Pro Bowl teams picked by captains “may happen” this year


In addition to discussing changes to the league’s offseason schedule on Tuesday in Boston, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also addressed the future of the Pro Bowl.

The game is set for 2014 in Hawaii and Goodell said that the league is still contemplating changes to the game to make it more entertaining for fans and players alike. Goodell did not address talk about making the Pro Bowl more like a “game show” in the future, but he did touch on another proposal that’s been bandied about in recent weeks.

Goodell said that the idea of having team captains pick two squads from the players voted into the game under the current process was one that “may happen” as soon as this season. He credited players for coming up with the idea of having a schoolyard-style draft to set the rosters for the game and indicated that a decision could come soon about the format that this year’s game will take.

There wasn’t much direct discussion of the future of the game overall, although Goodell did say that the league had interest from cities on the mainland about hosting the game in the future. That (and still-strong TV ratings) could serve as a suggestion that the Pro Bowl isn’t going away despite the many complaints about its quality.

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  1. How about the NFL starts thinking of other ideas to improve the game instead of waiting for others to spoonfeed them good ideas? Isn’t that supposed to be somebody’s job? Why did that person not come up with this idea and what ideas do they have that are so great that still are not in effect if any?

  2. this is dumb, first off your going to get a lot of friends being picked instead of best player, that’s what I would do, I am sure some people might take it seriously but not most. You can rely on the fans either 80% of them are just picking their team or big name guys like last year when Jeff Saturday was picked, no average fan knows centers he was just a big name guy who played his worst season. It should be a split between fans, coaches/GM, and sport writers.

  3. I propose an “NFL All-Star/Pro Bowl Celebrity Apprentice” TV series. I’d enjoy watching The Donald stare down, say, Vince young, only to tell him, “You Don’t Belong Here. You’re Fired.”

  4. Put the ball on the 50. Have the two captains run full speed at each other from the 30. The one that comes up with the ball gets to pick first.

    Good old XFL.

  5. Can you imagine watching the EGO’S of these guys when they get to the bottom of the picks ?

  6. Never mind the “game show” concept – goddell is turning the league into a “gay show” – it is becoming a caricature of what it used to be – and yes that is a bad thing – not a good thing for all of you progressionists.

  7. Its easy in hockey because theres only 6 players and a lot of them can interchange positions. What do you do in football? Go over each position and let the captains choose? too complicated and confusing, fail.

  8. Ya and you’re trying to TEACH kids how to be good sports?? Remember what happened to the kids we DIDN’T pick?? They were alienated, made fun of and some grew up to be…not model citizens we’ll just leave it at that..

  9. Its dumb, but if they are going to do it anyway, have an offensive captian and a defensive captian for ea side pick their teammates.

  10. I dont understand why they dont move it to the same venue as the superbowl, then have the pro bowl, have a skills competition, etc… and make a whole week of it prior to the superbowl. Then the winning city/stadium could get a week plus of revenue.

    What a great vacation, a week of football ending with the superbowl!

  11. Props the the NHL. You can’t say the NFL stole an idea from the NHL that often.

    Bettman got something right. (Took him long enough)

  12. The Pro Bowl is not interesting nor fun to watch. If we are expanding the game globally, lets sponsor leagues from other countries to play against our Pro Bowlers. Either one of two things would happen:
    1. The World players would kick our Pro Bowlers &sses because they will be trying harder.
    2. The Pro Bowlers would try not to get embarrassed and would have to play harder.

    Our Pro Bowlers would be a selection of 1st or 2nd year players with the option for veterans to opt in. The World team would comprise of foreign nationals and American players who were cut in preseason. This would bring the game to a global level and would require an investment.

  13. thirtyrackdash says: May 21, 2013 5:49 PM

    I wonder who Tom Brady will pick first?


    Wes Welker

  14. First pick: Jeff Saturday.

    Nobody has ever earned a pro bowl from the bench as well as he did.

  15. lakermetskins says:
    May 21, 2013 7:53 PM
    Let them play Madden against the fans. Although Demarco Murray would still get injured.
    True, and Griffin would blow another knee.

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