Ray Rice’s home burglarized

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Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was the victim of a burglary this weekend as his Maryland home was broken into and several things were taken from the residence.

According the Associated Press, Rice had $2,000 and a pair of guns stolen from his home Friday night. Rice was out-of-town but a friend was staying at the house and notified police of the incident. Police say the burglar entered through a rear window and ransacked Rice’s home.

Surveillance video caught the burglar on tape.

Apparently even winning a Super Bowl just four months ago isn’t enough to earn Rice a reprieve from being a crime victim. At least he wasn’t home when the robbery happened.

37 responses to “Ray Rice’s home burglarized

  1. That low life burglar is lucky Ray Rice wasn’t home when it happened.

  2. Maybe if Rice was home, he could have used one of those guns and taken the scumbag off the count. One less low-life in this world to prey upon decent folks.

  3. If he would have been home, the burglary wouldn’t have happened.
    At least it wouldn’t have been successful.
    Armed citizens make poor targets.

  4. A tip for detectives…….start your investigation with pinpointing the whereabouts of Titus Young and/or Cliff Harris when the robbery occurred.

  5. As a ravens fan I can say that Ray Rice is an upstanding citizen citizen and he’s the last person that I think would fall victim to this, let alone wish on. Hopefully the guns were registered and it will all get sorted out. Glad it didn’t turn out like Sean Taylor rip

  6. Apparently Ray Lewis has found something to do with his free time.

  7. It was probably someone from the 49ers organization breaking in to try and steal some tricks on how to win a super bowl. If it was, hopefully they stole some tricks on how to have class too.

  8. In other news, Titus Young was arrested again…this time in Maryland. He was found with $2000 cash and two guns that were not registered to him.

  9. There have been reports Ray Lewis was in the area at the time the robberies took place. Police have reported the man in the video looks like Ray Lewis also.
    Only a Baltimore person would steal from one of their star players. Disgusting team and fans. And so the collapse begins

  10. Why does he feel the need to own guns? Baltimore has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire country.

  11. The best that burglar could do was grab $2000 worth of stuff and a couple of guns? That doesn’t sound worth getting caught on tape to me. Let this be a lesson to you kids.

  12. Ray-for God’s sake I hoped you had trigger locks on those weapons. Next time put them in a safe or safe place when you go out. Unfortunately they are now on the street.

  13. How surprising is it that a criminal would steal a law abiding citizens guns just a few days after the state passes draconian gun control laws?

  14. If the guns were properly stored in a safe, the guns wouldn’t have been stolen. Now we have 2 guns that are going to be channeled through the streets and probably used in other crimes. Thanks Ray. Maybe now you’ll learn to be a responsible gun owner. And we wonder why our politicians try to take our 2nd amendment rights away.

  15. Damned shame. Some people are just no damned good. I hope they catch this guy and give him a nice long time to think about it. Get a job and stop stealing from others.

  16. Rice’s so called friend staying at his house was probably in on the burglary. Likely done by jealous fans of the Redskins!

  17. “At least he wasn’t home when the robbery happened.”-It was a burglary not a robbery, there is a difference, use some journalistic professionalism.

  18. mclovinib | May 21, 2013, 8:43 AM EDT
    was most likely a crack head stealer fan…those guys

    Nah…you know we can’t drive that far. Not surprised as it is near Baltimore…. Ray should know better than living in that hell hole….sorry Ray.

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