Goodell says league want to make process of cutting players more “humane”


The Turk could be getting a visit from, well, the Turk.

At a press conference held in connection with the quarterly ownership meetings in Boston, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said that the league is interested in making the process of widespread roster cuts more “humane,” according to multiple Twitter entries from folks covering the press conference.

Currently, the NFL’s teams jettison up to 37 players each in the days after the third preseason game through the days after fourth preseason game, cutting offseason rosters from a maximum of 90 down to 53.  Typically, the players who are getting cut are asked to meet with the coach or the G.M., they get the news, and then they move on.

It’s hard to envision a way to make the scene, which has played out numerous times on Hard Knocks over the past decade, any different.  For football players, who are used to being chewed out on the practice field, a calm, rational, matter-of-fact meeting is as “humane” as bad news ever gets.

Goodell also mentioned the possibility of post-cut services for players who will be faced with the task of transitioning to a new line of work.  Perhaps that’s how the process can become more “humane,” given that currently the players basically get a handshake and a clear path through the door.

Regardless, there’s only so much the NFL can do to alter the harsh reality that players get cut — routinely.  Whether they get a ribbon for participation or a pat on the back or a juice box or a swift kick in the ass, the end result is that the player who previously had a spot on the roster no longer does.  Other than making those post-cut services available to ease the transition to life after football, we’re not sure what else can be done.

Apart from, you know, not releasing a guy right after he is diagnosed with diabetes or any other health condition that can be managed and treated.

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  1. It’s a man’s dream likely coming to an end. Something he’s worked his whole life to prepare for. It better be a whole lot more than “humane”.. The NFL has connections in so many related fields, there ought to be counseling and transition help.

  2. Yeah, they should treat them like they do in the rest of the working world. Walk up to you with a cardboard box to put your sh1t in and escort you off the premises. Much more humane.

  3. Getting cut is like you girl friend breaking up with you and then saying let’s just be friends. After you’ve been in the goodie basket being friends just won’t cut it.

  4. The best way to do it, and it would be extremely difficult, would be to have full roster practice squads, that way they can keep promising players who they cut, even draft picks who can’t make the team. They can scrimmage or even play against other squads. They need some sort of minor league system so guys who don’t make a team aren’t just completely out of work.

  5. This is the same guy who sends them $15K fines for not pulling up their socks and other ridiculousness …..

  6. roger you need to chill! you cant make everything in the league fairly world

  7. How about implementation of a minor league system to house the 1500 intriguing football talents that don’t have jobs, and then make money off that by expanding the scope of the sport and the revenue streams?

    Congratulations, you just got fired, now take this job instead and you have your chance to prove you deserve a promotion and a pay raise.

  8. Players will now get a visit from Mrs. Turk instead. Or even on rare occassions from their daughter Twinkles Turk. The results will be the same, but they will depart with smiles on their faces.

  9. From the Commissioner who wants to remove kickoffs and all but outlaw tackling … here comes a “warm” and “sensitive” way to tell grown men they didn’t make the team. Lots of hugging, crying and asking both coach and player how they feel.

    This scene from Goodell’s NFL is brought to you by its proud sponsor, the Oxygen Network.

  10. We’ve got to get this slob out of his position before the game we know and love completely disappears.


  11. It’s called getting fired. Many people go through that each day with no need for an easy let down or something ridiculous seminar provided by the company that just canned them. Seriously people, get a grip.

  12. This is what you get when you put a liberal in charge of a sports league. Goodell is a disaster.

  13. Maybe they should give them all trophies just for competing. The liberals are ruining this country.

  14. Most cut players (at least the ones nobody has ever heard of) have the privilege of getting arrested without it turning into a PFT featured article.

    Isn’t that enough humanity?

  15. Maybe he just wants the authority to do that, too. Seems like the players IN the league are having enough trouble with crime & substance abuse.

  16. “Goodell also mentioned the possibility of post-cut services for players who will be faced with the task of transitioning to a new line of work.”

    Are you kidding me here? Post-cut services. If anything, these guys need to man up and face realities of life and that people have to “transition out,” or whatever your generous term is for being let go, of professions they’re passionate about every day. These guys are no different that any one else in any other profession that has to, at some point, move on.

    No one deserves to be babied. Learn from your experiences.

  17. Goodell also mentioned the possibility of post-cut services for players who will be faced with the task of transitioning to a new line of work.

    Fantastic idea that goes above and beyond what the NFL needs to do for these players. This is the beauty of American excess. It is also where many people loose sight of the forest through the trees.

    kepickle says:
    May 21, 2013 6:27 PM
    lol they make more in TC than most do in a yr & we should feel sorry they get fired

    No, you don’t need to feel sorry for them nor should you. Nobody asked you to feel sorry them. But the NFL makes such an excessive amount of money that they can do things like this, to help a brother out. You can question their motives all you want but this gesture is more than most on this site, that calls the NFL owners greedy, would do even if they could. Let’s stop attacking people based on the amount of money they do or don’t make and just acknowledge a great gesture of generosity when it’s staring right in your eyes.

    Also shame on PFT for never mentioning the fact that Stephen Ross just donated HALF of his wealth to charity. But as the favorite saying on this site goes… The rich just keep getting richer.

  18. As long as Belicheat is in the league, this can never happen.

  19. What the he** is next in the NFL–Mandatory sensitivity training for those who fire anyone? Certificates of participation? Trophies for everyone who plays? Self-esteem classes? A ban on yelling at players? Grief counselors for when a play or game doesn’t go as planned?

    Perhaps we should stop keeping score, lest anyone’s precious self-esteem be damaged by having to endure a loss. That way, the Patriots AND Giants can be champions every year, just the way Roger, Mara, and Kraft want it.

    Let’s ban blocking and tackling while we’re at it, with mandatory ejections for any contact other than hugging. We have to change the name of the game to “Ameriball” so as not to further upset those who are fans of that other “football”.

    After each game, all the players and coaches will sit in a circle and sing “Kumbaya”. Finally, everyone has to wear pink tights to raise “awareness” of whatever cause.

  20. At least these guys all have bachelor’s degrees worth tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of dollars, that they got for free in exchange for playing while in college.

    So as long as they were attending class and studying hard, they should be able to transition to the working world with relative ease… Right?


  21. Grown Men need this pansy stuff but yet the kids are still toughing it out the old school way!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!

    Half of the players cut are already at a HUGE advantage!!!!! they can go get a job coaching in college or high school, half of them can go back to their original city and get a job because of their name. Half of them have some sort of roster bonus or workout bonus that puts them way ahead of what the avg person goes through. I understand some of the rule changes are because current and ex-players ask for them (ex. new helmet lowering rule) but this is an example of the players or whoever having Gooddell in their pocket. Goddell is losing it!!!!

  22. They could hire some of them as refs. Donovan McNabb proved how well the players know the rules.

  23. Simple, increase the practice squad from 9 to 25 or 30 to make room for these guys, creating more jobs and creating a development path for future prospects.

  24. @ the thought of a minor league

    It sounds good but in reality the NFL would not want minor league teams playing against eachother. With the risks of injuries you think the NFL/owners would want to pay more $ for injury settlements? NO! of course they wouldnt. NFLs big buisiness and only cares about $.

    Just give the cut players a give baskett and send em on their way.

  25. Once again, Kraft and Belichick create a problem, and Kraft brings out his lapdog Goodell to stand up and deal with the PR heat for him.

    This time it’s about the Pats cutting Kyle Love right after he got diagnosed with diabetes. Kraft didn’t like the fact that he was personally taking heat for dumping someone they should have been helping adjust to a lifetime of medical treatment. So what’s he do? Gets Goodell to come out and ramble about all those mean coaches cutting guys in training camp. The PR strategy is simple – use Goodell for deflection, deflection, deflection.

  26. Simple solution: Ladies and gentleman welcome to America’s newest game show, The NFL’s: You’ve! Been! Cut! Watch as NFL prospects get the axe from their teams and have to chose the way their lives will end up LIVE on television! Players (contestants) have the simple choice of walking out the exit, completing the grueling obstacle course of death for an extra week of camp and a second chance, or opening the mystery package! The NFL’s YOU’VE! BEEN! CUT! will be taped in front of a live stadium audience and will premiere this spring on NBC!

  27. Offensive and defensive scout teams for every NFL franchise. Sparring partners. Take it out of your fine fund Rog.

  28. This is ridiculous. In the real world you get fired. End of story. There is no making it more humane, these kids get treated like all stars and given numerous free passes all their lives once football Is over they need to join the real world. You get fired you move on. And your whole obsession with the cutting of k love is beyond foolish. The entire line with the exception of wilfork got cut accept it. It’s one thing to make funny comments regarding the rumor posts but your agenda pushing ( The gay bball player, Kyle love, flaccid saying retarded) is pushing a lot of your readers away. I’ve been reading almost since the beginning, long before you started crashing on nbc’s couch, and commenting for a few years now and at the rate your going I won’t be around much longer. But you probably won’t post this anyway.

  29. Yes! I like the idea of a prayer circle and the singing of Kumbaya, with those neat little Gatorade squeeze bottles as parting gifts.

  30. This is nothing more than an admission that these athlets are nothing more than morons that happen to be gifted athletically.

  31. Ugh…grow a f/n sack Goodell..this guy needs to go..this maybe the last straw I have for this Nazi pos

  32. Send them to Donald Trump and have him utter those famous words “Your Fired”.
    Hey, they get a trip to NYC out of the deal, thats more than most people get after getting fired from there first job out of college.

  33. I don’t get why so many people are comparing getting cut after training camp to getting fired. It’s more like getting laid off. Your performance was good enough to get you hired in the first place (i.e. getting drafted/signed) but not good enough to make you so essential that you’d be immune to future layoffs (i.e. not making the 53-man roster). An NFL team just has a very predictable and precise set of layoffs every year.

    And yet we don’t really bat an eye when companies that can afford to do so pay severance to their laid-off employees. In fact, we generally think that’s a good thing. After all, those employees weren’t let go because of malfeasance or incompetence; they were let go due to forces pretty much beyond their control.

    Add in the point that football players are largely products of a system designed to produce football players and not competent self-sufficient professionals, and then add in the point that the NFL is definitely rich enough to do something to send off cut players before they turn back to ordinary life, and then add in the point that many of these football players are still kids. So I don’t see why this should engender some knee-jerk backlash about “babying.”

  34. Hard Knocks shows us that these guys get a meeting with a coach who then explains why they are being cut (IE tells them what they need to work on).

    Then the teams arrange for transportation home for the cut player. What else do they want?

    Let’s see, these guys get a free college degree and then even if they only play through camp, they make a nice chunk of change for a few weeks work.

    This just shows how fake Goodell is. He is addicted to the media telling him how compassionate he is so he looks for situations where he can play the concerned boss.

  35. Granted, I’m just a guy who likes to watch football. But what has Goodell done other than demasculine the sport? If I wanted to watch a non-contact sport ruled by judges, I’d watch synchronized swimming.

    Stop taking the Alpha component out of football. People get injured; people dont make the roster, etc.

    We are slowly moving to a soft spot where strong women and weak men control our fate.

    Leave the remnants of men our football.

  36. Maybe the coaches can hand out ROSES to the players that are staying, and the others get a limo ride out of the stadium to the airport? Seems to me our NFL as we know it is disappearing. Maybe when the sell outs stop the commissioner will get the message?

  37. ” If anything, these guys need to man up and face realities of life and that people have to “transition out,” or whatever your generous term is for being let go, of professions they’re passionate about every day. These guys are no different that any one else in any other profession that has to, at some point, move on. ”

    Your argument is very confused, in most professions transition programs are exactly what is offered when people are let go. This is about the NFL catching up with the real world.

  38. Laid off wouldn’t come close to describing being cut. When your performance in the work place is sub par you are fired not laid off. The guys who’d are good but not good enough for a particular team usually get picked up by another team kinda like mikes new favorite player mr love. Getting laid off implies you are a valued employee we just can’t afford you right now. That’s not the case with being cut. When your cut its because your not a valued employee, your not good enough at your job and your being let go. I don’t know of any company aside from Dunder Mifflin that gives severance to fired employees. The backlash comes from people who get fired and get nothing. I do have a heart and would support some kind of career counseling to help them find a job but with incomplete college educations and no real skills I’m not sure what kind of work they would be able to get. Moral of the story unless they have talent like clowney and are assured a spot maybe finishing school and taking real classes should be drilled into the heads of these kids starting in middle school.

  39. OOO Boo Freakin Hoo, they are pro athletes they get paid enough, (even at league minimum and if you only play a couple years) to be set up for a few years to live decently, if they are smart, I mean if you are on a league minimum contract you should not be trying to live like a Tom Brady, and if you are on a Tom Brady contract then you should have saved some.

  40. For starter Goodell, you may want to drop the term “cutting” which doesn’t sound very humane. The term “waived” sounds better.

    So are they going to go American Idol and seperate players into two groups on each side of the room?

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