’s a gamble,” Bentley told Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune. “That’s sometimes a risk that players have to be willing to take. Sometimes, when guys are in a situation like Gabe, maybe the player feels comfortable betting on himself.

“Now, where it gets a little sketchy, you can’t go back and be OK. You can’t go back and be good. You’ve got to go back and be damn good. That’s where the pressure falls back onto the player and, to be quite frank, that is where it belongs. Let these guys stand up and man up for themselves. These are their careers. If Gabe Carimi is going to be labeled as a bust, let this man do it on his own terms.”

The Bears have tried to play nice, saying they will welcome him with open arms when he returns. But he was on the roster bubble before this, and playing keep-away is no way to endear yourself to a new coach and a General Manager who didn’t pick you in the first round.

When Carimi did show up for a minicamp, he was working as a second-team right guard. He struggled at tackle last year (as did most Bears offensive linemen), and has battled knee problems.

That’s not the strongest position from which to gamble, but that’s the risk Carimi is taking, as he tries to prove his bust label is not an accurate one.

19 responses to “Adviser says Gabe Carimi’s betting on himself

  1. When Carimi played for Wisconsin he was a great player. His knees have been his undoing. I wish all the luck in the world to the guy fighting for a job.

  2. He is telling his coaches in essence that he doesn’t need to learn a new offense. I am sure the coaches are ready to move on. You are part of a team. A team within a team, and you better know what everyone else on the line is doing. He may be a good player but he is hurting himself by not being there…..

  3. Of course LeCharles Bentley is going to say those things, Carimi is paying to work out with him. Exactly how long did LeCharles career in the NFL last?

  4. He should have took his chances with Aaron Kromer instead. Kromer took no name players from schools most people have never heard of and late round draft picks and turned them into pro bowl players. It’s one of the reasons the Saints have been good for a while. Just look at Jahri Evans, Carl Nicks, and Jermon Bushrod. I remember Bentley played for the Saints and was above average so I would definitely go with the guy that coaches up pro bowlers over above average career.

  5. He is essentially telling the new coaching staff that he can get better training elsewhere. I have a feeling that by the end of training camp they will be giving him the opportunity to train elsewhere permanently.

  6. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter at all what “messages are being sent” or anything like that. That’s all things to talk about in this lull we have between the season and training camp.

    Bottom line to me and I’d think to the Bears and hopefully to Carimi is the production when he gets there.

    When he shows up, it will be obvious to the Bears coaches if he stands out or not. And honestly if he does stand out or doesn’t, not showing up now to voluntary OTAs will still be an afterthought to me. He will either be on the roster or not, based on his play.

    If he truly feels this is best, I have no problem with that, since the coaches will sort it out when everyone is there.

  7. Good for him. He will improve himself and he will be on the Bears roster or with someone else. He is extending his time in the league, either in Chicago or elsewhere.

  8. Walk this clown out of the building
    because the truth is he CANT PLAY
    I mean he had his chance ( to get Cutler killed ) if Carmini was any good he would have showed it before now

  9. My take is that you are coming off a bad season where you were benched based on your play I love the fact that his working hard on his own to get better my only question mark is with the new staff and system you should be with the team you can always go back to Arizona after the workouts even Bentley the guy training him had mixed feelings about him not being at the workouts BUT I do want to see him succeed in a bears uniform remember both of our right tackles are on one year deals so he needs to step up big because 2014 right side of the line may well be Carimi rg and long rt

  10. @dkarras84:

    I think the 2014 o-line will be Bushrod, Slauson, Lonergan, Long, and Mills…If Lonergan isn’t the guy at center, I see the Bears drafting a center in next year’s draft…As for Carimi, if he sticks, he will be a backup.

  11. It’s pointless if Gabe can’t get his legs up to snuff… he’ll just be pushing his development back if he hits OTAs and doesn’t focus on putting muscle back on his legs to support the knee… he’s a good tackle fundamentally he just needs to get right physicly

  12. filthymcnasty1 says: May 21, 2013 10:13 PM

    “Maybe he’s just betting against the Bears.”

    See you in the playoffs.

  13. Leave the guy alone. He knows he’s part of a crowd that will get thinned out and maybe, just maybe, is working harder and longer at his craft than he would be if he was attending the OTA’s. Gabe has been to them before, is aware of what he is missing, & knows what’s at stake. I can’t believe he’s not trying his best to put himself in a better position than he is in now to impress the hell out of the new regime.

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