Charles Woodson deal worth “max” of $4.3 million

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Yes, Charles Woodson has returned to the Raiders.  The next question becomes how many million reasons they gave him to do it.

According to Josina Anderson of ESPN, Woodson’s agent, Carl Poston, said that the 1997 Heisman winner’s one-year deal is worth a “max” of $4.3 million, which includes a $700,000 signing bonus.

The maximum value, while significant, isn’t nearly as important as the base deal.  And when Poston told Anderson that the deal is worth up to $4.3 million, Poston didn’t mention the base value.

It’s somewhere between $700,000 and $4.299999 million.  Unless Poston opts to disclose the amount, we’ll all have to wait until the contract officially is filed.

Woodson’s decision to sign on the same day he visited the Raiders suggests that they made an offer that met his demands.  Over the weekend, Woodson said he’d be interested in the Lions “[i]f I make it out of my visit with Oakland, like I just made it out of the visit with Denver.”

In other words, he had a number, and the Raiders met it.  The Broncos, 49ers, and anyone else clearly didn’t.

25 responses to “Charles Woodson deal worth “max” of $4.3 million

  1. As a Packer fan living in the Bay Area, I am glad that Charles is coming back here. If he can keep that injury bug away he’ll help them a lot. He can still cover and has become a good role model that a young team can look to.

  2. Based on the reaction from Raider Nation on the ground and in cyberspace, the Reginald will make that salary up in additional sales and you can’t put a price on experience. CW needed the Raiders as much as they needed him in that secondary.

  3. well i hope he enjoyed winning, cause now hes not going to be doing much of that anymore

  4. All about the money. Denver and San Fran know he is washed up and aint worth that $$$$$. PFM’s new whipping boy

  5. I would have corroded like a slug covered with salt if he would’ve signed with Denver. Pay the man ,he works hard and may stay as a coaching assistant eventually…

  6. Why would Woodson give the Raiders a discount? Even for a washed up Safety he deserves more just because he’s now playing for the Raiders. He should have asked for more.

  7. A base value of 1.8 million for a player/leader like Woodson? I’ll take that any day. The Raiders have immediately become a lot more competitive then they were in years past!

  8. “I wish CW would have gave Oakland a discount but oh well welcome back!!” — goraidersgospurs

    He sort of did, by giving up shopping for a ring with Peyton Manning. Hey, nothing says “I love you” in Athlete like cold hard cash. Come to that, it would work fine with me, too.

  9. Woodson had better perform for all that money and he had better be a big part of getting the Raiders back into the playoffs. Otherwise he’s just Chuckles the Overpaid Clown. He ditched us once so this Raider fan will be dubious of him coming back until he really proves he’s worth the overblown salary.

    Go Raiders!!!

  10. This tells you Mr. Woodson is more interested in getting paid than he is in winning a Super Bowl. Nothing at all wrong with that, especially when it’s at the expense of a team like the Raiders! Good luck Charles!

  11. As a Michigan native Woodson is a local hero, but there’s a reason the highly-skilled Packers let him go and most teams turned their heads at him. In my opinion the Raiders are reaching for improvement, but DJ Hayden and Woodson could create a tough secondary for offenses to handle – this year at least.

  12. Oakland…..thank you lending Charles to us for awhile. He will be missed and you got a good one back.

  13. as a huge charles woodson fan it would of been nice to see him sign somewhere without the need of money for his swan song in the nfl, and be on a team that will compete..

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