Mario Williams should brace for ugly fight over ring

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On Monday, Bills defensive lineman Mario Williams tried to explain text messages that had been released to the media by the lawyer representing Williams’ ex-fiancée.  It could be the first of many times that Mario must respond or react to things said and done by Tony Buzbee.

Buzbee is employing a common, and effective, litigation tactic.  Williams has sued Buzbee’s client on grounds Buzbee deems to be frivolous and unwarranted, and Buzbee will do everything he can to make Williams regret that decision.

For more proof of Buzbee’s plan, look no farther than his recent comments to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News.  Buzbee justifies an aggressive reaction to the Williams lawsuit by explaining that the lawsuit he filed contains serious allegations against Buzbee’s client, Erin Marzouki.

“He called her a thief in a public pleading,” Buzbee told Graham.  “He said in a public pleading that she never had any intention of marrying him.  He said in a public pleading that she had been the one to break off the relationship.  He said in a public pleading that the only reason she was with him was to get his money.

“He swore that to be true.  Those are some pretty damaging things to say about someone when you know good and well the pleading that you filed is going to be picked up by the press.”

And so Buzbee is fighting fire with hellfire, releasing text messages that have limited relevance to the potentially key question of whether Williams or Marzouki broke off the engagement.  While the text messages arguably prove that Williams was moody and erratic, which could perhaps support a finding by a jury that Williams ended the engagement and permit Marzouki to keep the $785,000 engagement ring, that’s just cover for what Buzbee is really doing.

It’s the Reggie Hammond “let’s see what we can f–k with next” approach.  And it often works.

In some cases, however, the approach serves only to piss off the other party.  Here, it could cause Williams to dig in and spend more than $785,000 in an effort to retrieve the ring.

The only good news is that the couple apparently hadn’t registered at Bed Bath & Beyond.

40 responses to “Mario Williams should brace for ugly fight over ring

  1. Mike, as an attorney, could you explain why the law allows a lawyer of someone you are suing to request access to your phone? And if he does get a hold of Marios phone can he make those text messages public as well?

  2. If you don’t want to be with the guy and don’t ever plan on marrying him then give the ring back! What do you need it for? Are you planning on pawning the ring to buy your way into another rich celebrity party, so you can try to sink your meat hooks into another money-maker? If the Judge in this proceeding doesn’t see Erin as a gold digger then he or she is completely blind and doesn’t belong in the judicial system. Take a long look at Mario Williams… Which one do you think brought Erin Marzouki to Williams, A) His undeniable good looks… hmmm, probably not. B)His beautiful mind… I’m gonna say no on this one. C) Those deep, deep, very deep pockets… Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner… She’s a down right GOLD DIGGER!

  3. I don’t see why this should be an issue. He gave her the ring on the condition that she would marry him. If she broke it off, she should return the ring. That’s just business.

  4. Usually this kind of nasty fighting doesn’t start until *after* the wedding.

  5. This is why relationships and marriage are like garage sales.
    They may look interesting from a distance, but up close it’s just a bunch of sh*t you don’t need.

  6. It might be the only ring you get for a while, Mario.

    If I were you, I’d cut my losses, enjoy those Buffalo Chicken Wings and sit back and collect the $100 million gift Buddy Nix gave you to underperform.

  7. These texts have nothing to do with the fact she scammed him for a $785,000 ring. Florio didn’t mention that her lawyer wants to drag this out for as long as possible. So by the time she pawns that ring(and gets maybe half what he paid for it) and then pays off the blood sucking lawyer, she might have enough to get a new car.

  8. Yea if i wanted to be done with someone and i came from money as it is (cause her family is loaded) i would not care this much about keeping the ring…at the same time i dont know what coming from money feels like so i would probably wana see that piece and keep the bux, this woman needs to quit bein greedy n move on already so our player can get his focus on killing qbs ( not literaly) but on the field

  9. Typical, money grubbing female.
    They think they are sitting on a gold mine.
    Unfortunately, it appears she is.

  10. Give the man back his ring. Why would she want a symbol of love and devotion, absent the love and devotion?

    Her wanting to keep it only emphasizes the fact that it’s all about money for her. The ring was given as consideration in a contract(engagement). No contract, no consideration. She has no case, legally or morally.

  11. I met Tony Buzbee for the first time a few months ago while we were Houston attending a mediation over a case stemming from a horrific refinery explosion.

    I had heard plenty of stories about Tony from other lawyers, but to see the guy in action first hand is something of an experience.

    Tony is an incredibly intelligent and hyper aggressive lawyer that has the skill set and finances to back it all up (and then some).

    Many, many, many lawyers have learned the lesson that Mario Williams and his camp are about to get schooled on:

    You don’t mess with Uncle Tony.

  12. What’s she gonna do? Walk around with a $700,000 ring pretending to be married but reminded of her failed relationship every time she looks at the ring?

    Give it back honey.

  13. Why we as men have to be more careful who we try to court. I don’t have to worry about gold-diggers like this rich guys do but I do have to worry about my fair share of crazies/psychos and there are plenty of those to go around as well. Yikes.

  14. Erin Marzouki’s lawyer can say whatever, but it won’t change the fact his client is suing for a ring she should not be entitled to.

    In fact, any person guided by even a remotely decent moral compass – would understand that.

    Mario is lucky this bloodsucker didn’t get her fangs deeper into him.

  15. danielmarcsnyder says:
    “You don’t mess with Uncle Tony.”—

    Dude, that’s a serious man crush you have going there.

  16. Either way Mario Williams is winning this lawsuit. He either wins outright and the ring is returned or it drags on and ends up costing her so much in legal fees she is left with very little after selling the ring.

  17. If he is in fact the one who broke off the engagement, she is entitled to the ring. Period.

    Anything else is just mudslinging.

    As for why the defense attorney can have access to his text messages, who says the attorney got them from him? They could be from his phone under the rules of discovery, but more likely they’re from her phone.

  18. Women are always bitching about being treated equal to a man………..except when they get engaged or married. Then they think women should get treated differently. If she wants to be equal to a man, then man-up and give the ring back. She didn’t work to pay for it…..and I doubt Mario got $750,000 worth of “services”. Hey Mario, just be thankful you didn’t marry her. It would have cost a lot more.

  19. If she dont want to marry the man then give him his ring back. Shes making a problem she dont need cause when her lawyer’s get threw she will owe the ring to them. Mario can pay to drag this out but she cant.

  20. I assume she will be asking for legal fees but from her perspective. Even if she walks away with $100k after selling the ring and paying the attorney, that’s a lot of money.

    I hate when the law breaks with common sense but why would the law be anything other than the person (woohoo… political correctness) that pays for the ring gets it back.

  21. There are also Rule 11 sanctions that this “attorney” can be brought up on if he tries to pursue this to the tilt. It is frivolous. This is a colossal waste of the court’s time, and if he runs up on the right judge, he will regret it, not Mario Williams.

  22. IMO, if my fiancee broke up with me, I wouldnt ask for the ring back.

    He just signed a 100 million dollar contract. IF she was a “GoldDigger” She would have married him, then taken his money. As Strahan how much a prenup is worth.

    He should also watch what he says in public, because she could counter sue for “Defamation of charactor”

  23. Sorry, Mario, but the definition of “frivolous and unwarranted” is signing with the Bills.

  24. kenmasters34 says:
    IMO, if my fiancee broke up with me, I wouldnt ask for the ring back.

    Wow. I guess there really is a sucker born every minute.

  25. This is ridiculous, imo

    If you don’t get married, you should give back the ring. Period. I don’t care who ended it.

    If you get married, she keeps it after the divorce unless otherwise specified in a prenup

    She’s so openly a gold digger. Makes me sick. I feel bad for Williams. Except he was dumb enough to spend $785k on a ring for such an obvious gold digger

  26. men throughout time have fallen for women spent inordinate amounts of money on gaudy rings thinking its gonna sweep her off her feet instead of looking at him and his eyes they stare at the ring and immediately start formulating a plan to keep the ring and dump the guy then she hires an expensive lawyer to protect her blah blah blah any chance they could cut off her finger and give it with the ring back to Mario??

  27. @mack2x
    The sucker is the person who paid too much for a ring. So much, that they have to put their tail between their legs and beg for it back.

    Thats shameful and pathetic.

    If she were a gold digger, she would have married him.

  28. This ought to finally get Mario to focus on football and play to his potential. Ha.

    Sorry Buffalo, he’s focused on the wrong damn ring. On the bright side, there appears to be no injury holding him back at the moment.

  29. mario is lucky she didnt get ahold of his baby batter, otherwise, he’d be paying for kids she dont want ‘n he wont see for the next 2 decades.

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