Cliff Avril dealing with plantar fascia injury


Good news about Seahawks defensive ends is getting harder to find than stores renting VHS tapes.

Chris Clemons is rehabbing from a torn ACL and the team isn’t sure when he’ll be able to get back on the field. Michael Bennett has a torn rotator cuff, which doesn’t require surgery but is still something he’ll have to deal with over the course of the season. And Bruce Irvin will be serving a four-game suspension to start the year after violating the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy.

The last thing they really need at this point, then, is an injury to Cliff Avril. When it rains in Seattle, it pours. Avril injured the plantar fascia (the connective tissue on the bottom of the foot) in his foot about a month ago and will be out at least another couple of weeks as he tries to recover.

“Well, it hurts. You could ask him about it. The plantar fascia thing is a real uncomfortable thing. You just have to wait it out,” coach Pete Carroll said, via Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune. “It’s something that you can come back from. It’s not a problem. But you just have to wait it out. He’s real anxious to go, and he’s doing very well in his rehab. And he runs some this week for the first time. So it will take another couple weeks at least.”

OTAs aren’t vital for a veteran player like Avril, certainly less important than making sure his foot is 100 percent come training camp and the regular season. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if Avril was held out for the remainder of the offseason work, including next month’s minicamp, in hopes of avoiding the run of bad luck at defensive end that calls to mind Spinal Tap’s problems finding a permanent drummer.

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  1. The “Dream Team” of 2013 doesn’t look too dreamy right now. Off-the-field issues and injuries will plague this team all year. It rarely works out for NFL teams when they go on big spending sprees, just ask the Eagles.

  2. Just give him some adderall and throw him back out there Pete.
    As a Lions fan it’s kinda hard for me to feel bad for this clown about anything. He could have been making an additional 2.5 million dollars a year if he would have stayed in Detroit too.
    I guess when it rains it pours for the Seahags although I suppose this could just be Pete Carroll paying karmic debts for being a cheater.

  3. I think the Seadderall Seacheats will take a step back this year as well–personally. Too many suspensions/injuries already and who is to say whom else will go down with injury or get suspended. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more of these happen. 49ers just got deeper and better in the draft and FA–as did the Rams–would be surprised to see Seadderall slip to about 6-10 to 8-8 range while 9ers stave off the Rams for the NFC West crown this year. In the South–it will be Saints and Falcons again–with both possibly making playoffs–Redskins slip and Giants and Boys battle it out again, in the north–battle between Packers, Vikings and Bears will be fun to watch. This to me is the toughest division to pick a winner from this year.

  4. It will be funny to watch that with so many things happen to seattle and they will still be NFCW champs, and all the little nfcw teams will blame it on adderral while they watch us at home for the playoffs.


  5. WOW! The nastiness here is unfathomable…I love the NFL in its entirety! Why is this discourse so very shrill? Is it being driven by twelve year olds?

  6. Sprinkle a little Adderall on it,and some in his shoes. He’ll be sackin’ in no time.

  7. Just put cliff on PED and pat him on his back and send him on his way. Loser of a franchise.

  8. Do any of you guys suggesting Adderall as a cure for a foot injury even know what Adderall is? If we were talking about giving him HGH, Toradol (which may be the underlying cause of the injury to begin with), or even deer antler spray, then the piling on would at least be amusing.

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