Nominate some Bengals for their Mt. Rushmore

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As we launch into the last of the eight division’s Mt. Rushmore nomination process, we’ll start with the franchise whose best days could be coming up very soon.

As in, this year.

For now, though, you’ll have to draw on the past when coming up with the nominees who’ll eventually be carved down to four figures from the team with the helmet that looks like a funky Jack-o-Lantern.

Possibilities include Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason, James Brooks, Corey Dillon, Chad Johnson, Cris Collinsworth, Isaac Curtis, Anthony Muñoz (who else remembers Madden pronouncing it without the tilde?), Reggie Williams, and others.

So have at it, with any of the above or others.

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  1. Beyond the obligatory Joetoronto – “Bengals suck” and Steeler Fan mentions of rings and the Bengals current playoff drought, my four:

    Munoz – only HoF
    Anderson – MVP and four passing titles
    Riley – still 5th in league history in INT
    Esiason – MVP

  2. Paul Brown – easy
    Anthony Munoz – easy
    Ken Anderson – I think he’s the best QB we’ve had.
    I was gonna go Ken Riley for the 4th spot – he’s certainly unheralded. But thinking about it some more Dave Lapham and he’s wonderfully homerific calls belong there 🙂

    Who Dey 🙂


  3. Paul Brown
    Anthony Munoz
    Boomer Esiason
    Isaac Curtis

    With the Raiders, it was tough to narrow it down to four. With the Bengals, it was tough to find four.

  4. Alternate Rushmores:

    Cut Short Rushmore:
    Greg Cook
    Ki-Jana Carter
    David Pollack
    Ickey Woods

    Future Rushmore:
    P Brown
    A Munoz
    G Atkins
    AJ Green 🙂

    Mount Bustmore (which would be a fun idea for each team too):
    Akili Smith
    David Klingler
    Jack Thompson
    Dan Wilkinson


  5. Anthony Munoz (enough said)

    Ken Riley (tough to figure out why he is not in the HOF)

    Isaac Curtis (not so much for the numbers, but the way he influenced the NFL to free up the receivers)

    Not sure who I would put #4.

  6. Tim Kumrie
    Hue Jackson (every Bengal fan’s hero)
    Sam Wyche

    With most teams, getting down to four is hard. With the Bengals, it’s almost too many.

  7. A Browns fan’s take:

    Brown – The most influential HC in NFL history
    Munoz – Arguably the best LT ever
    Anderson – Franchise’s best QB
    Dillon – A durable, tough and consistent RB who deserved better than the supporting cast he played with

  8. Cincy Mt Rushmore should only have 3 because Mike Brown would never pay for the normal 4.

  9. Paul Brown – Legendary man. Founded the damn team.

    Muñoz – Hall of Famer. Voted 12th best player of all time. Of all players. Enough Said.

    Ken Anderson – Hall of Fame consideration. Should probably sneak in one day. I think he deserves it, but there is some debate.

    Ken Riley – 5th in interceptions in career. All four ahead of him are in the hall, and quite a few behind him as well. Great story, never played corner before being drafted.

  10. Paul Brown : Greatest coach ever. 7 NFL Championships, creator of the West Coast offense that He never gets credit for, National Championship at The Ohio State University, and state champs and a monster program at Massillon High School.
    Anthony Munoz: Greatest LT ever and Bengals only HOF ( Joke look at all the BS player in the HOF just because they played on Super Bowl winning teams.)
    Issac Curtis: Should be in the HOF, the NFL actually changed the rules on defense because of him, look it up.
    Ken Riley: The “snake” . Look up his stats and count all the guys in the HOF with less picks than him, another joke.
    Honorable mention Boomer Esiason.
    Those voting for Ken Anderson, he forfeited Mt. Rushmore when he coached for the stillers. Woulda been like Lincoln working with the klan.

  11. Anthony Munoz then umm . . . uhhh . . . how bout just four heads of just Anthony Munoz?

  12. Paul Brown
    Anthony Munoz
    Ken Anderson
    Isaac Curtis

    Honorable mention–Ken “The Rattler” Riley, Bill Bergey, Bob Trumpy, Dan Ross, Corey Dillon (best RB the franchise has ever had, did yeoman work for some awful teams), Vern Holland, Forrest Gregg

    Tough to find four deserving even after 45 years (I’ve lived in the area for 42 of them, and have gone to games as far back as Nippert Stadium in ’68). Boomer? His career was hardly as glorious as he claims on TV and the radio. Collinsworth? Pencil-necked geek who never went over the middle or threw a block in his career. Lapham? An unaccomplished player who, like Jeff Brantley for the Reds, makes the radio broadcasts unlistenable.

  13. Munoz and there owner for keeping the team in cincy. Lmao. Saying that I give Marvin Lewis nothing but props for how they changed over from diva criminals with a overrated qb to a promising young team. My fiancé is a fan of them and I really believe they are built to win the afc north for years to come. They still need some more depth at wr and DB but overall they got a good young team. Once again give it up to the owner for sticking with a coach that deserved to be fired and given another chance is showing to be the right move.

  14. Greg Cook
    Bill Walsh
    Paul Brown
    Ken Anderson
    Coy Bacon
    Isaac Curtis
    Bill Bergey
    Mike Reid
    Icky Woods
    Boomer Esiason
    Anthony Munoz
    Chris Collinsworth
    Ken Riley

  15. I’m a youngster, but some names come to mind that could make it to the list.
    Max Montoya
    David Fulcher
    Louis Breeden
    Ken Riley
    Forrest Gregg
    Tim Krumrie — this guy is unbelievable. I have met him a couple of times and he is still “farmboy” strong.

    Just a couple thoughts or additions.

  16. Carson Palmer, Boomer Esiason, Cris Collinsworth and Chad ( I beat my girlfriend) Johnson!! LMFAO!!! What a joke of a franchise!!!

  17. Paul Brown
    Ickey Woods
    Ken Riley
    Tim Krumrie

    I’ll also suggest James “JB” Brown

    I’d be happy to see four current players on there as well, AJ Green, Geno Atkins, Andrew Whitworth and Clark Harris.. You might wonder why I’d say Clark Harris, well basically because I still remember the final years of Brad StLouis.

    Dear God please give us a title soon.

  18. Paul Brown
    Anthony Muñoz
    Boomer Esiason
    Ken Anderson

    Honorable mention: Chad Johnson…but ONLY when he makes it into the “H.O.F. 20??”

  19. Awww c’mon … I at least gotta show some love here for Tim Krumrie, Lemar Parrish & James Brooks!

  20. Sam Wyche, Icky Woods, the lineman whose leg was snapped in half during the superbowl and Ocho Cinco.

    I don’t live in Cincinnati, and don’t follow Cincinnati, but these are the four people that come to my mind.

  21. I know mr Dillon ran a ton for the bengals but I always seem to think of him as a pats player. Maybe because he was such a big part of our Super Bowl run that year

  22. Anthony Munoz (greatest LT of all-time)
    Ken Anderson
    Boomer Esiason
    Chad Johnson

    Paul Brown is more famous from his time with the Browns, and just because he founded the Bengals doesn’t make him qualify IMO.

  23. As a Saints Fan, looking in, I’d say…

    Paul Brown
    Anthony Muñoz
    Ken Anderson
    Ken Riley

    If Brown comes off the list, I’d guess you’d add (d’oh) Chris Collinsworth…

  24. Ken Anderson
    Eddie Brown
    and one of best players i ever watched James Brooks

    bengals of late 80’s-early 90’s were a steelers fan, rooted hard for them in Super Bowl in Miami.. they deserved a ring.

    collinsworth, ocho cinco, krumrie, Munoz all great too, esp munoz. Dan Ross also.

  25. Paul Brown
    Ken Anderson
    Anthony Munoz
    Ken Riley
    Boomer Esiason
    Chris Collinsworth
    Isaac Curtis
    James Brooks
    Tim Kumrie

    HM: Chad Johnson and Ickey Woods

    Future Potential: A.J. Green, Geno Atkins, Leon Hall, Andy Dalton and Andrew Whitworth.

    I agree with the other commenter; a Mt. Bustmore would be pretty cool/fun to do as well. Every team has had their fair share of them.

  26. Paul Brown
    Anthony Munoz
    Isaac Curtis
    Ken Riley – the INT totals are even more impressive when you consider that for about 5 years, no one threw to Riley’s side of the field.

    Near misses:

    Vern Holland – OL – not much old film on the early Bengals. To find Holland, look for a DL on their back – Holland will be close by.

    Virgil Carter – the very first “West Coast” offense QB; Pressed into service when Greg Cook’s arm blew out. Some skinny assistant coach named Bill Walsh took Carter under his wing, designed an offense around his limited arm strength, and they took the franchise to its first playoff appearance. Not sure whatever became of that Walsh guy though…

    Bob Trumpy TE had best years in the Walsh offense

    James Brooks – outstanding player, smart, skilled and tough. But first few years were with the Chargers, so he falls short if you just count the Bengal years.

    Dave Lapham/John Shinners – the last pair of “messenger guards” in the NFL. Exhibit #537 of the innovations by Paul Brown.

    Jim Breech – K retired as NFL leading scorer (since passed by multiple players) Accurate and durable.

    Bill Bergey – yes, THAT Bill Bergey – began his career with Bengals, then signed with WFL after a bitter contract negotiation with Brown. Starred for the Eagles first SB team. Like Brooks, not enough Bengal years to make the cut.

    Honorable mention:

    Bob Johnson C first draft pick for the franchise, started for a decade, came out of retirement for 1 year when the starter got hurt.

    Pat McInally – Every team has a “possession” receiver and a punter. McInally did both, and did them well.

    Lenvil Elliott RB known as ‘lectrifyin’ Lenvil, he was the sure-handed receiver out of the backfield, and became the blueprint for the WC offense running back. When Walsh went to SF, he benched an aging OJ Simpson in favor of Elliott.

  27. Paul Brown
    Anthony Munoz
    Ken Anderson
    Chad Johnson

    People can hate on Chad all they want because he was a diva and talked too much, but from 2003 to 2007 he was one of the best WRs in the NFL (by best, I mean top 3), and you could make an argument that over that span he was THE best WR in the NFL (not the best every single season, but as a whole). And let’s be honest, the Bengals don’t have a lot to choose from.

  28. Yeah…man always happens to overlook some people on these teams/Mt. Rushmores…forgot about Eddie Brown. He was pretty darn good.
    I think I like these because I get to see fans talk about the greats/legends etc for their teams and learned a lot more about certain players that I didn’t know much about, which to me makes this interesting as well.

  29. Anthony Munoz, Willie Anderson, Ken Anderson & Boomer Esiason

    I found it very challenging to put four players on the Bengals’ Mt Rushmore. So, I fell back on those players who received the most prestigious individual awards while wearing orange, black & white. Munoz was an All-Pro nine times and Willie got the honor three times. Ken and Boomer were named NFL MVP in 1981 and 1988, respectively.

  30. Easier to find 4 guys for the hall of shame. This team has one, yes that is right one, HOF player in its existence. Nuff said.

  31. Paul Brown – Founder/owner/NFL Hall of Fame

    Ken Anderson – MVP, 4 time passing champion, should be in NFL Hall of Fame

    Anthony Munoz – NFL Hall of Fame

    Bill Walsh – Assistant Coach/developed the West Coast Offense

    Others I considered
    James Brooks, Willie Anderson, Boomer Easison, Issac Curtis, Ken Riley, Cris Collinsworth, Eddie Brown, David Fulcher

  32. I’m an old-time Browns fan but was happy when someone finally listed: Forrest Gregg, Bob Trumpy, and Mike Reid….along with the better known.

    For those of you too old to remember or too young to not have seen him, DT Mike Reid was a monster on the field who also played concert piano.

  33. Is Paul Brown eligible or is it just players? You have to have Paul Brown on the Bengals Mt Rushmore.

    How about coaches? Sam Wyche should be on there.

    Anthony Munoz of course

    Ken Anderson



  34. I don’t know if coaches are allowed, but if so then

    Paul Brown
    Ken Anderson
    Anthony Munoz
    Issac Curtis
    Ken Riley

    If coaches aren’t allowed, then put Tim Krumrie in place of Brown.

    Also when I think of the Bengal greats over the year, I mostly think of the great & inventive OCs and DCs that came through over the years. Bill Walsh, Lindy Infante, Hank Bullough, Bruce Coslet, Dick LeBeau, Mike Zimmer.

  35. Paul Brown
    Kenny Anderson
    Boomer Esiason
    Anthony Munoz

    With some love for Isaac Curtis and Bob Trumpy.

    Collinsworth would not even be mentioned here if he weren’t on TV.

  36. Paul Brown – The Man who started it all and one of the greatest innovators of league history

    Anthony Munoz – The Best OT to ever play the game (Without Question).

    Ken Anderson – One of the more accurate QB’s the Bengals have had ever, oh yeah, the MVP thing and Super Bowl run was kind of cool as well.

    Ken Riley – One of the Better CB’s to ever play. Along with Anderson he is a border-line HOF’er.

  37. Mt Rushmore and should be Hall of Famers.
    Paul Brown
    Anthony Munoz
    Ken Anderson
    Isaac Curtis
    Ken Riley

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