Jets could pick starting quarterback before training camp


In New York, the player who wins the starting quarterback job in 2013 arguably will be the first guy to possibly lose it.  If so, his window for losing it could open weeks before Week One.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets could declare a starter before the start of training camp.

“We don’t care what the prevailing thought is,” offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg told Mehta regarding the view that the fight won’t be resolved before the start of camp. “We only care about our competition here.”

Well, if they care about competition, the competition will continue into the more inherently competitive portions of the calendar.  For now, practices occur without pads and limited contact.  In training camp, it’s closer to real football.  In preseason games, it’s considerably closer.

This approach suggests that the Jets would like to go with Geno Smith, and that they prefer to spend July and August getting him ready in lieu of making him fight for a job he’s already destined to have.

“When you [compete in training camp],” Mornhinweg said, “you give up some reps individually for the possible starter if you don’t select him quite as quickly.”

Either way, Mornhinweg hasn’t made a commitment to how and when the competition will be resolved.  Essentially, they’ll know it when they see it.

“Once a man separates himself, then we’ll think about making those choices, but I want a man to separate himself,” Mornhinweg said. “If not, we’ll keep the competition grinding.  That’s important.  That’s important in this situation.”

What’s ultimately important is finding the best guy to win games, because it’s believed that another bad year from the Jets will get the entire coaching staff fired.

Which will serve only to put more pressure on whoever the quarterback is.

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  1. I’m sure reporters will be counting 1st team QB reps all offseason. That should give you a good idea of who the starter will be: whoever gets more. My money is on Smith because he’s a better fit for the short passing attack Morny is presumably installing. Either way, the coaches already know who they want. Smith just needs to earn it early so when camp comes around he doesn’t have to give up too many reps to Sanchez.

  2. It makes total sense to pick the QB ASAP.. We all know that Sanchez does well in practice but when the game starts “Oh Boy”.. Give Gino the Job now let him work his butt off, try to trade Sanchez.. And if Gino falls apart next years QB crop is far better…

  3. I’m not saying Sanchez is great but how many qbs would have been successful with the Jets offensive line and offensive “weapons” last year?

  4. Sad as their situation is, I think the Jaguars QB situation isn’t a very good one either–and maybe worse than the Jets. I say to heck with it all–Sanchez got all that money–poor decision from previous GM but it is what it is. Might as well have him start–but on a very short hook. They aren’t winning/competitive enough come week 6-8 then yank him and just go with Geno. Sadly, they’ve seen what they have in McElroy and he is a backup at best I believe…and Simms probably isn’t much better.
    If Sanchez does well–then that creates a problem but if he doesn’t then let him go next year and roll with Smith for a full season or two to see what he can bring to the table.

  5. something has happened lately in football that rarely happened b4 last year the seahawks paid a boatload of money to matt Flynn then played Wilson the 3rd round rookie now it appears the jets will have an 8.25 million dollar guy getting splinters in his butt instead of sticking his face in linemans butts

  6. So much reporting on a team that has won NOTHING for more than 40 years. Won’t win 8 games this year. Will fire their head coach. And be mediocre for another decade.

  7. “We only care about our competition here.”

    Mornhigweg went on to say “That’s why we’re choosing our starting QB before we’ve actually had the competition.”

  8. No surprise. Mornhinweg doesn’t care what the prevailing wind is, either.

  9. .

    Jets could also pick their starting quarterback out of a hat. At least then Jets fans would have a reason to watch.


  10. Just try to get rid of Sanchez asap and in anyway possible. The only thing he’ll create is distraction. If the Jets have to pick up a lot of his salary, so be it, and take it as a lesson learned. The fans especially don’t want Sanchez in a Jet uniform, and after all they in part pay this guys salary.

  11. ” They have to kill me and drag my cold, dead, naked body off the field before I give up my starting role quaterback position”.

    – Mark Sanchez

  12. I think the team should start Sanchez. If he isn’t winning much by week 5-6, then throw in the Rookie. Starting Smith right away is a bad idea.

  13. From a outsider looking in. It should be only one player and thats Geno Smith.

    Sanchez is horrible and theres a good chance a rookie can win the same amount of ball games as sanchez can… and with the modern era league rookie qb’s are the ‘in-thing’


  14. “Jets could pick starting quarterback before training camp

    — Because either way they go, it won’t make much of a difference.”

  15. “Whether I win or lose the starting job, I’ll still have this really cool headband.”

    – Mark Sanchez

  16. Rex Ryan:
    The guy who doesn’t run into his lineman’s butt is the starter this year. And has great feet!!!!

    Sanchez: That counts me out.

  17. Will the Jets pick a starting QB before camp? Yeeeessssss. Will the Jets NAME their QB before camp? Nooooooo.

  18. Jets could pick starting quarterback before training camp.

    Are they seeking someone from the CFL??? Tebow is available…

  19. I’m not a Geno Smith fan but this is even a tough spot for him. The JETS should have cleaned house with their coaching staff because they will obviously do it after this season. So, Smith will have to deal w/new coaches and admin who didn’t draft him and may not like him (unless he turns out to be RG3).

    So either Rex will try to win w/the experienced Sanchez and fail again (then get fired).

    Or, he will play Geno, lose again and play the rookie QB card in an attempt to keep his job (he won’t). My guess is this option.

    Then Geno Smith will be fighting for his job all over again w/a new regime.

    Good luck dude. Sanchez will be long gone and out of that circus.

  20. As others have said–Let Sanchez start and lose for a while, then throw Smith in and get some real game experience.

    It doesn’t make much difference whether Smith masters Marty’s system, since the whole coaching staff is going to get the boot at the end of the year (and deservedly so, barring a complete and very unlikely turnaround). What matters is that he gets acclimated to the pace of the NFL game and that he learns what he needs to work on to be ready for the next regime.

    As for Sanchez, if he owns a home in NJ or NY, now is the time to put it on the market.

  21. Just as long as Geno Smith is under center for the Week #2 Thursday Night’s Game in New England.

  22. I would rather see Jets throw Sanchez out there for 4 games let Gino watch similar to what NYG did with Eli in his first year.

    But Jets coaching staff does not have the luxury of time, so they may throw Geno out there week #1.

  23. Does Geno even know the playbook yet?

    I hear there are a lot of pre-snap checks for the “Butt-Fumble”.

  24. ampats says:May 21, 2013 2:49 PM

    Just as long as Geno Smith is under center for the Week #2 Thursday Night’s Game in New England.

    And just as long as your homework is finished.

  25. pisano says:
    May 21, 2013 1:43 PM
    Just try to get rid of Sanchez asap and in anyway possible.

    The only way to do that is to cut him. There is not a GM working with enough brain damage to trade for him. Not even for a bag of potato chips.

  26. I think it will be Geno Smith, solely based on the fact that he’s conducted himself greatly lately, shown his confidence unlike the Sanchize. Plus Marty is gonna wanna work with the guy with the most upside, which leaves McElroy and Geno Smith because lets face it. Mark Sanchez has already hit the ceiling.

  27. lrjets,

    mine is finished but cannot say the same thing about your new QB as it appears,he didn’t attend WVU for an education.

    Replay the “Pinstripe Bowl” and enjoy the future !!

  28. lrjets,

    mine is finished but cannot say the same thing about your new QB as it appears,he didn’t attend WVU for an education.

    Replay the “Pinstripe Bowl” and enjoy the future !!


    Oh the game where he still threw 2 TDs to 0 INTs with a 67% completion percentage and threw for 201 yards? if thats the future and that was his worst game then I like it!!

  29. i cant help but think back to when the jets took sanchez with the #6 pick and jet fans were going on & on about how great he was. where are all those sanchez supporters now?

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