NFL considers making the Pro Bowl “more like a game show”

As the NFL continues to try to make the Pro Bowl worth watching, the league is considering some ideas inspired by TV game shows.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reported that the league is considering elements that would make the game more like a game show, such as
having incentives paid out during the game. Breer said the league would like to “make it so every single minute of the game has some sort of thing that’s going to keep fans interested and engaged.”

Breer added that the NFL doesn’t “feel the need to keep the integrity of what a normal football game is.”

Personally, I think a good football game is more fun to watch than any game show, and I don’t think adding game show gimmicks to a football game makes the game more fun to watch. The problem I see with the Pro Bowl is that the players don’t take it seriously, and adding “game show” elements seems likely to compound that problem. I don’t have a problem with the NFL’s idea of naming two team captains and letting them pick the teams, but I don’t think we need to have Monty Hall telling Peyton Manning to pick a receiver behind one of two doors, only to find out that Calvin Johnson is behind Door No. 1 and Titus Young is behind Door No. 2.

If the NFL really wants to make the players play hard, the best “game show” element to incorporate would be large cash prizes for the winners. Currently, players on the winning Pro Bowl team make $50,000 and players on the losing team make $25,000. The difference between getting paid $25,000 and $50,000 is a lot to most of us, but it’s peanuts to most Pro Bowlers. Until that changes, don’t expect the players’ effort to change.

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  1. “……I don’t think we need to have Monty Hall telling Peyton Manning to pick a receiver behind one of two doors, only to find out that Calvin Johnson is behind Door No. 1 and Titus Young is behind Door No. 2.”

    LMAO – best line I’ve ever heard on this site.


  2. How about: Members of the winning team get to extend their current contract by one year, cut one year off their current contract, or make their next year fully guaranteed. Their choice.

  3. Just kill this thing already. Each idea that gets floated is more ludicrous and less like football than the last.

  4. Just replace it with a skills competition. The reruns of the skills competitions that they used to show were awesome.

  5. Quit trying to fix a problem that you can’t fix. You will NEVER get the players to play harder at the Pro Bowl because they have no financial incentive to do so. You will not get a good game unless the players play hard. Therefore, you will never get a good game. It’s a waste of time to keep prattling on like you expect one. The Pro Bowl will never be a real football game. Accept it and move on.

  6. Do we really need to keep making jokes about Titus Young? He has a mental illness; it’s not funny. Would you joke about Eric LeGrand or Steve Gleason being behind door number two?

  7. When they had the skills competitions it was actually fun to watch. They need to bring that stuff back.
    The QB longest pass
    Most accurate passer
    Bench press competition
    Foot race (Who wouldn’t want to see Chris Johnson, Mike Wallace, Trindon Holliday, and Ted Ginn Jr race?)

    Bring those back and more people will watch IMO.

  8. My suggestion would be to make it a skills challenge. Fastest man contest, strongest man contest, QB skill contest, Obstacle course, etc…… This would make it very interesting, and single out each player in front of millions of fans forcing them to take it seriously, or look like complete idiots.

  9. I still have the image of Eric Dickerson tossing 225 over his head like it was nothing in my head. and then Herschel Walker coming next and almost falling as soon as he lifted it. Only to laugh when I would hear commentators talking about how strong Herschel Walker was. Skills competition was really nice. Let’s see who is REALLY the fastest in the NFL.

  10. I don’t understand all the negativity surrounding the Pro-Bowl. I for one am a fan who enjoys watching the best of the best for the year get together to have some fun. Why isn’t there more scrutiny with the NBA and NHL all-star games. Neither plays any defense and we see scores in the 150’s in the NBA and 10-8 games in the NHL which you never see in the regular season. Too many people are taking this game way too seriously!!

  11. Watching multi-millionaires compete in a game show -like setting for their own personal gain is not something I care to see. I understand the winners get paid more already. But for each and every play to be about possibly getting paid more money, that’s a little too much and I think it will just turn people off. If they play for their favorite charities, then fine.

  12. Just make it a prime time awards show that airs sometime in offseason. The players keep from injuring themselves, the fans still get to see the pro bowl designation and the NFL gets another offseason event to help out during the dead season. Win-win all around.

  13. Lame idea. $75,000 for winners, nothing but airfare and hotel costs for losers. Then they’ll play hard.

  14. Try this – one player from the losing team is chosen at random to play for the Jets. There, fixed.

  15. It’s interesting that out of all pro sports, the one all star game that comes close to resembling a regular game is baseball. Football, hockey, basketball are all miles away from their normal competitive levels.

    There is no simple solution. The college football all star games are competitive and taken seriously because players are looking to impress at the next level. In pro football, there is no next level. Unless you are a pending free agent. Maybe just have a game with those players (that want to play and impress their next or current employer)? Certainly, the highest priced free agents won’t want to risk any injury but the lower tier players certainly would IMO.

  16. Just make it so the winning team gets to beat the hell out of Goodell.

    I would watch that.

  17. The Pro Bowl is an embarrassment to the game. No integrity. No heart. No meaning. Get it off TV. I get more satisfaction out of a preseason game.

  18. I still for the life of me can’t figure out why everyone gets so worked up about the Pro Bowl.

    If players want to go out to Hawaii and goof around play half speed, who cares? How much are you paying to watch it on TV?

    Have you seen the NBA All-Star Game? Yes, I am sure everyone was giving 100% and the score just happened to come out to 156-154. Right.

    These guys have just spent the last 6 months trying to kill each other. Why are we so insistent that they keep doing it after the season?

    Lighten up.

  19. It’s obviously not about the money. They don’t play hard because the game doesn’t count. That’s never going to change. I don’t mind the game show idea.

  20. There’s nothing that makes me want to watch guys getting paid millions of dollars (most of them) winning money like it’s a game show. Dumb. Idea.

  21. “If the quarterback has a rubber band and a stick of gum, you will be awarded a first down.”

    Lets Make a Deal!

  22. “The league,” as you refer to them, is a room full of idiots. There is no other way to see it.

  23. Only game show that would make the Pro Bowl fun is if they brought in Alex Trebek.

  24. How about for each point scored Goodell has $2k taken out of his paycheck. If it goes above his salary he can consider it a fine and have to pay for it out of his savings.

    Or maybe we can bring in a new movie to this. The winning team can do whatever they want to Goodell for 12 hours. No laws you can do whatever you want with no consequences. This to be continued even after Goodell is gone. He only gets replaced if someone screws up the NFL just as bad as he is doing.

  25. Everyone wants skills competitions, but of course the NFL loves to say they listen to the fans, they just never do. Instead though through this joke in our face?

  26. Have huge contract incentives to make it to the pro bowl.
    Explain to them if they play 1/2 speed they’ll be in eligible the next year no matter how well they perform or are deserving the following year. I’d rather watch lesser name players take it seriously than an exhibition of over inflated egos. The lesser known players would appreciate it more and maybe be inspired to ouster the “name brand” players and make them old news.
    Any and all supplements should be purchased from a “NFL supply house.” If the players acquire from anywhere else they put their own career in jeopardy. PED’s make you completely in eligible for your whole career. The NFL/NFLPA have to put the responsibility on the players after they provide the necessary resources for players are available so there are no more misunderstandings. It’ll be a this was available, you chose not to be smart, you are done. See you next season.

  27. Skills competition. Nobody gets hurt, everybody can try hard, it would be borderline entertaining. See who the fastest guy in the league is, the most accurate passer, who can throw the deepest pass, who can lift the most, who has the best hands, who can jump the highest. Yup that’s the way to do it.

  28. I don’t even think Roger Goodell in a dunking booth would make it worth watching.

  29. I kind of like the idea of a captain picking teams – would at least make it more interesting. I think what’s happened over the past couple years is the NFL Honors show accomplishes much of what the Pro Bowl was supposed to. I think a game where every team designates a practice squader would be cool: they’re all literally playing for their career and showcasing their talents to the entire league. I’m not naive enough to think that that game would appeal to anybody but hardcore football fans, though.

  30. QB skills: dunk tank with Roger Goodell. Whoever can dunk him from the longest distance gets one game of the opposing defense having to count 10 Alligator before crossing the line of scrimmage.

  31. Winners get to shoot the losers in the rear end from 10 yds out with a paint ball gun.

  32. Sounds like a big-play incentive program. Don’t forget, the league considers all incentive programs as bounty programs.


  33. Each team should be required to use at least two “average Joe’s” on the field at all times. These guys would be good athletes that are not pros (in any league, including Arena, CFL, etc) that compete in seperate competitions for the “priveledge” to go mix it up with the big boys.

    Also it is fixed so that the average Joe’s are matched up against other average Joe’s (corner vs WR, tackle vs end, etc) when possible. Joe’s wear pink jerseys and players are encouraged (though not required) to take it easy on them.

    Personally I would love to watch some average Joe get destroyed by a professional athlete on live TV. It would also be hilarious if one of them could haul in a pass or get in on a tackle and think for a moment that they are hot stuff, before getting destroyed on like the next play.

  34. Why not identify the top 100 college prospects for the draft and assemble them into two teams and have them coached by the pro bowl players and the coaches from the NFL teams with the worst records?

    The kids would play hard so you would have a competitive game, the pro bowlers would get their trip, the coaches would get time with the kids and the scouts would get a better idea of which prospects can be coached before the draft.

    Because the worst teams coaching staffs would be available immediately after the endof the season, they could have several weeks of practice to allow for game planning.

    While there is a possibility of injury to a draft prospect, they could be insured.

    I know the Senior Bowl and East West Shrine games attempt to do similar things, but this would give teams the ability to compare seniors and juniors.

  35. Revamped skills competition (would surely drum up viewer interest) such as: Haggis Toss, Slap Boxing, Hot Dog Eating, and Rap Battles…..

  36. “the league is considering elements that would make the game more like a game show, such as
    having incentives paid out during the game. ”

    You mean “pay for performance”? How hypocritical.

  37. I agree with people calling for Skill Competitions.

    The only intriguing thing about the Pro Bowl is that you have the best of the best on the same field. The problem is they aren’t playing at the top of the game so its no better than watching a bunch of scrubs.

    Fans want to see their favorite players show that they really are the best at way they do. With skill competitions risk for injury isn’t as big a concern so you would see players actually competing.

    At the very least they need to move the Pro Bowl to a date when people are craving football. Not at the end of the season when people are taking a break before the Super Bowl.

  38. I really don’t understand people who insist on getting rid of the pro bowl because its not a real football game. It’s not a real football game and isn’t taking the place of a real football game. These players are exhausted and their bodies are broken down , so it shouldn’t be a real football game. If players want to be recognized for the hard work they put into a probowl season and cash in the reward of that experience and free vacation, and it makes the nfl mone, what’s the problem? A reality game, a 25% effort game or a skills competition are all fine with me. If you hate it as a fan dont watch it, but dont demand it to not take place; we don’t live in North Korea. What’s a matter with a fun event where you get to learn more about these players having fun, or you can choose not to watch

  39. I’m not in favor of the game show. I prefer a football game and/or skills competition.

    IDEA: Have the coaches from the two worst teams the previous year coach the NFC or AFC. And the winner gets the 1st overall draft pick.

    IDEA: Have an old school vs new school game. Players with 5 or less years experience on a team versus players with 6 or more years experience.

    IDEA: Have a Joes versus Pros flag football game, where fans get to compete against the pro bowlers.

    IDEA: Merge the East-West (or Senior Bowl) teams and have them play the pro bowlers. It would be like a real-time Combine in Hawaii.

  40. 7 on 7 passing tournament!
    Those of you who played football in HS and college will remember how fun these were.

    And I’d love to see lineman go down the field and try to catch a ball.

    I expect this to never happen in a million years but I’d enjoy watching it.

  41. You guys all understand that a skills competition is pretty much a game show right?

    There won’t be a let’s make a deal type thing. Obstacle course, passing competiton, maybe a footrace (I would love to know who the fastest NFL player is every year)

    The pro-bowl is horrible- do away with the game.

  42. heres a game they can play..everytime a team scores, the whole stadium (minors excluded) has take a drink..that will keep it interesting, and boost concession sales at the same time

  43. A Game show?

    How about making it flag football and putting in some celebrities or HOFers with the teams.

    The skills competition is the way to go though. Either way, no one cares about it.

  44. It should combine elements of Jeopardy and Let’s Make A Deal.


    Host: Ok Tom Brady, do you pick curtain number one, number two, or number three?

    Tom Brady: Uh, I guess I’ll take curtain number two.

    Host (as curtain 2 opens): All right Tom, your left tackle for today’s game is none other than, Ryan Clady. Too bad though, behind curtain number three was Joe Thomas.


    Host: Patrick Willis, you have control of the board, pick you category.

    Patrick Willis: Super Bowl history for ten thousand.

    Host: The third NFL franchise to win back to back Super Bowls?

    Patrick Willis: Uh, what is the San Francisco 49ers?

    Host: Ooh, that’s incorrect. The 49ers were the fourth franchise to win back to back. Your payout for today’s game drops by ten thousand dollars.


    I think aspects of Tic Tac Dough and Family Feud would also add elements of suspense to the proceedings.

  45. leonem1 says:
    May 21, 2013 11:39 AM
    We did this once, it was called the XFL.


    Ladies and gentlemen, your Comment of the Day. This is so on the money I’m actually upset I didn’t think of it myself.

    I tip my hat to you, sir.

  46. Both teams get a defensive and offensive MVP. Those four get a non restuctruable contract bonus paid by the NFL (that doesnt go against the teams salary cap) for all of next year. The all star rookies would go HAM. Make it like a 3% for the losing teams MVP’s and 5% for the winning teams MVP’s (that may be a bit much but its not my money)

  47. Why don’t they use the navy aircraft carrier idea for the Pro Bowl? I would maybe actually watch some of that.

    Also, have a skills competition.

  48. players will conspire with eachother to get the incentives and then split it such as fumbling on purpose and letting their buddies recover it

  49. “Tony Romo maybe now you’ll be able to make that game winning drive because you just won a BRAND NEW CAR!!”

  50. Years ago there used to be a show called Superstars, where stars from various sports would compete against each other in various athletic competitions not just their sport. It was fun to watch, a variant of the skills type theme.

  51. I’ll take assorted problems for 200 Alex.

    “7o% of the league has this”

    “What is STD’s?”

    “Noooo sorry… the correct answer is Criminal Records”

  52. Make the incentives for the game worth playing for.
    Like each team from the winning confence get a extra draft pick. A 8th round that gose from 1-16 with each team getting to pick in the order they did in the draft.

    Also the free agents form that confernce has the right to talk contracts and start Free Agency 3 days befor befor the losing confrence. That will get their attention.

    Things along these lines to make the players want to play.

  53. There is little the NFL could do that would make game worth watching. Simply cancel the game and televise activities and charities that go on during the week. Show players interacting with fans and after all it is a week long celebration for the players. Problem solved.

  54. I always enjoyed the skill competitions more than the game, just bring those back. .

  55. The Pro Bowl is supposed be a half assed exhibition. I think the expectations for the game are off base with exactly what it is. I think there are a few things though that would help the game.

    – Get rid of AFC vs. NFC- at least that spices it up some. You could do veterans of 5+ years vs. younger players.

    – Don’t allow every single player to get votes. Make the game meaningful by actually makin a player “earn” a pro bowl vote. At the end of someone’s career it’s always like, “and he got to 6 pro-bowls.” Yea, but how many of those did player X deserve to go to. Wait until week 8 and release a list of the top players in the league who qualify. Some players won’t qualify, and that’s just too bad.

    – Have the game somewhere cool. Not freaking Hawaii. Use this time for the overseas game. They had that college BB game on the Navy ship a few years back. That was cool. Do something like that. (not on a ship though, that would be pretty impossible).

    – I would incorperate some unique elements. I WOULD let fans vote for the coaches. I would let fans design uniforms each year for each of the teams as a contest.

    – Get kids involved. The game is for them as much as anyone else.

    The marketing is there. The NFL’s lack of interest in it basically shows they are fine with the game being a low budget B movie.

  56. Skills competition with the winners of each skill getting cash prizes for themselves, a charity of their choice, or retired players from the player’s team.

  57. The league will not give up on the pro bowl because that is the kind of game that we will be watching every week in a few years with all of the injury concerns.

  58. The more I think about it, the more you could actually involve retired players in a skills competition. Fans would like it.

    I would tune in to watch Barry Sanders try just about anything, even if it wasn’t football related.

  59. If Tidus Young ever makes a Pro Bowl then the Pro Bowl has more serious problems than the game itself.

  60. Oh, for God’s sake, quit putting lipstick on a pig. The idea of an all-star game has run its course but leave it to the NFL to try to wring a dollar out of every turnip it can find in its unyielding quest for a 12 month season in one form or another. I truly enjoy the game but this is one of my pet peeves about the league.

  61. Love the skills competition idea and have thought it is the way to go for a while. It is entertaining and has low probability for injury. While you’re at it, move it back to after the Super Bowl. It’s a nice way to take the sting out of football being over. We’re too psyched for the real deal a week before the Super Bowl anyway.

  62. why can’t it just be like the battle of the Network Stars from back in the day? just have teams compete and events like Tug-O-War, and some events from American Gladiators…..Id watch that…

  63. Select the Pro Bowl teams in the traditional fashion.

    The NFL Pro Bowl players would then select one college player from their position to represent them in the game. This would be done in the order that the Pro Bowl players were selected.

    Once the college player “Pro Bowl” teams were selected they would be mentored by the NFL players who selected them and coached by the Pro Bowl selected coaches for the conference they would represent.

    A traditional NFL rules football game would then take place between the college “Pro Bowl” players. Prize money would be given to these players’ charities of choice.

    The college “Pro Bowl” players would also be eligible to compete directly with the NFL Pro Bowlers in various “skills competitions”.

    This would be a great way to hype up the draft and/or create buzz for underclassmen that would be eligible in future years.

  64. I can’t believe how many people are recommending a skills competition.

    Yes, because what could be more exciting than a bunch of NFL players in shorts not playing football.

    You realize they used to have this right? They stopped it in 2007 and no one noticed until 2009.

    (google “NFL Skills Competition and read MF’s article about it).

    The reason they gave was that the field they used was no longer available. Unless that was the only flat piece of land in the state of Hawaii, I’m thinking the real reason is because no one watched it.

  65. When the Pro Bowl was about seeing dream matchups, like QB A passing to WR D, it was somewhat fun. Now that we have cable overexposure for players, it’s not as much of a unique thing to watch certain players.


    How about we acknowledge the fantasy football element and make it about the stud performers and not just name brands? It will make people care, believe me, they will, and rating will soar. Gives guys like Cecil Shorts and Eric Decker a good shot at the limelight vs having Calvin Johnson overexposure.

    For the defensive side, people do use individual defensive players in fantasy as well.

    Those poor o-linemen will still be voted in more or less based on QB performance or their peers. Can’t fix that and make it “cooler”.

    That’s an outline on how to fix it, just a suggestion. If you don’t like, that’s fine, but let’s see more REAL suggestions than just “CANCEL IT” or “THEY SHOULD PUT IN REAL BEARS AND FIRE AND STUFF”.

  66. Another bad idea from the league office, most likely the brainchild of Roger Goodell.

    The only way you get the Pro Bowl back to any kind of meaningful level is to move the game back to where it used to be, AFTER the Super Bowl. That way, the players from Super Bowl teams are at least eligible to play, and players from the other playoff teams have had two extra weeks to rest and heal up.

    Otherwise, discontinue the game.

  67. Most Pro Bowlers have a charity of their own, or at least a favorite charity. Instead of paying millionaires $50,000 for winning, the money should go to each players’ selected charity. Win the MVP, your charity gets $200,000. Intercept a ball for a touchdown = $100k to your charity. Kick a 50+ yard field goal = $50k to your charity. Etc.
    In other words, in addition to regular scoring, they should track individual achievments during the Pro Bowl like fantasy football, except award money to the players selected charity instead of points.

  68. As many have said before…
    Bring back the skill competition. I think players would try much harder knowing they would be considered the best of the best at their positions, #1. QB competition- passing to stationary and moving targets, distance throws, obstacle courses.
    RB/WR/TE/FB- Obstacle courses, catching drills, footraces.
    OL- Obstacle courses, Power drills on a dummy that reads how hard it was hit numerically.
    DL/LB/DB- Same as OL.
    K/P- Kicking competitions, FG’s and Punting, the Coffin Corner/Distance.
    Coaches- A wonderlic test for them.
    Pay the 1st place winner $100,000, 2nd $40,000, 3rd $25,000 and 4th $10,000.
    The NFL could include Fans with online sweepstakes winners getting to meet and participate with players, Jersey giveaways, Autographed merchandise, Trips to the Super Bowl and different donations to charities. The league could find millions of ways to make money through company sponsorship and selling advertising spots during televised events. They could also bring millions of dollars to which ever City they chose to bring the Pro Bowl to. The NFL could revive the PB and give fans another thing to look forward to with their favorite sport, America’s new favorite pastime… Football.

  69. Please please for the love of God, make it a trivia contest.

    Few things would be more amusing than some Vince Young-ish intelligence player being befuddled about what two countries have land borders with the US.

  70. i think they should have a cheerleader from all 32 teams represented and everytime a player makes a good play their representing cheerleader should remove an article of clothing! i would be more apt to watch an you cant tell me they wouldn’t play harder.

  71. twonns1 says:
    May 21, 2013 1:31 PM
    Most Pro Bowlers have a charity of their own, or at least a favorite charity.

    Tell the players they have to fly to Hawaii, play in a football game and then have ALL of the money go to Charity and you will quickly see how serious most players really are about their favorite charities.

  72. First things first.
    1. Name Probowl Players after last regular season game.
    Option # 1
    1. The Player from each division AFC / NFC with the highest point totals are team captain.
    2. Those 2 players pick their team and coaches in a round by round “Draft” shown on TV.
    3. Play the game. Winner take all, 5,000,000 pot.

    Option # 2
    Appoint 2 captains – Retired Players, Retired Coaches, or Fans thorough a contest.
    1. Have a draft on TV where each Captain picks there teams and coaches from the elected players.
    2. Play the game. Winner take all $5,000,000 pot for the players. Captain of winning team gets 1,000,000 and losers money gets donated to the charity of the Winning Captains Choice.

  73. Either go with the Skills competition or cancel the whole thing everything else seems dumb

  74. Give Pro Bowlers an award ceremony.

    But make the game a Prospect Bowl between top college prospects in the draft and NFL free-agents to showcase the talent available in the upcoming free-agency period and draft.

    Plenty of incentive for those players to play hard.

  75. Losers and families including the OWNERS of those teams will be forced to fly coach home instead of a private jet or 1st class. That’s pretty good incentive for these spoiled brats.

  76. Like a game show, This made me laugh.

    They are going to have Sanchez and Romo play against each other and see which one will blow it for their team first.

  77. In a sport loaded with career ending injuries, the inevitable future of the Pro Bowl is that it will soon be a thing of the past.

    Players that make $5 million a year will not play for $25,000 and I wouldn’t either. There is a reason so many miss this game every year.

  78. Get this $25000 for the most QB sacks…… Sounds sort of like what Greg Williams was doing.

  79. Turn it over to the producers of those japanese game shows where you have to tightrope walk over pools of slime and swing a rope over mudpits as part of running routes

  80. All star games just don’t live up to what a great game in these sports is supposed to be. Football is just too intense and with the rules the way they are the pro bowl is never gonna be a highly interesting game. Just pick who the best players were and leave it at that. Most fans don’t want to see watered down football. There’s no way of making this game interesting without changing rules and putting players at a high injury risk and who wants to see the best players in the game getting hurt in that type of setting

  81. Do it celebrity apprentice style winning teams donates the losing teams paycheck to charity of there choice.

  82. Madden’s Pro Bowl 2014

    1. Make the Pro Ball a Madden-only game played on official platform, with the players playing themselves (No risk).
    2. If the players balk at their stats (they all do) then have them perform in an actual real-life skills competition to accurately measure them. (This will bring back the skills competition).
    3. Pro Bowl MVP will win the cover of the next Madden. (Player’s ego will force them to compete).

  83. IDEA: Pro Bowl Tournament

    Create 4 all-star teams – 1) AFC East/North 2) AFC South/West 3) NFC East/North 4) NFC South/West

    Choose all-star players from those divisions to compete in a best-of-5 skills competition.

    – 40 yard dash
    – Relay race
    – Tug-of-war
    – Joust
    – etc. etc. etc.

    First team to win 3 competitions moves on.

  84. Nobody tunes into the Pro Bowl to see a “good game.”

    It’s an All Star exhibition…I know of no real football fan who grabs a beer and really expects a good hard fought game.

    Stop with the fake outrage.

  85. Really?

    A game show?


    The NFL and the agents are the ones who have screwed this entire thing up. The bottom line is if the contracts have incentives for making the Pro Bowl and players only receive it if they show and play, then about 50% of the problem is solved. Then you have to have reasons related to additional pay to make it competitive and fun to watch.

    The Pro Bowl used to be tolerable and somewhat entertaining to watch, the most recent generation has ruined it.

    To me there is no excuse for not having the game and making it a fun environment that embraces competition.

  86. The pro bowl is now what the rest of the games are becoming…a game with no defense. Not surprising that the fans are losing interest!

  87. Goodell and the NFL owners just need to stop insulting people’s intelligence already.

    The Pro Bowl will never be a ratings juggernaut. It is a nice free trip to Hawaii at the end of the season for players who have excelled.

    Even having it on a week before the Super Bowl is idiotic: all that does is ensure some of the best players on the best teams will skip the Pro Bowl.

    Just move the Pro Bowl back to a week after the Super Bowl and give the gimmickry a rest already!

  88. Isn’t it about not getting hurt…I don’t care how much you pay these guys – none of them are interested in getting a concussion or blowing out an ACL for 50 or 100k. Make it a skills competition…and maybe have the rookies play a game like the NBA does…

  89. “make it so every single minute of the game has some sort of thing that’s going to keep fans interested and engaged.”

    Really??? Has our collective ADHD grown that acute?

  90. The author is missing the point here. By saying they don’t need to keep the integrity of a football game intact, they’re saying they’d rather go in a different direction. Increasing cash payouts to make them work harder is not what they had in mind.

    If I had to guess, I’d assume this means we’ll see some combination of the NBA and NHL skills competitions, the NHL fantasy draft, and The Skins from the PGA.

  91. The game is already a joke so the NFL has two directions to go, make it a bigger joke (this concept) or cancel.

    I’m in favor of nixing the whole thing.

  92. Enough already. Just put a clause in every player’s contract, you get selected All Pro, you get extra money. And leave it at that. The Pro Bowl is a joke. And the longer the NFL knocks its collective head trying to “fix” the damn thing, the stupider they look.

  93. The Chicago Charities College All-Star Game was NFL Champs vs College All-Stars, Lets just change it to All-Stars vs All-Pros. Pride will kick in, no Pro wants to get beat by a college kid and every college kid will want to show what he can do vs the pros.

  94. I agree with those fans who want to eliminate the game and change it to a skills competition. The PRO BOWL is the one all star contest amongst all the top sports that serves no purpose other than selected players enjoying a week’s stay at Honolulu mostly with their families. Change it to a skills competition during Super Bowl week similar to the combine. Award prizes for the competitive winners-I do not care but get rid of this game.

  95. They should do sandlot football, put cameras in the huddle, and let the players create and call the plays. If you make it fun for the players, you’ll get a better product.

  96. Mr Goodell, Do everyone a big favor and make a decision that’s not based on “How much money can we make”. Cancel the damn thing. If someone really needs to watch this farce of a football game they need a life. If you need to have the game, make it flag football and nobody gets hurt and risks millions.

  97. How disgraceful is that? I mean, seriously, will any Probowler want to be pimped out to perform in some, oh so cheesy commercial venture to benefit the financial bank account of the NFL? Why don’t they just return to the original way of doing things and have the Probowl HONOR players following the end of the season (Superbowl game). There is a lot to be said for tradition and honor and everything the NFL seems to be distancing itself from and then wondering why some of today’s players have no values beyond the zero’s on the check. Lead by example Mr. Goodell and try to be a class act as Commissioner that is befitting the position, and start with respecting and honoring the players, coaches and other greats of the game!

  98. Have a show that announces the pro bowlers and have panel discussion about them. Then have the skills competition and the winner’s monies will go to the charity of their choice.

  99. Bring back the ‘Superstars’ competition….biking, obstacle course, tug of war, etc..

  100. Every year we hear about changing the Pro Bowl up to make it relevant.

    Maybe a skills competition would be an interesting alternative.

    Generally, when this much effort has to be expended to save something, it isn’t worth said effort.

  101. Who cares really! Can’t even remember the last pro bowl game I watched. If the game needs to be played, it would be more interesting if played by the best rookies of the year. The Rookie Bowl!

  102. The Pro Bowl will go the way of the old 1st game of the year, the NFL Champions vs college All Star game at Soldier Field in Chicago back in the 50s and 60s.

    Who really cares how far a quarterback can throw a football? Might as well bring back the old demolition derbies, barrel jumping, figure 8 races and lumberjack championships of the Wide World of Sports back in the 1960s.

  103. The losing team plays as “The New York Jets” for the next season. Rex Ryan must coach all players into the ground and make them “has-beens”.

  104. Making it like “a game show” is ridiculous. Make it a flag football game where all the players wear an NFC or AFC cap instead of a helmet, and their team jersey, and increase the $$ for the winners. Also, move it stateside, to a different city each year, like the other leagues do, and schedule it for the week after Super Bowl. The event will become much bigger, more interesting, and lucrative for the NFL, when more fans have access to it, all the players selected can participate, and there is actual competition without as much chance of serious injury.

  105. I like the captains choosing the players idea. Also I would like them to choose a dream team of a mix of retired players. people would watch to see some of their fav.’s like Farve play again and they would want to have a good showing to save face so they would play hard.

  106. There’s a lot of Jets hate on this thread….

    It’s kind of funny.

    My favorite was randomly picking a player from the losing team and making them a Jet…

    But to be honest, after a few years you have a Jets team full of probowlers….

  107. How about just getting rid of that game, then just add another week of regular season football to the schedule already, then after the season the fans can vote for players like the espys.
    Players get another game check, owners get more fans in the stadium, and fans get more football. Woohooo, everyone wins!!!

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