Practice snap counts back up even QB comp for Eagles


When Eagles coach Chip Kelly was trying to downplay the significance of offseason snap counts, he joked: “Someone charted them, I would imagine.”

That they have, and it’s obvious that Kelly’s trying to keep his quarterback job competitive for as long as possible.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Nick Foles took 21 snaps to Michael Vick’s 15 in seven-on-seven and team drills Monday.

That’s more than a sprinkling, and continues to point to the competitiveness of the situation.

While any quarterback would prefer most of the work to get ready for a season, there’s no reason for Kelly to make a decision now. He hasn’t been able to work with either of them long enough.

For the record, Matt Barkley apparently has the lead for the third-string job, with 21 snaps to five for Dennis Dixon and two for G.J. Kinne.

Now that that’s been documented, we can return the reporters covering the Eagles to their crucial other duty — documenting the songs on Kelly’s practice playlist.

19 responses to “Practice snap counts back up even QB comp for Eagles

  1. Yes, Darin, let others document the insignificance of Chip’s practice playlist while you and the boys at PFT spit out the good stuff… Like how an UDFA getting cut means turmoil in the Eagles front office.

  2. Umm….their may be some competition between one and two, but there is no competition for #3. If Kelly thought his #3 QB was already on the roster, there is no way he uses a #4 draft pick for a camp body.

    Barkley will be on the roster.

  3. And why shouldn’t Foles take a solid portion of the snaps with the 1’s??

    As history would indicate, it’s only a matter of time before Foles needs to step in to replace the injured Vick.. I mean how long do you seriously expect a 5’11 195lb QB to last in this option offense??

    I, for one, take comfort in the fact that Chip realizes he needs to get a better feel for his most important position.
    Give Foles/Vick a little more time to make some plays and this offense should turn some heads.

  4. I gotta admit – I don’t give a damn about the Eagles, but the incredibly confusing title sucked me in. Unfortunately, I exhausted nearly all of my early-morning brainpower trying to figure it out and am now unable to read the article.

  5. on another note. i threw 96 batting practice pitches at my sons little league practice yesterday. smh. what a story.

  6. This is the way it should be and I commend Coach Kelly for keeping his word.

    No one should just be handed the starting job. It must be earned.

    The media and Mike Vick sycophants want to anoint him the starter but media hype isn’t going to determine the starting QB of the Philadelphia Eagles.

  7. Honestly what is so confusing about the headline?

    “Practice Snap Counts Back Up Even QB Comp for Eagles”

    Meaning the practice count snaps that the QBs are taking backs up Chip Kelly’s claims of an even QB competition with no clear favorite.

    What is so difficult about comprehending that?

    SMH…at the sorry state of education in this country…

  8. Hey next time try this…”Practice snaps back up [an] even QB competition for Eagles.”

  9. What the headline should say is “Chip Kelly doing what he said he would… still.”

    The man said there would be competition at every position and there has been. That hasn’t changed since last week or the week before.

  10. Andy Reid thanks you for drafting Fole. This circus that chipper has created at the QB position is too fun to watch. Its like reading a good book that you can’t put down. crash egirls crash.

  11. @myeaglescantwin

    Chip Kelly does not, and did not run the option offense.

    I still don’t understand why people can’t grasp that…… He didn’t run it at Oregon, and he certainly didn’t draft Barkley to run it in the future in Philly.

    Just because a Qb runs a few times a game, doesn’t mean it’s a read option….. Was Philly running a read option in the McNabb era???? Nope, but he ran several times a game.

  12. So am I to understand that the Eagles have no need to be in a rush to determine their starting qb but the Cowboys must answer to you for not naming their play caller RIGHT NOW. Ok, got it. Makes no sense, but I’ve got it.

  13. apparently you didn’t watch or research anything Chip did at Oregon.
    His offense is labeled spread.
    he spreads the defenses out so the OL can get an initial read
    He splits out TE’s to mismatch on CB’s
    Then he runs the ball down throats..

    The read option is an option for the play according to what the defense represents.
    To think that Chip does not have big plans for Vick to run the ball you are screwy.
    To think that he doesn’t have an entirely different scheme for Foles is just the same.

  14. Nick Foles makes the other 3 look tiny.

    I would love to see him just give Foles the chance. 6’5″ and seemed pretty tough. Decent arm, and although not a running QB, he was far from a statue last season.

    Design an offense around the kid and I think he would do fairly well in the NFL. Probably not superstar, but fairly well I think.

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