Chargers, Max Starks agree to one-year deal


The San Diego Chargers needed an offensive tackle. Max Starks needed a job. It just made sense for them to get together. So it’s no surprise that Starks agreed to terms with the Chargers today.

Starks told Josina Anderson of ESPN that he has accepted a one-year contract offer.

The 31-year-old Starks has played in Pittsburgh for his entire nine-year NFL career. Last season Starks started all 16 games for the Steelers.

The Chargers will likely have Starks and King Dunlap compete for the starting spot at left tackle, while first-round draft pick D.J. Fluker starts at right tackle.

48 responses to “Chargers, Max Starks agree to one-year deal

  1. This Steelers fan wishes Max nothing but success with the Chargers. We’ll try to get used to seeing him in anything but black and gold.

  2. So much for having Max Starks to fall back on. I feel almost as bad about this salary-dumping as I do about James Harrison’s.
    Gone from the Steelers are their most reliable O-lineman in Starks and their best pass-rusher in Harrison. Words cannot describe my concerns.

  3. Solid signing. Starks is not only dependable, he’ll be a major upgrade over last year’s turnstile that was Rivers’ blindside.

  4. Big move. Hopefully the Starks/Fluker duo can lead to Rivers staying on his feet and regaining his spot among the elite QB’s in the league.

  5. can’t believe the steelers let max go. he provided depth and was rarely injured. got to wonder if the steeler front office knows what they are doing. hate to day it, be looks like we rebuilding.

  6. I’m a Steelers fan, and this is a nice, one-year signing for the Chargers. Max has played on a Steelers offensive line that saw many injuries in flux for a long time, and he was a CONSTANT, HARD-WORKING lineman who played multiple positions on Super Bowl winning teams. He’s a work-hoarse and a very humble and hard working man. I wish him the best.

  7. Superbowls and San Diego Chargers should never belong in the same sentence.

  8. The more I see of Tom Telesco, the more I wonder why we kept AJ for 10 years. It shouldn’t have taken 10 years to find out what us fans have known for 6 years.

  9. bobzilla1001 says:
    May 21, 2013 5:38 PM
    So much for having Max Starks to fall back on. I feel almost as bad about this salary-dumping as I do about James Harrison’s.
    Gone from the Steelers are their most reliable O-lineman in Starks and their best pass-rusher in Harrison. Words cannot describe my concerns.


    Serious question — do you ever not worry or say something negative in response to any Steeler related-article? I’m bummed about Starks, Harrison, Wallace, and maybe one or two of the other moves they made this off-season, but dropping a “Word cannot describe my concerns” is kind of drastic. I’m almost surprised you didn’t find a way to somehow blame this on Ben Roethlisberger.

  10. The Chargers are building faster than most thought, myself included. Although we have let go of some familiar faces, we have brought in some solid leaders and workhorses. I had no idea we would have enuff cap space to pull all this off after AJ left. Im excited to see what this squad can do. GO CHARGERS!

  11. Chargers fans, you’re getting a professional (unlike Gaither) and a guy who can play (unlike Dunlap). I have no idea why Starks isn’t more respected by the league and wasn’t more respected by the Steelers. Besides Pouncey, he was the best offensive lineman we’ve had over the last three seasons. Best of luck to Max and the Chargers!

  12. Was hoping my Cardinals would have signed him.

    Solid starter for SD though with King Dunlop on the roster.

    Good pickup!


    In one season you’ve turned around our ability to attract any single free agent worth having.

    Make no mistake about it, neither Freeny nor Starks would’ve signed with AJ Smith as our GM

  14. I’m a Steelers fan and I want to thank Max for the years of class and professionalism that he has shown the Steelers. Good luck with the Chargers.

  15. There’s nothing quite like getting the last possible option at LT on the market to protect your franchise QB.

  16. @thesteelers

    Please choose a new screen name, your lack of football knowledge makes you unworthy to carry that moniker.

    -Representative of Steeler Nation

  17. grimmlock42 says: May 21, 2013 6:37 PM

    Superbowls and San Diego Chargers should never belong in the same sentence.
    They don’t. Well, they did once, but it went badly for them, so they never went back.

  18. Starks gives the bolts a reliable option at tackle. He is consistent and hardworking. New GM is taking his time to pick the best players for this squad. Maybe Rivers can do his typical 5-7 foot drop and not have someone in his face now. #noexcuses

  19. Good signing by the Chargers. This Steelers fan is sorry to see Max go. He has been a good starting LT, started 2 Super Bowls (one at RT, the other at LT), and is a good character guy off of the field.

    Good luck Max. Maybe you’ll be back in the ‘Burgh next year (Steelers have a tendency to come back).

  20. cue the chargers saying they are super bowl bound now, LOL

    No Charger Fan ever said we are Super Bowl Bound, its the sports media that kept predicting that and therefore putting the proverbial “Kiss of Death” on that season when they do. We all wish they would make it to the Super Bowl, and win it, but every NFL fan wishes that for there team right now.
    Good move on Starks, we need al the help we can get on the blind side.

  21. Dude, I was born and raised 30min North of Pittsburgh I got no idea what we’re smoking on here, but I want some. Seriously, what about the history of the current offensive line makes a 16 game starter expendable? Especially a draft-mate (2004) of Ben’s with whom he has a noted rapport. We treated Arians like sh&t. He should still be here. Instead Haley does his thing and Ben goes down against WHO? KC. Karma, Golden Rule, what goes around comes around.
    Call it whatever. I’m more skeptical than ever of the Black and Gold.

  22. Steelers should not have let this guy go. On the other hand, at least there’s zero chance Steelers will play SD this year if you know what i mean.

  23. pierogi:
    We all can’t be giddy, schoolgirl groupies. I’ll leave that up to the likes of you. I’m here to talk football, preferably Steelers football. And your lack of insight speaks volumes.
    Don’t worry, SuperBen will still get his $800,000 per game, even without Harrison and Starks. Just as long the mediocre QB gets his money, right?
    Don’t worry.
    Be happy.

  24. I guess no one noticed all those LT STARVED teams out there that didn’t sign him.

    The same could be said for freeney.

    The rule still applies: old FA’s are old.

  25. Max Starks DOMINATED Terrell Suggs two seasons in row. Suggs had to move over to the left side of the defense to make that ONE INT(not a sack) play.

  26. It is sad to see a familiar face go, but facts are facts. Last season Max Starks graded out as 47th in the league in pass protection by ProFootballFocus. I have to believe that going with Mike Adams is going to be an improvement.

    Hopefully he is more successful in San Diego this season, I’ve always liked him.

  27. Steelers nation hates to see him go. He has been great for us for years now. I am still not sold on the young guys yet. Could still could have started for the Steelers this season IMO. Good signing for the Chargers hate to see you go and Thank you for your great play.

  28. That crap play right there in Charger pre-season which lead to a fuble and Bears Touchdown.

    Starks is a tub of lard, too old, too slow and will be beat all season…..Rivers better put some extra padding in his helmet.

    Nice to see no AFC threat coming from the Chargers…much like the poor Padres……

    Steelers have finally learned to ditch the old dead wood… Harrison.

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