Pete Carroll says Russell Wilson “a million miles ahead” of last year

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During the spring and summer of 2012, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was taking one-third of the first-team reps at Seahawks practices.

Things are very different this year. Tarvaris Jackson is in Buffalo, Matt Flynn is in Oakland and Wilson is the only man running with the starters during Seahawks workouts. That is going to mean a lot more snaps during practice and a high likelihood of improvement as Wilson spends more times at the controls of the team’s offense. According to coach Pete Carroll, that improvement is already readily apparent.

“He threw a couple of balls today, things that we talked about over the offseason that he’d like to take a shot at, and he did it today just to see what would happen with full awareness of why he was doing it,” Carroll said, via Eric Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune. “We were talking about trying to throw the deep ball last year over guys’ outside shoulder; we’re just a million miles ahead of where we were. He’s the kind of player that will affect other guys — he affects everyone around him — and hopefully that will help everyone play better and faster.”

Wilson agrees with his coach that he’s ahead of where he was last year, although he points out that the key is to keep improving. That’s an unknown at this point, obviously, but what we’ve seen from Wilson thus far makes it hard to bet against him.

37 responses to “Pete Carroll says Russell Wilson “a million miles ahead” of last year

  1. Code name for steroids, which Carroll seems to have bought in bulk.

    John Elway would never have his players take steroids to win their games. Mr. Elway is the greatest.

  2. Maybe that team is on Aderall like they claim but I bet it is performance enhancers a little stronger than Aderall. That whole team is awash in PEDs. Pete Carroll is starting to look like garbage after the he abandoned ship with the rats at USC and now has a team leading the way with PEDs in the NFL. Not jk.

  3. I’m glad he’s ahead, he might have to play both ways this season if they keep running out of defensive players.

  4. Of course he is…he’s had an entire year of Pete the cheats PED regimen, as opposed to only a couple months, as he had last year.

  5. Easily the best QB from last yea’s class, while the popularity contest went to RG3 and Luck.

    There is nothing on the field done better by Luck or RG3, than Wilson. He has proved it over the last 5 years.

    He’s just too damn short!!!

  6. Sounds like Pete may be on drugs too he’s evaluating his quarterback in an inapplicable measurement of progress

  7. I cringed when they drafted this kid, I’m no draft expert but he had “it” in college at NC State and Wisconsin, I too was apprehensive about his height but he has the heart to be great, especially behind that nasty OLine and physical running game.

  8. Some of these post are really funny. I feel bad for the Seahawks fans. As a Saints fan I had to endure the same sort of stuff all of last year. But, I do agree Russel Wilson should have won Rookie of the year. He QB the only team to win a playoff game last year.

  9. In the 2012 draft QBs were taken first, second and eighth overall and Wilson at 75th tied Payton Manning’s record for TD passes by a QB.

  10. Might be what Petey is putting in the water over there. I think that team needs tested weekly. Yes, the entire team. Everyone’s a little better with the ‘Adderall’ in them!

  11. Seems like the title of this article can also be applied to the game film that has Russell Wilson on it from last year.

  12. Adderall is used to mask steroids. That’s why you see so many players on it. It confuses the steroid blood test.

  13. “Some of these post are really funny. I feel bad for the Seahawks fans. As a Saints fan I had to endure the same sort of stuff all of last year. ”

    Yeah, it does get old. Esp when it’s the same joke repeated 50 times. But the news cycle will move on, and we’ll be able to talk football again. Higher profile means more potshots from the peanut gallery, nobody takes the time to care about a lousy team.

  14. Without the benefit of PEDs, look for a huge retraction from Wilson’s numbers this year. Definitely a guaranteed Soph slump.

  15. Pete is on PED. Fine him or suspended him like his 6 players are already and counting…..

  16. Boy you seahags’ fans sure are sensitive. I can laugh and joke about my team and their misfortunes–and trust me, I assure you the Buccaneers have had way more over the years then your franchise. Of course, I realize I just now made a mistake in feeding the trolls and haters. Lighten up–seriously, you might have a stroke or a heart attack sooner than expected if you take everything way too damn serious.

  17. Questioning RW integrity? Wow if he is on peds show me one NFL player who ain’t. Aholes.. can’t wait for Sept to shut these aholes up. Denver has players on peds too. Every team does. HGH, weed, pills this is the NFL. Drugs NFL same…

  18. You Seahawks haters are just pathetic! Russell Wilson is a straight shooter. Everything he’s got, he has worked hard to acquire. He is not going to suddenly turn into something he is not and he is an excellent passer who is getting better by the hour! You’re scared, I can appreciate that, but stop being such lying jerks!

  19. Jamarcus Russell Wilson and his band of losers will take the biggest step back in the NFL. SF isn’t going anywhere, the rams are on the rise, and the cardinals….well they’re comic relief. But don’t expect too much of last years magic

  20. Whole team gets caught hopped up on PED’s repeatedly…

    Blames everyone but the team, calls everyone haters for pointing out undisputed facts.

    -Seahawk fans circa 2010+

  21. As a Seahawks fan, all I can say is, “Bring it on!” Bring on all the sarcastic and mean-spirited comments because the actions of some of our players have created a situation where we deserve it. Bring it on.

    But remember two things: 1. Russell Wilson is a very talented, class act. 2. We will be the last team standing come February.

  22. ok, seriously now, if your gonna joke don’t repeat the last 50 comments, try to be creative, cuz we’re eating up all this hate like fried chicken, GO HAWKS!

  23. All the haters on here wish they had drafted RW.
    And now they’re all afraid of what he’ll do on the field.
    If all they can do is hate to amp themselves up,let em hate.
    September can’t come soon enough!

  24. Yes we’ve had a few run in with PEDs. But this is what happens when Carrol and John draft people with off the field issues. They have done an amazing job taking talented players that have known issues. This isn’t due to our organization encouraging this type of behavior, it’s simply drafting amazing talent that other teams wont. These things will pass and those talented players will be talked about for years. They will say what a steal the Hawks got drafting each and every one of them so late…

    But on the other hand, it’s funny reading all the trash talk. So many people are so scared of our amazing team. Hate on.

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