Ross says Dolphins stadium can’t get done with his money alone

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Dolphins owner Stephen Ross says the only way Miami will get the stadium it needs to host another Super Bowl is if taxpayers foot some of the bill.

Speaking on NFL Network shortly after the league’s other owners decided not to award an upcoming Super Bowl to Miami, Ross said he can’t pay all the costs of renovating the stadium on his own.

“It has to be a public-private partnership,” Ross said. “I think the percentage that I’m going to put up is probably more than anybody else has ever put up, and I’m willing to do that, but I think we’re going to have to work together.”

Ross noted that South Florida is a great Super Bowl host, but the league simply won’t put another game there if the stadium doesn’t get taxpayer financed renovations. He said that everyone in South Florida who wants another Super Bowl will need to go back to the drawing board to see how they can figure out a way to get public financing.

“We have to sit and think how we can really get the support for it,” Ross said.

Until the Dolphins get that stadium support, Miami won’t get a Super Bowl.

58 responses to “Ross says Dolphins stadium can’t get done with his money alone

  1. Then move. If Miami doees not want you move. If the NFL is not going to help you like they just helped Atlanta, then move without their OK.

  2. That’s the same thing the NFL did to New Orleans. No Super Bowl unless the taxpayers paid for renovations and made Tom Benson a Billionaire with a new lease.
    “thanks” to Hurricane Katrina, the Superdome was basically rebuilt and renovated by the generosity of the American taxpayers. Thanks Guys! Electrical still needs an update…..

  3. And by public-private partnership he means the public pays for it while in private he and his rich buds laugh at the stupidity of the average taxpayer.

  4. I mean yea the tax payers should pay for this… I mean yea my taxes have gone up…and yes so has gas and every tax in the state of Florida…to renew a drivers license double …and court fees double. I’d rather pay more then have to have a billionaire shell out money. Maybe do what Jerry Jones did or Robert Kraft….or how about you sell more of the team to celebrities cause obviously that’s how other teams win.

  5. IDEA: Petition the NFL heads to allow a superbowl in Miami.

    If for that week… you have a ‘stadium tax’ on everything/anything purchased in the Miami Area that week plus the proceeds of the Superbowl – will go toward the new stadium costs.

  6. ‘Ross said he can’t pay all the costs of renovating the stadium on his own.’

    What’s he worth…$4 billion? Ummm, yeah he can.

  7. See, this is good we’re negotiating…….

    Here’s my counter proposal: Ross was willing to pick up 70% of the costs for the most recent plan that blew up in his face (just like every other thing he’s tried to do since he bought the Dolphins). So, why not take that 70% and build a plan that renovates his death trap to whatever that amount of money buys? Few less gold toilet seats here, a few less jars of caviar there and boom, I think we have us a nice little fixer-upper plan.

    Done and done. See that ol’ boy, solved your problems for you.

  8. You’re a billionaire. You own the team and the stadium. If you don’t have the money yourself, borrow against the team and stadium. If it’s such a great idea, any bank should be willing to make that loan.

  9. he thinks the percentage is more than anybody else has had to put up??
    WHAT ABOUT JERRY WORLD??? I believe Mr. Jones funded the entire stadium.
    So is Mr. Ross going to poneyup more than 100%???

  10. what about all the celebrities that have ownership stakes in the team – the Williams sisters, Gloria Estefan, Jimmy Buffet, J.Lo – can’t they chip in or is the collective piggy bank too lean?

  11. Funny thing with Ross is he recently stated that when he passes away someday he plans on leaving the majority of his wealth to charity. He has the money… just has it earmarked for what he feels is a better cause than what he owns.

  12. That’s a flat-out lie. Yet some people still believe him. Move the team then. Just leave us the name and team history, minus the years you owned it.

  13. Tell you what, Mr. Ross. Before we chip in to host a Super Bowl, how about we play in one first?

  14. The days of publicly funded stadiums are quickly coming to an end. The average American is sick of watching billionaires continue to grab for more money, refuse to pay their taxes, and refuse to pay their employees a decent living wage – while the majority of Americans struggle to pay all their bills, pay their full taxes, put their kids through school and still find a way to buy their own stuff.

    The days of rich sports owners screwing the public are over. Because we average taxpaying voting citizens know you sure as hell aren’t going to pay for part of our ticket to the game and those $12 beers.

  15. “It has to be a public-private partnership,”

    Translates to “Unless the public willingly accepts the huge and barbed pole I’m going to shove up their collective rear ends and gives me hundreds of millions of dollars for nothing, I’m going to be really upset”.

  16. Hey Ross, you lose a lot of leverage over a city when you own the stadium. It not like you can move the franchise and sell a stadium that has no sports team.

  17. ‘Ross said he can’t pay all the costs of renovating the stadium on his own.’

    Does he think we’re stupid!? He’s planning to donate half of his $4.4 billion fortune to charity, per Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun Sentinel on 5/7/13. If he wants to “inspire deeper engagement in philanthropy and increase charitable giving globally”, as Omar writes, why doesn’t he start with his own neighborhood? I mean, the whole idea is that the stadium will be good for the struggling south Florida businesses, right? Charity.

  18. Ironically, the super-rich who are so indignant about “entitlements” for the poor and middle class feel absolutely entitled to public money, themselves. And is it any wonder why? It’s just the same old trickle-down, too-big-to-fail nonsense, which is basically this: “Uhh, you people need me! You NEED me! I’m so brilliant and such a genius and such a contributor to society that all you little people couldn’t survive without me, so, uh, you’d better just be quiet and give me everything I want because, if you don’t, well, I’ll pick up my ball and go home, and then you’ll all be screwed.”

    Give me a break. We don’t need the super-rich. When we’ve given them what they wanted, we’ve gotten only pennies back anyway. Tell them to shove it.

  19. Detroit’s stadium was funded 100% with private money, So unless Ross is putting up 100%, the percentage he puts up will be less than at least one other team put up for their stadium.

  20. I believe the banks funded the entire stadium. Jerry and company just took the loan out. Just imagine if there was not a season. I am pretty sure Jerry would have been worrying about his loan payment. I wonder what the payment on that is something like $30 million a year.


    im a cheap billionaire who wants a new stadium but i dont want to shell out all my money that i could use 5 times over to make 5 stadium. SO im going to ask the normal citizens who already shell out hundreds per person per ticket who doesnt have 1/10th of the money i have to pay for something i want.

    gotcha ross!

  22. Dolphins Nation says: May 21, 2013 4:10 PM

    Yawn….we do not need a SuperBowl to have a party here in South FLA. Enjoy the cold weather SB’s, are hotel rooms are 90% filled in Jan/ Feb anyway.

    Stop acting like FL is so great. It’s where old people go to die and poor people go to get good weather. Here in San Diego….. Now that’s where the beautiful girls and perfect weather exists.

  23. Stop acting like FL is so great. It’s where old people go to die and poor people go to get good weather. Here in San Diego….. Now that’s where the beautiful girls and perfect weather exists.
    san Diego..bwahahaha! Home of the gays and Jason Collins lol

  24. Wait a minute, can anyone tell me how all that money is going to impact a regular guy pocket? I would like my Dolphins to have a nice stadium. A new one if possible! Why the other teams can have it and we don’t?

    …and please, if you are not a Dolphin fan or living in South Florida, stop commenting!!! This has nothing to do with you.

  25. Just the facts folks…

    Cleveland Browns (1999)
    Stadium cost: $290 million
    Percentage of public funding: 74.7%

    Pittsburgh Steelers (2001)
    Stadium cost: $357.5 million
    Percentage of public funding:78.7%

    Denver Broncos (2001)
    Cost: $365 million
    Percentage of public financing : 68.4%

    Houston Texans (2002)
    Cost: $424 million
    Percentage of public financing: 73%

    Philadelphia Eagles (2003)
    Cost: $474 million
    Percentage of public financing: 40%

    Arizona Cardinals (2007)
    Cost: $455 million
    Percentage of public financing: 67.7%

    Indianapolis Colts
    Cost: $720 million
    Percentage of public financing: 86%

    Dallas Cowboys (2009)
    Stadium cost: $1.2 billion
    Percentage of public financing: 28

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1998)
    Stadium cost: $168.5million
    Percentage of public funding: 100%

  26. Apparently you haven’t been paying too close attention to every single NFL stadium in the NFL. They have ALL been financed at some degree by the cities they occupy. The city understands the monetary risk as the revenue generated by venues at said stadium are far greater in returns. Having the taxpayers contribute to a percentage of investment is how EVERY SINGLE thing gets built in every city. The whole point is to create wealth in a city. If the owners solely built the stadium on their own dime, the city would only get tax revenues and nothing more. The cities negotiate returns based on their investment. In essence, the city of Arlington in Texas financed a large portion of the stadium and are reaping the returns exponentially. Learn what you are talking about and understand local commerce before you spout off your rhetoric about those FAT CATS you despise so much. You have to spend money to make money or does that cliche allude your intellect?

  27. I’am tired of hearing ignorant people say, “Let the business pay for its own facilities.”
    First, it is common practice for governments to entice/reward businesses to locate/stay located in their jurisdiction with tax incentives and building of infrastructure. It happens everyday everywhere. It is part of the government/business partnership. Since government benefits from business taxes and local revenue taxes from business, it only seems logical for government to kick in some of the costs.
    Second and most important, NFL teams only use the stadium 10 to 13 times a year. The rest of the days the stadium is open for other public uses. Why should a team pay all the costs when others benefit? When the NFL first started, they only located in towns that already had a college stadium or baseball park. Now that the NFL is mature and crowds are too big for the local college stadium or minor league park, NFL teams need larger stadiums. That does not relieve the public from paying for part of the cost.

  28. Pay for your own upgrades Mr. Ross.

    We the people are tapped out, broke & busted.

    The NFL’s Piggy Bank of the Public is officially closed.

  29. I think that if NFL owners cannot or will not pay for their own stadiums, then they should stay in the stadium they are in, or just sell the team.

    These guys make money hand over fist every single year, and can show a path to pay off their loan.

    Seat licenses and public funds should not have to be used. If they are used, then the profits made on those events should be used to pay back the public funds that were used.

    If Steven Ross can pay for 70%, then he can pay for 100%

    If he can’t pay for 100% and reap all of the profits, then he should sell to someone who can.

    End of Story.

  30. dangernearing says:
    May 21, 2013 4:23 PM
    Florida is nothing more than a vacationing spot. Move the team to LA.

    It’s tools like you that enable the owners to play the taxpayers on one city against another. Screw you. NO EXISTING TEAM IS MOVING TO LA.

    You’ve already blown your chance chump. You’ll be lucky to get an expansion team someday.

  31. I agree with you dolphinsrules…Lets have us a new stadium with a dome and the whole nine yards.

    Mr. Braman, if you hate taxpayer putting the money, then associate with Mr. Ross and pay the other half…or are you a Dolphins hater?

    Don’t tell me that in South Florida more than $400 billion are moving weekly in business/government transactions!

  32. Pst of you simpletons beating your chests don’t understand. The NFL will not allow Mr. Ross to pay 100% of the renovation or to build a new stadium. He is will to pay most if the cost at 70%. It’s not his rule, its the NFL’s.

  33. .


    ”just the facts ”

    Your facts did not include Gillette Stadium in New England. Bob Kraft built it on his own.


  34. That’s okay. We’ll have a fantastic time in the Bay Area and Houston/Austin.

    Florida is go for four things: Palm Beach, South Beach, Spring Training and The Milf Hunter.

    The Dolphins, Tampa Bay Rays Fans (400 of them) can try again later.

  35. ““It has to be a public-private partnership,” Ross said. ”

    It IS a public-private partnership. It’s a partnership between your back account and your ticket buyers.

    ““We have to sit and think how we can really get the support for it,” Ross said.”

    Good luck. You might be better off opening a lemonade stand.

  36. .


    ”just the facts ”

    Your facts did not include Gillette Stadium in New England. Bob Kraft built it on his own.

    Joe Robbie built the Dolphins stadium. Kraft built that stadium before the new rules went into effect. He couldn’t do it today the NFL will not allow it.

  37. MIAMI is already getting screwed by the baseball stadium that nobody goes building a new stadium for the dolphins and wanting tax payers to pay for it is out of the question.

  38. Miami needs to be able to stop furloughing their employees first. Find a way to keep them from having to contribute 5% of their salaries on top of their above average medical insurance rates for basic coverage.

    Lets fix our house first before we fix Ross’

  39. What’s with the Cali jealousy of Florida? Try San Diego weather in June. Enjoy 10% state income taxes and the illegal immigrants.

  40. Palm Beach County – $300,000,000 +
    Stephen Ross – $350,000,000 +
    Minute Maid – $350,000,000 = $1 billion for the
    Brand New “Minute Maid (or Coca-Cola) Orange Bowl Stadium” in Palm Beach County.

    -Just dreaming here.-

  41. Is Ross willing to shell out enough for a saxophone and a tin cup?

    He can earn the money he needs the old fashioned way. Anyone dumb enough to give a billionaire their money for this project can pay him directly in cold, hard cash.

    Every decision this guy has made since he bought the team has been a catastrophic failure or total embarrassment. Couldn’t be happier to see this creep and his henchmen fail.

  42. The team will not leave Florida. They will either move to Palm Beach county and a new stadium, or find a way to get the renovations done.

    Personally, I hope they do move to Palm Beach. Its a better location, more money in the area, and it will pull more fans that have moved out of Miami to get away from the traffic, and crime.

    And to sweeten the pot a little better, It will infringe on the Tampa Bay Bucks coverage area. This will affect that senator from Tampa that stopped the city from voting in Tallahassee. In my opinion, he should have not been allowed to rule over the referendum being that he represents another football town that is in direct competition for Super bowls in Florida.

  43. dolphinsrule65….thank you for bringing FACTS to the table. Some posters here refuse to let facts get in the way of a good argument. To the one who suggested that Jerry Jones paid for Cowboys stadium:

    2004: In April, the Cowboys announce plans to build a $650 million stadium at Fair Park in Dallas. The deal requires $425 million in public financing from a 3 percent hotel-occupancy tax and a 6 percent car-rental tax. The deal falls apart in June when Dallas County commissioners say they cannot justify asking voters to approve the team’s request for $425 million in public funding. In July, the Cowboys and Arlington announce they are negotiating to locate the stadium near Rangers Ballpark in Arlington (then Ameriquest Field). In August, the Arlington City Council agrees unanimously to put before voters a tax increase that would fund the city’s $325 million portion of the project. Voters approve the tax increase on November 2.

  44. I would like to see Super Bowl to be played t the home stadium of either the NFC or AFC champion with the best record. This rewards the fans who buy the season tickets, the overpriced food and the Jerseys. These cold weather Super Bowls and the stadium blackmail proves that there are no rational arguements for not following this format.

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