Rahim Moore says he’s had to ignore “bad comments” from fans


Broncos safety Rahim Moore says he’s doing his best to ignore the nasty comments from fans after he gave up the game-tying 70-yard touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter of Denver’s playoff loss to Baltimore.

I’ve had some bad comments, but I keep those to myself because it’s part of the territory,” Moore said. “Just from random people, anybody, you know? So, but I hear them, I just keep walking. Or I just keep them in the back of my head.”

Moore said he doesn’t blame fans who are angry with him.

“The fans, that’s what they’re supposed to do, that’s why they’re there for us, they pay all their money, their hard-earned money and they want to see greatness,” he said. “So, I don’t fault them at all. But this year, we’re going to do all we can to put some smiles on their faces.”

It’s one thing for Denver fans to boo Moore at the time he gave up the Joe Flacco-to-Jacoby Jones touchdown pass. But if fans are still making “bad comments” to Moore when they see him out and about in Denver, those fans need to get over it.

Still, all Moore can do is ignore anything fans say about that touchdown. And not let it happen again.

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  1. Denver fans should just let this go. It happens in sports all the time-whether it is Bill Buckner, Willie Shoemaker (took the sixteenth pole for the finish line and lost a triple crown race) and Lee Evans dropping a pass. Players are human. Over time things even out-look at the call Denver received when they played San Diego several years ago-it happens.

  2. “It could be worse, they could always mistake him for ex Bucs coach Raheem Morris”

    Like I just did when reading the title of the article…

  3. Flacco and Jacoby had nothing to do with this play either, right? All Moore. Get real…

  4. Damn him and that hail mary pass he let happen for a TTD. smh MMy 49eers should of been playing their bum team instead of those inspiring Ravens. grrrr.. lol

  5. Make sure no one talks about Manning being a coward and taking a knee w/ 2 TO’s and a minute on the clock. That is by far the biggest scaredy cat move I’ve ever seen…a sure fire 1st ballot HoF, multiple MVP, and super bowl MVP taking a knee?

  6. Crazy people can overlook what player this kid has become because of one play.

    Those people have absolutely no concept of sports, being an athlete and everything else in between.

    This kid is will be a Top 3 at his position in 2 years. BET ME!!!

  7. So a football player/athlete has finally got it. He is right…………..the fans “DO” pay his salary so they do have the right to be upset or be excited. Either way, the “fans” pay your salary, so be glad that there are fans or you would be out of a job.

  8. Good for him. Its good to see that he’s not letting the play linger. It happened, move on.

  9. yet, no one wants to blame manning for all those turnovers…geez, holliday spotted that guy 2 touchdowns and after all, they were the best football team in the league, and the ravens were lucky to be there..and…the ravens were old..and it was in mile high altitude… and manning>flacco…and…he choked again….bahahahaha…guess it was the officials fault..bahahahaha

  10. That game was not decided on one play. Baltimore scored six times. Any one of those scores could have been avoided if somebody else had stopped it.

    then there was Manning’s dumb pass at the start of the 2nd OT. Baltimore took over in FG territory.

    Then there’s random poor play selection on both sides of the ball throughout the game, and missed blocks and penalties and bad tackles.

    The point is there is well over 100 plays per game and mistakes are made on nearly everyone. No single play decides the outcome.

  11. Moore also said that he hears a lot of positive and encouraging comments from fans and random people. Actually, he said he hears more positive comments than negative ones. He said the only people that keep bringing it up is the media…

  12. Good point denverdave. It’s silly to pick one play for a loss. That played only TIED the game. Broncos had almost 20 min. to win. For those who want to pick one play, you should pick the int. in 2OT.

  13. its just karma… Lee Evens dropped a sure touchdown last year in the AFC Championship that would have sent the Ravens to the SB…now they get theirs a year later with this play.. its how the football gods wanted it..

  14. Yeah you sucked.. choked.. let your team & fans down. Get over it. It goes with the territory. You’ll just have to live with it that the only way you’ll ever restore yourself in the minds of fans is if you make a clutch play in a playoff run at a critical moment.

    Rise to another occassion & all will be forgiven.

  15. Everybody gets beat, everybody makes mistakes. Players in the NFL have a much higher exposure to their errors than a typical person. I applaud how Moore is handling the comments from fans who are still upset.

    I liked the pick when Denver took Moore and I like the progress I see from him each year. If he keeps working hard and his head on straight he’ll be an awesome safety for years to come.

  16. If he is getting the blame, then Manning should also get some of it when he threw that int in overtime. they could have still won the game if not for that Int.

  17. I’m going to say something–the dreaded Brett Farve reference. Here is why in the end, I think he is just as good as Manning and it is close either way–statistics etc etc.

    Farve–with two timeouts and a minute on the clock? Bet he doesn’t take a knee. Yes, he threw back-breaking picks all the time but he sure tried to will the team to victory each time he was on the field. I think I’d rather go down swinging and trying than not trying. So his interception would of happened in regulation instead of over-time, so what. At least he tried. Manning and Fox played that way too safe IMO.

    And as for everyone saying one play–sometimes yes, one play does decide the game. In this instance, however, I agree. This play just tied the game to force OT. It didn’t decide the game. Manning and Fox’s conservatism, and then the pick in OT is what sealed it. Holiday spotted them two touchdowns and their defense failed them when it mattered most–there were lots of plays to be made that didn’t get made. And thus, this is football. It is the way it goes. I do agree, media should let it go. It’s the beginning of a new season with OTAs happening now and time to think about the upcoming year; not the past.

  18. Most players are lucky if they get to play in 50 games for their whole career but all those plays in all those games are forgotten when you have a “defining moment”

  19. Typical Donkey fans…by far the most obnoxious and ignorant fanbase in the entire league.

  20. As a lifelong broncos fan this game absolutely killed me, i watched it with 2 of the most crass ravens fans you could ever imagine and it was just constant screaming in each others faces back and forth as both teams scored.

    I want to address the stupid people blaming Manning for the loss and I think I speak for the majority of Broncos fans when i say Manning is the best thing to happen to this ball club in years.

    Yes he had a shakey game but there was a TD pass to (decker i think) in that game that was an absolute thing of beauty. What he did for this team in the regular season was unreal and he absolutely pummeled the Ravens a couple weeks before the playoffs. After years of supporting Tim Tebows, Kyle Ortons and Jake Plummers we adore this QB.

    The reason I think Moore is taking so much criticism and believe me I gave my fair share of it is because as poor as the team was in that game, we still had the game won , Manning was off on the sideline, job done, next round here we come…….just one last tiny thing….ummm dont let the receiver behind you for a 70 yard bomb, thats all.

    It was the simplistic nature of the task he had at hand and what was at stake that made me so furious. What Moore did is surely the best example of “what not to do” in Safety 101

    I have forgiven Moore now but I will imagine part of the reason other fans havent is because not only did he lose us the game but for the whole off season we have had to listen to a bunch of decerebrates saying we should have kept Tebow cos he can win a playoff game. lol

  21. @doubleentandres- Spoken like at true fan. I don’t mean that as an insult. Coming from your perspective, I get it. But, just because you “adore” your QB, doesn’t mean he can do know wrong. You bring up “safety 101”. Let me bring up “QB 101”. “Don’t throw a weak pass across your body in the 2ndOT, on your opponents side of the field, to give up a game winning FG”. Remember, Moore’s blunder, which I’m sure you like to call it, only tied the game.

  22. Every fanbase has their uneducated overzealous and moronic group of fans who put entire fanbases, teams and/or cities in a bad light.

  23. C’mon son, comes with the territory, u got burnt make plays this year, in KC they cheered when Cassel got annihilated, , in SD not enough fans to do anything, and in Oakland we throw batteries …either make plays or play for the Chargers.

  24. jetsjetsjetsnow says: May 21, 2013 9:54 AM

    “Yeah you sucked.. choked.. let your team & fans down.”

    Moore gets it, unlike those dumb Bronco fans who can’t let anything go (see: Jay Cutler) and may still be giving Moore grief years from now, even if he does redeem himself in the meantime.

    Your comment makes you a hater, and the type of fan I despise sitting next to at a game…You fail to realize what others on here have pointed out, that Moore’s bad play did not cost Denver that game, there was a lot of blame to go around.

  25. nolliabed says:
    May 21, 2013 8:12 AM
    So a football player/athlete has finally got it. He is right…………..the fans “DO” pay his salary so they do have the right to be upset or be excited. Either way, the “fans” pay your salary, so be glad that there are fans or you would be out of a job.

    Your right. But, that doesn’t give any fan to say anything they want to do this man especially if what I think was being said happened. I’m sure you have a job. And, they may have been times you didn’t do your job great. The fact that you didn’t perform your job to the best of your ability doesn’t give one of your co-workers the right to get in your face. And, if they did get in your face you have to right to get them out of your face. Being a fan to give you a free ticket to act stupid. I watched that game last year and there’s a lot of blame that can go around for that loss

  26. Moore is a good young player, and is just entering his third year. He was the best safety on the field in that game. He just made a bad play. People are stupid.

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