Raiders, Chargers address needs before it’s too late

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On a day where NFL owners picked two Super Bowl sites and left one out in the cold, the Raiders and Chargers made moves to secure two of the better remaining free agents — moves that could help both clubs avoid getting caught short at positions of need.

The Raiders, who have done well to rework their secondary, brought back safety / cornerback Charles Woodson for another stint. He gives the Raiders a little more playmaking ability and experience on the back end of their defense.

The Chargers, meanwhile, finally added another veteran left tackle, signing Max Starks. Perhaps Starks ends up the starter, or maybe King Dunlap wins the job. The point is, the Chargers have more options now, and that’s not a bad thing.

The same can be said about the Raiders. At the beginning of April, their secondary was not in good shape. Since then, the Raiders have drafted cornerback D.J. Hayden in the first round and signed veteran cornerbacks Mike Jenkins and Tracy Porter. And now, Woodson strengthens their hand at safety.

With Woodson employed, ex-Cardinal Kerry Rhodes and ex-Ram Quintin Mikell are the two most accomplished safeties left on the market. Mikell, for the record, replaces Woodson on PFT’s All-Unemployed Team, which was updated Tuesday night.

Starks’ signing further thins the left tackle market, with ex-Eagle Demetress Bell taking his place on the All-Unemployed squad.

The Chargers had a need, and they made a reasonable attempt at filling it Tuesday. The same can be said for the Raiders.

As summer nears, this is getting tougher and tougher to do around the league.

21 responses to “Raiders, Chargers address needs before it’s too late

  1. Raiders also signed FS Usama Young the 6th rated FS FA available this off season and Reggie Smith from SF and converted Brandian Ross to FS. Now they have an all pro in Branch and Woodson a HOF in the Safety spots and DJ Hayden and Tracey Porter in the CBs. With Mike Jenkins backing them up. Wow, what a long way they have come. Reggie McKenzie is great!

  2. comming from a packerfan love chuck but father time has caught up with him, last yr wasnt much of a player anymore, sad. wish him luck tho.

  3. If the rookies contribute (sio moore,david bass,dj hayden,stacy mcgee) and the addition of vetrans like charles woodson,jason hunter,vance walker,pat sims,tracy porter,mike jenkins,burnett and usama young this could be a very scary defence.

  4. Apparently you haven’t been paying attention. THE RAIDERS HAVE ADDRESSES THE ENTIRE TEAM!

  5. In my opinion, this was a pretty significant signing for the Raiders. They desparately need some veteran leadership. They have enough young players, not enough experience. Woodson brings leadership, experience and he can still play. More importantly, he choose the Raiders over the Broncos. Denver fans can rationalize all they want about low ball offers and not really wanting him, but all we’ve heard from Bronco players over the past few days (Manning, Moore, Baily) is how much they wanted Woodson to joining their team. So Woodson and Cribbs are two players that had options in free agency and decided to sign with the Raiders. Hopefully other free agents will think about listening to what Reggie has to offer. Hey, the past 10 years haven’t been kind to us Raider fans so let us enjoy the moment.

  6. Fact of the matter is RADIERS dont have a QB ! Or WR’s
    They sign bumbs like a back up nickel corner jenkins and a corner who is known for 1-YEAR DEALS FOR A REASON.then they draft a CB who wasnt on draft boards until a week before the draft. They only drafted him because mayock said to ! Thats crazy . Be ready to have the #1 pick this year because your going 0-16 …


  7. chargerssbchamp49 says:
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

    are you saying the chargers will be champs in 2049? until then you should use the name chargersbchumps

  8. Raiders need to relocate to Tijuana. Every year fans say they will be amazing and be so much better than the last couple decades. But fact of the matter is that they keep getting worse.

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