Charles Woodson returns to the Raiders


Charles Woodson is heading back to the team that drafted him.

Woodson and the Raiders have agreed to terms on a one-year contract, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports first reported and the Raiders later confirmed.

The move comes as no surprise, as Woodson had visited Oakland and the Raiders were one of the few teams known to be interested. The 36-year-old Woodson has acknowledged that he didn’t have a lot of options after the Packers released him, although there was talk in recent days that interest was picking up from the Broncos.

The Raiders selected Woodson with the fourth overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft, and he was selected to the Pro Bowl in each of his first four seasons in Oakland. Woodson left for the Packers in free agency in 2006. Now he’s returning to his original team for another season, nearing the end of his NFL career in the place where it began.

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  1. We wish Charles great success in Oakland. He had a great career in Green Bay and is headed for the Hall of Fame.

  2. welcome home C. Wood! i kept your jersey all these years in hope you would come back & retire a raider. bring in an experienced vet that has a super bowl and HoF resume nice move by McZ. lets hope C. Wood can help turn this franchise around before he calls it a career.

  3. Yeah buddy he’s gonna be great leader for the young players, espescially Hayden. What’s tools like humbolt and commitmenttoexcrement gonna say now when they troll yet another Raiders story. Haters gonna hate but the Raiders are headed in the right direction

  4. I actually like the team Reggie is putting together in 2013. Sure it won’t contend with Denver but I don’t think we’ll be in the running for Clowney either. I see a 6-10 or 7-9 type of season with a great shot to seriously contend for a playoff spot in 2014 with another draft class and a ton of cap space. The job Reggie has done in just over a year has been pretty solid and he’s not done yet!

  5. Congrats CW, Thanks for your service and the good times in Green Bay!

  6. Gettin my new #21 Woodson Jersey for suuuure ! Welcome back c-dub truth be told you are the reason I picked up on football and the draft, and not to mention the Raidaaaaz! Been following great DB’s such as yourself ever since !! What a great outlook for us , light at the end of the tunnel for real! Haters gonna hate; Raiders gonna be relevant in an instance believe that!

  7. I am a Packer fan in the Bay Area and I am glad to see him back. He can still cover and he has become a real role model. He’ll surely earn that money if he can avoid the unlucky injuries of late.

  8. Finishing with your original team is overrated.

    Brett Favre never retired as a Falcon.

    Woodson is going from a Super Bowl contender to next year’s recipient of the #1 overall pick.

  9. My tattered gym shirt is now en vogue! I love having him back to help mentor Hayden/ play safety.

  10. Love how “he only came to Oakland as leverage against Denver” and now that he’s home “this comes surprise” and the “no one interested” schtick.. Haters gonna hate..

  11. Best wishes from a Packer fan to C-Wood.

    Was a class act and a leader. Big reason that Green Bay got to and won a championship.

    Hope his remaining season(s) with Silver & Black are good ones. He deserves it.

  12. as a packers fan I always appreciated woods on, especially when he jacked his clavicle on a great play in the superbowl and led the team vocally in the second half, but truth be told he has deteriorated a lot and when healthy last year did not contribute much. at this point he brings more veteran leadership than play on the field, and I hope he proves me wrong being a west coast guy


  14. I’m happy for Woodson and the Raiders. Rumors were Denver was interested, and I think they loaded up enough this offseason

  15. Hell yeah! I knew it all along! He may have lost a step, but will be an invaluable contributor in the locker room and to the rooks…way to go big Reg! We got him for 1 year and didn’t break the bank…chump bailey can go eat some rocky mountain oysters!

  16. Glad we won’t see him in orange. That would just be…wrong.

    Nice move by the Raiders. Woodson brings a lot to the practice field and film room, and can really help the development of the entire secondary. He may have lost a step on the field, but he’ll never make a mental mistake.

    Denver should have made a better offer.

  17. Wow they landed Woodson! The last piece of the puzzle. Too bad that puzzle is a rubix cube that nobody can figure out.

  18. Welcome back to the Silver&Black. We now have a legitimate secondary. He will lead by example and set a standard for the younger players. Wonderful news.

  19. Awesome job Reggie, welcome home Charles. Raider Nation can’t wait to see you and Tyvon patrolling the back third. We hope you and your family will decide to stay more than just one year.

  20. Wooooohoooo!!!! Screw the donkeys!!! Once a Raider always a Raider!!!

  21. Oh thank god…..I was worried my Broncos would actually sign his old ass. Glad they came to their senses. Have fun covering Welker, Thomas, and Decker old man.

  22. I remember when he was a Raider when he hit Tom Brady in the head during the Snow Bowl Game.

    A hit that was never called but should have.

    Replays clearly show the hit to the head.

  23. Great news for Raiders fans.

    That just ensures he will be wearing Silver and Black in the HOF.

    Hopefully he stays healthy and ends his career playing at a high level where he belongs.


  24. He did a great job with the Packers. Hard to see him go. Good luck with the Raiders.

  25. Nice I bought his jersey for 8 bucks when he left

    Guess he took the money over Denver

    Unless Denver didn’t fax him an offer lol

  26. que the Raider’s fans who think this is the missing piece to the Super Bowl

  27. C-Dub back in black! He’s older and probably a little slower but he still is a baller.

  28. Mother Mary Of Jesus… Thank You for the news Michael David Smith.

    Not sure if I my therapist would have had enough meds to give me, if he actually put on a freaking Bronco uniform.

  29. Woodson is the perfect mentor for DJ Hayden. Another great move by Reggie Mac. There’s no doubt in my mind he’s getting this thing turned around.

  30. Welcome home, coach…err, Chuck. Usama Young and Brandian Ross probably aren’t happy, but it must feel like Christmas to Dennis Allen. At least until he looks at his edge rushers, anyway.

  31. He don’t like being called Chuck. This guy is one badass player, and a heck of a leader. Pack will miss you.

  32. Smh…such a talented dude. Huge Packer fan here…hate to see him go to an organization that has no hope of contending. Really wish he would have went to Denver

  33. Why would the Raiders sign a 13 year veteran to the team when they are in full-on rebuilding mode… I mean come on the best player on the team is their kicker

  34. unbiasfan says:
    May 21, 2013 11:14 PM
    Why would the Raiders sign a 13 year veteran to the team when they are in full-on rebuilding mode… I mean come on the best player on the team is their kicker


  35. JtMartinez….big mouth tasting humble pie? Your an idiot. He is one of the classiest players in the league. For him to sign with Oakland is a tragedy. The man played with his heart on his sleeve for the Pack year in and out. Get your head out of your @$$

  36. Well, the Raiders won’t contend for anything next year, most reasonable people agree on that. It is nice that Free Agents like Cribbs and CWood, who were offered by other decent teams, chose to come to the Raiders family for reasons other than a ridiculous, over-priced contract. It will take time to change back to a culture of winning, but these small steps are in the right direction.

  37. Quit acting like he’ll be a “mentor”, tory holt said it best when he said “ill mentor the young guys right to the bench” that’s a myth, you don’t mentor young guys coachs want to coach and they want players to play, you want the young guys to have confidence not look up to veterans, everyone either wants to be the man or youll never be the man theres no room to be idolizing a veteran on your roster.

    With that said, woodson can still ball, he was the only D player on the packers squad I saw make a couple decent plays in the asswhooping the 49ers delt last year, he can get his hands in front of that ball still not because he runs a 4.3 anymore but because hes smarter than a lot of QBs playing the game, I wouldn’t of minded seeing him resign with GB but at the same time its time to produce for Jerron McMillan in GB or its time to keep looking for Nick Collins’ replacement.

  38. I guess winning is no longer important. Wow, the Raiders over the Broncos? Even if the Raiders offered more money, the Raiders stink!! Denver would have been a nice look for Woodson, but like everything else its all about the MONEY!!!

  39. You know this is kind of a class move by all parties involved. Can you imagine how differently Marcus Allen would be viewed if he returned to The Raiders for a year?

    This is a full circle win win move for both the team and the player. The big beneficiary is the locker room and the fans.

  40. Thankfully it’s just a one year deal- hope he can teach the youngsters a few things.

  41. Big Chiefs Fan, and I think its really neat. Id love it if flowers finishes his career in KC. Good for Raider Fans and for Charles as well

  42. He’ll be as much help as Rod Woodson was.

    Who ya bringing in next, Darrel Green?

  43. I’m surprised there wasn’t more interest, but possibly because he wanted too much money. Before injury it him last season, he had a combined 51 forced fumbles & interceptions in his 6 years with the Packers.

    There aren’t many guys outside of Charles Tillman that can do that for you, even if he is 36.

  44. Those who dont think the raiders can compete with Denver…you have no idea what you have in Flynn. He will be awesome and make the raiders relevant again.

  45. For those wondering why he “took the money over winning” lets get two facts out in the air.

    1) CWood is still one of the most popular players from the “Chucky” Raider years in the late 90s and early aughts. When you go to games, you see as many #24 Woodson jerseys as the other top players, Touchdown Timmy Brown #81 and Wiz #76.

    2) Once a Raider, Always a Raider, unless they play in puke orange under the servitude of John Elway and the Denver Broncos. I can’t stress that point strongly enough. Woodson knew as well as anyone that if he puts on that disgusting mess of a jersey, he’s as good as dead to Raider Nation forever.

    Basically, the hypothetical “retire running off into the sunset” idea doesn’t necessarily have to involve a championship. Woodson wanted to cement his legacy as a Raider and make his fans proud. I see nothing wrong with this.

    And for the record, Tom Brady fumbled. I love you Chuck! RAIIIIIIDERRRRRRRS

  46. Why do you keep saying “Welcome Home”? Because they drafted him and ran him off? He is from Ohio, in case you didn’t know! He doesn’t call the Raiders home, but a job. I know him from Michigan

  47. As a Niner fan I still root for our brothers across the Bay so long as they aren’t playing against my team. They have a proud history and like the Niners suffered from abysmal play for almost a decade.

    I like what Reggie is doing and glad they got a veteran back to hopefully set an example for the new guys. With a capable QB in Flynn who knows where this team might be in a year or two.

    So I raise my glass to the Raider Nation (even though I know your not supposed to do the same) in hopes we are seeing a renaissance in Bay Area football.

  48. Beginning to look like the power of Manning isn’t as powerful as it once was. Hate to break it to you Bronco fans but there are certainly no guarantees 5 head is gonna make it an entire season.

  49. The Raiders may be good after this upcoming season, but anyone who thinks they have more than the thinnest of hopes of achieving anything this year is kidding themselves. They may have had a great draft, Matt Flynn may have been a brilliant signing. However the fact of the matter is they have $49 million in dead money for this season. That’s a massive amount that’s not going to anyone on their roster. I have a heard time understanding how anyone could be posting about how dominant the raiders are going to be this year.

  50. thank you for your years in green bay charles. you will always be part of the packers. good luck back in oakland, only wish you the best. cool to see you end your career where youn started

  51. @booboothekid: Al Drafted him and he played 8 seasons for the Silver and Black. He will retire a Raider and go into the HOF as a Raider.


  52. Boy are Raider fans impatient. Its no wonder you guys have been through like a dozen coaches in the last 20 years.

  53. Raiders make the deal and it is automatically slammed. If Broncos pulled the trigger, it would have been a “great move.” Go back in your hole all Haiders!

  54. Glad Broncos didn’t sign him! After signing with the Raiders you really have to question his decision making!

  55. Your just plain stupid if you dont see why he brought Woodson in. IM not even gonna tell you why. If you cant figure it out you dont deserve to know.

  56. If people think C-Wood can’t ball out anymore, they have another thing coming.. and for the whipping boy comment, just remember who won that Heisman. (Yeah, the only defensive player ever, over that QB.)

  57. Charles was a great player but his time is almost over. Oakland is giving him a shot, most likely to help mentor some for the younger players, play a little slot CB, blitz a little and try to create a play here or there.

    Charles gets paid one more year then can retire to the Packers Hall of Fame and that other one in OH.

    Classy dude, charitable, pretty quiet and bright. In his prime he was as good as there was.

  58. Great signing on a couple of levels. His leadership is unquestioned, as a saftey he can still be productive & he will teach a guy like Hayden. Nothing but upside from where I’m standing.

  59. Welcome back home c-wood! You have always been a classy guy and a helluva football player. I’m glad you decided to come back to your first team, and show these young raiders how to do it right.
    Also, I am glad you decided not to be one of those players who piggy backs a ride on the jock of a so called playoff contender. You have decided to try to beat the best & not sign with your arch rival. Much respect do!

  60. This tells me one of two things; either he just wants to get paid and doesn’t care about winning even at 36 and supposedly has made the bulk of his money, or he is broke. Him going back to Oakland just doesn’t make sense. Not taking a shot at Oakland, but let’s get real here, they are still rebuilding.

  61. Best of luck, Sir Charles. Would’ve loved to have seen your leadership come to the Lions.

    He remains, by far, the most electrifying college player I’ve ever seen. I know who I’ll be rooting for in the NFC West this year!

  62. He better go into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as a Packer and The Packers better be clearing an area to put up that name in the Ring of Honor!


  63. I’m not a Raiders fan or anything but i def dont mind them at all and i like this signing…the guy already got a SB w/ GB, he doesnt need to be a backup or just sit on a teams roster for another trophy, the guy is back where hes familiar w/ (im sure he got paid good) and hes gna start at FS along with branch whos a really good SS and they really got solid and even depth now at the CB position this offseason…not sayin theyll compete real great w/ the broncos or anything but i like the signing.

  64. Great, love his talent! Although at 36 it’s hard to fathom he’ll be able to play consistently all 16 games at the level we’re used to seeing him in…but here’s to his long and productive career! cheers

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