Del Rio “got tired of apologizing” for loss to Ravens


The Broncos continue to deal with the aftermath of a special season that went awry during a divisional-round double-overtime playoff loss to the Ravens, fueled by a 70-yard touchdown pass allowed by the Denver defense in the final minute of regulation.

Defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio was sorry for what happened.  But then he got sick of being sorry.

“I got tired of apologizing to our fans that I would see out in the community,” Del Rio told reporters on Tuesday, via quotes distributed by the team.  “I finally said, ‘Hey, you know, it’s time to move on.’   That’s kind of how I look at it.  I was apologizing.  I was like, ‘Golly, I’m really sorry that we let you down.  I know how you were there with us.’   It was a tough one.  Anywhere, wherever you see fans and we have interactions.  I really felt like we let them down.  Obviously we let ourselves down first.”

But Del Rio is done with feeling sorry for himself, or to anyone else.

“That’s way in the past now,” Del Rio said.  “At this point, it’s in our rear-view mirror.  You learn what you can about anything that you experience in life and go forward.  That’s where we are.  We’re going forward.”

As the Broncos go forward, they’ll continue to be regarded as an elite team with a real chance of going to Super Bowl XLVIII.  Still, they’ll have to emerge from the valley of 0-0 to get there.

After seeing last season’s regular-season success evaporate so quickly, that could be hard to do.

51 responses to “Del Rio “got tired of apologizing” for loss to Ravens

  1. Denver is going to slaughter the league this year. That loss wasnt bad for Denver. It was bad for the other 31 teams.

  2. i’m really sure this guy used the word Golly lol. That was the best part of this story–IMO. You know damn well he probably snapped/barked at a few people more than once–and would kind of be justified IMO. Don’t hound me about something that happened and is done and over. I’m only going to apologize a few times for a mistake before I would snap too if you just didn’t drop it or let it go.

  3. John Elway has brought the greatest collection of talent to ever see the league into Denver for the inevitable championship they will be hoisting in February.

  4. Man, we really crushed their souls in every conceivable way. From when they go to bed at night to when they wake up in the morning. All they can think about is us.


  5. The Tebow curse to befall the Broncos and the Jets is stagnation, and a banal existence for years to come.

  6. I would have told the annoying fans, “hey, I guess that is why I do this and you do what you do.” What can they possibly say to that?

  7. Defense didn’t have much to apologize for other then one blunder by a safety and Champ for getting old. If anyone should be apologizing on that team it should be the offense who weren’t good and were propped up by two return TDs, Manning for being physically unable to throw the ball more then 15 yards downfield and Fox for being Fox and getting too conservative.

  8. “As the Broncos go forward, they’ll continue to be regarded as an elite team with a real chance of going to Super Bowl XLVIII. Still, they’ll have to emerge from the valley of 0-0 to get there.

    After seeing last season’s regular-season success evaporate so quickly, that could be hard to do.”

    Why are football people so stupid? Regression fallacy, causal oversimplification, ludic fallacy, correlation proves causation.

  9. Don’t be a jerk Tombstoned. The Ravens lost the year before & had to face the same questions about the dropped Evans pass, the missed FG & Harbs not calling a timeout. I think they handled it immediately with Ray saying right after that it’s God’s will, we’ll get’m next year – but you can’t tell me that they didn’t think about it A LOT!
    I think it’s cool to have all these ex-Ravens coaches out there, and I support them – unless they’re playing Baltimore.
    So, if Ravens don’t make it back, good luck to Jack & the rest of them. It only makes us that much better to have some of the old family advance (unless they’ve become Steelers). I always rooted against that team that left B’more that starts with a “C”, but I even have to support Chuck a little too.

  10. Del Rio spent alot of time and effort, and made many personal sacrifices in order to give Denver and their fans a Lombardi trophy last season….and this year he’s going to do it again. I wouldn’t apologize to a single fan if I were Del Rio…unless it were a strikingly beautiful young lady.

  11. One of my favorite memories of last season was watching Manning choke and throw the interception during the final drive of the playoff loss to Ravens.

  12. Suddenly the Chargers and Chiefs don’t look like the self-destructive pushovers they were last year so I’m skeptical that Denver can repeat last year’s success. Even if they win the division, which is hardly a lock, Manning’s proclivity for playoff failures cannot be overlooked. Good luck winning the AFC West.

  13. Now that Medicinal Marijuana is legal in Colorado, The Broncos will truly be “Mile High”!

    With That said, last year was your only hope!

  14. Dam right opneon

    Pretty classless Tomb…

    Your Ravens need to worry about 2013 my friend…..The Hunter is now the hunted.

  15. No reason for him to apologize to anyone who has been less than perfect in his own job.

    And don’t think for a moment lots of other teams would not want him as a DC if Denver were foolish enough to let him go.

  16. If that entire defensive backfield is no longer on the team then you have the right to “move on” If they are still on the roster then you cannot
    “move on” It’s impossible to “move on” if you continue playing with any individual who was directly responsible for one of the worst series of plays in the history of the NFL.

    Can’t “move on” until you remove all elements of that catastrophe.

  17. tombstoned | May 21, 2013, 7:32 PM EDT
    Man, we really crushed their souls in every conceivable way. From when they go to bed at night to when they wake up in the morning. All they can think about is us.


    I think about the ravens every time I buy toilet paper, disinfectant and trash bags…still doesn’t make us even.

  18. Del Rio is just another Ravens D coordinator turned head coach turned D coordinator again. We own the Broncos in so many ways. The fax snafu is just the latest, Ray Lewis’ brutal blick on a special teams play years ago tbe first in the saga but to the core we own the Denver Broncos.

  19. Denver was lucky to be in that game at all as bad as Peyton played. Trindon Holliday bailed them out with 2 kick return tds.

  20. Last season was awesome despite the loss. Going 6-0 against division is always sweet and will be even more so this year.

  21. If they didn’t lose to the Ravens they would have lost to the Patriots. Sure he would have had to apologize for one less week, but they got a better draft pick. Everybody knows the Ravens are the only AFC team that can consistently play with the Patriots recently. Pats would have most likely destroyed the Broncos.

  22. sorry bronchoke fans, but peyton is the king of chokers and you guys wont win a SB with him, we were lucky to play a turnover proned QB in rex grossman and our D bailed peyton out that playoff, RIP to bronchoke fans hopes

  23. Denver has some holes just like every team in both conferences. Baltimore attacked the middle of the field-several times with Pitta and Boldin plus they used Torrey Smith on a deep pattern-where across the middle after he beat Champ Bailey. I do not believe Denver’s linebackers (Except Miller-but he is a sacker) are exceptional. They had better clean this up.

  24. They still have to apologize for allowing the mediocre Ravens to advance in one of the best runs of luck in NFL history.

    Bronco fans should be concerned about how bad Peyton looked in that game.

    I thought it was just the media trying to create a story when they kept saying Peyton’s neck may give him trouble in cold weather, but after watching him struggle, i think there’s something to it.

    How will he fare if he makes it to the first cold weather Super Bowl?

  25. no shame in losing to the SB champions. All you people commenting about luck, tickle me. You make your own luck. Luck, injuries, getting hot is what the post season is all about.

    As far as this year, Peyton will find a way to choke at the end as he consistently does.

  26. Don’t worry Jack, there’s still plenty for you to apologize for from your time in Jacksonville…

  27. I understand why he felt that way but he shouldn’t apologize at all. Really it was that one play on defense. The OC should feel the need to apologize. The offense wasn’t playing well enough to be in that game without the special team points.

    That being said the Ravens fueled last season with a heartbreak loss to Pats in AFC championship game. The bitter pill the Broncos swallowed will fuel this season I’m sure.

  28. While some of my fellow Ravens homies are rubbing it in. it is fact Ravens have Dominated the Broncos. We have won 7 of 11 games, including a Wild card and a divisional playoff game.

  29. If The Broncos & Manning were a young up & coming team, I would say don’t worry about last year. They will be better this year. But, Manning had to win LAST year. I doubt he’ll be better this year.

  30. The Ravens will start the season 2-6. Del Rio should say that “we lost on a Jumpball hailmary pass”, “I’m not sweating that lucky play” “We’ll beat them week 1 and start their season of decline the right way”

  31. 1. Manning needs to apologize for throwing a pick 6 and an unforgivable interception in overtime.

    2. Fox needs to apologize for taking a knee at the end of regulation instead of trying to win the game.

    3. Von Miller needs to apologize for generating little to know pressure.

    4. Champ Bailey, don’t get me started.

  32. “Del Rio should say that ‘we lost on a Jumpball hailmary pass'”

    Obviously you were too distraught over your miserable 8-8 season to actually watch that game and that particular play. Jones didn’t “jump” for anything when they tied the Broncos. Typical Steelers’ fan. Always misleading everyone with false statements.

  33. Haha. That pass floated in the air for 10 seconds. LOL. The DB misjudged the Jumpball thrown by Joe and the rest is history. Whether Jacoby “I’m one of Ozzie’s FAs who’s better than his drafted players” Jones had to jump or not is irrelevant. It was thrown with the intention of “lets take a lucky shot”, “we’re losing with seconds to play”.

  34. Joe’s pass might have been in the air for 10 sec. He’s the only QB in the NFL with the arm to throw it that high & far. Broncos D thought they covered Jones far enough, but underestimated Joe’s arm strength.

  35. When you hate the team that wins the SB…. the 1st thing out of your mouth is “luck”. It really amazes me that haters think the Ravens got lucky every play for 4 straight games.

  36. So jtbsteeler, 1st you say it was a “jump ball”. Then you are corrected. Then you say your comment was irrelevant. So what is it? You’re irrelevant?

  37. 4th and 27 is luck. I’d love for you to say it was a done deal because of skill. Please expose yourself as a Raven homer who doesn’t know the game. I already feel that way about the Raven fanbase, but it wont hurt for you to put it in here for the world to see.

  38. “Don’t be a jerk Tombstoned.”

    Lighten up bro! It’s what I do. You can either see the humor in it or you can cry about it. Sounds like you’re crying about it. Everything I type on these pages is for humor. Nothing is serious about any of this stuff, to most of us at least. You’re prolly just still upset about us cutting your favorite player… Brendon Ayanbadejo.

  39. @ Jt – you are just another jealous steeler fan who on the inside has realized the steelers are on the way down and the division for now belongs to the ravens. I realize it is a tough pill to swallow, but you guys had a great run that is now over.

  40. @jtbsteeler- Please see my previous comment about haters calling the Ravens ‘luck”. That would be you.

  41. Jealous fans don’t only call The Ravens “lucky”. They say we are “homers that don’t know the game”, haha. jtbsteeler, I’m sure there is a story about the steelers that you can comment on. You’ll fit right in there.

  42. Big ben threw how many pics in the last few losses for the steelers, last year.. They weren’t REAL pics. The winning teams got “lucky”.

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