Seahawks likely were fined more than $60,000 for 2012 suspensions


Lost in the question of whether the Seahawks face fines for future player suspensions is the reality that, based on the policy created by the NFL in 2008, they likely paid more than $60,000 for suspensions that happened in 2012.

The NFL has declined comment on the question of whether and to what extent the Seahawks have been fined for past suspensions, explaining that this information isn’t disclosed for any team.  But the league office has confirmed that the formula developed in 2008 still applies, and it’s public knowledge that three Seahawks were suspended during the 2012 season:  offensive lineman Allen Barbre, safety Winston Guy, and cornerback Brandon Browner.

Barbre came first, suspended the first four games of the season under the performance-enhancing drugs policy.  He was cut after the suspension ended in October.

Under the league’s policy, the Seahawks faced fines for the second suspension (Guy) and the third (Browner).  Based on their salaries for 2012, Guy lost $97,500 in salary during his four-week suspension.  The policy converts 25 percent of that into a fine, which equates to $24,375.

Next up was Browner, who served a four-game suspension and forfeited $109,411 in base salary.  Since Browner’s suspension was the third of the year, one third of his lost salary became a fine.  That’s $36,470.

The total of the two fines is $60,845.

This year, the Seahawks will be fined if there’s another suspension under the substance-abuse policy, the policy regarding steroids and related substances, or the personal-conduct policy, given that defensive end Bruce Irvin already will miss the first four games of the year after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

It’s unclear whether fines will make teams more careful about acquiring players who carry the red flag of a possible violations.  Former Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli said on Tuesday’s PFT Live that the league has discussed the possibility of stripping draft picks as an alternative to fines.

That could be the best way to handle the situation.  Team’s view fines as a cost of doing business; losing draft picks impacts competitive interests, and thus are more likely to get the franchise’s attention.

53 responses to “Seahawks likely were fined more than $60,000 for 2012 suspensions

  1. Pioli is correct. Draft picks and/or the ability to sign free agents is the only way to get a team’s attention.

  2. If the NFL really wanted to send a message they would make the fines more than what the team would have owed the players if they weren’t suspended.

  3. Make a rule similar to the NCAA….if you get caught cheating, you receive a postseason ban. The league has to make the punishment hurt, or it won’t matter.

  4. I’m a Seahawks fan and find this ridiculous. They don’t pay the player and then send a portion of those savings to the NFL as a fine. So, they make money by this process. Tell me how this is a deterrent to teams?

  5. Hammer the players and the teams harder. Discipline is not that hard. Seriously, how hard is it to not cheat or break the law with egregious violations? Force the teams and players to discipline themselves with penalties that are actually deterrents.

  6. We’ve been getting off easy. Now the spotlight is glaring on us to the point we’re getting tan

  7. The Seahawks are lucky they’re not in the same division as John Mara. He would have taken away four of their home games.

  8. I can certainly see taking away draft picks if proof can be shown that the team had anything whatsoever to do with the violation, but if a player decides to take it upon himself to take the PEDs then how can you hold the team accountable?

  9. $60K. Yeah, you really showed the Seahawks, Goodell. That will really make Cheaty Petey want to obey the rules.

  10. Cap restrictions and draft picks for what? The poor decision making skills of a couple players?

    Unless the issue can be tied to the coaches and management, I don’t see how that would be fair…

  11. The fines are negligible compared to the loss of draft picks. It is the only way to get a team’s attention and would also lead to increased pressure on the players to stay clean.

  12. this just proves that cheating in Seattle has payed.

    miniscule cost associated with their culture of corruption and their faux championship aspirations.

    You trippin Bro? On adderall! Damn Straight.
    At least half the team sucka!!!!

    ************Seadderal Seahags****************

  13. There’s a way to win Super Bowls and dominate the NFL with class. It’s the Redskin’s way. There’s a way to be a second rate team that goes nowhere and has no class. That’s what the Seahawks, Cowboys, Giants, Ravens and lots of other teams do.

  14. This article is arguing that the Seahawks management and coaching staff knew, or participated in, the players taking PEDs. That’s a strong accusation. Do you have any evidence of that?

    I don’t believe the Seahawks ownership, management or coaching in any way encouraged or allowed the use of PEDs by the players. Is that what you are implying?

  15. What?!! Pete Carroll’s player involved in shady conduct?!! Thats just crazy talk! (See RBush, et al).

  16. Logicalvoicesays its the redskins that dominate the nfl.

    Redskins haven’t won a playoff game in 8 years. The other 3 teams in the nfc east have.

    Last 2 Times redskins made the playoffs they were beat by Seattle. Try googling to get your facts.

    3 players in Washington failed multiple drug tests and were suspended last year.
    No one is hailing to the redtails loser

  17. That fine on a NFL team is like telling a NFL player he is fined $500. They do not care. This is the NFL’s way of saying we did something about it but we do not care what you say we are not going to punish them hard. The NFL for a long time has been a joke. The sad thing is they know it and we like it to much to make them change.

  18. I wonder what the NFL would do if the fans decided to revolt and say hey we are not going to pay the money that you charge for your monoply. I know it would never happen but could you imagine their faces.

  19. logicailvoicesays says: May 21, 2013 3:53 PM

    “There’s a way to win Super Bowls and dominate the NFL with class. It’s the Redskin’s way”

    DUDE, wake up, it’s not the 80’s anymore!!


  20. $60K. Wow. They’ll have to sell hot dogs and beer for nearly 2 hours to make all that back. Justice has been served. With a side order of fries and a Seahawks logo napkin.

  21. i love all the pete carroll hate. you clowns are just mad hes not your coach. If you think they did anything at USC that every other college doesnt do then you are quite ignorant

  22. Yup, teams should forfeit draft picks for repeated offenses…they should also have to release ALL information as to why players are being suspended.

  23. If ross puts up the money then he should keep the profits… Superbowls bring in millions if not billions of revenue…. Lets be honest the marlins screwed us not ross

  24. I have a problem with PTF’s count. Barbre was a FA signing who didn’t make it past pre-season of the same year. If he was taking PED’s, it wasn’t on the Seattle team.

    That makes a total of 4 “real” Seattle players – tied with a couple other teams. Sherman isn’t 6, as his case was overturned.

  25. Pete left USC with while is was still burning and now he picked back up.

    Oh Pete,,,,,,,,,,you like all that chaos from multiple tv’s, radio, computer on in your office to turn down the voices in your head that are telling you to stop cheating.

    Seattle = House of Cards

  26. Seahawks 6 players suspended in the last 2 years.
    Redskins 7 suspended in the last 2 years. Not sure why the Redskins didn’t get this much attention. Though I am glad they didn’t in a way. So I could laugh at the clown that wrote “There’s a way to win Super Bowls and dominate the NFL with class. It’s the Redskin’s way.”

  27. @seatownballers. What had your EMPTY TROPHY CASE TEAM WON AT ALL.???? NOTHING.!!!! So before you go flapping your mouth off at least try to win one. REDSKINS HAVE 3. LAST I CHECKED 3 IS GREATER THAN ZERO. That’s what the seachickens have. ZERO.!!!!!! LOSER.

  28. Yawn….Paul Allen is really hurting right now. I love how all these posts bring all the trolls. Just give you more excuses when Seattle takes your teams lunch money. Looking forward to the season starting so we can start blowing teams out just like the end of last year.

  29. Lol
    Since when did the all redskins fans become hateful of the Seahawks?
    Larrydavid is hating on Seattle because we crippled his bust of a qb. Gotta love these fools comparing the 2 teams. Yup, Washington won 3 superbowls. The internet wasn’t even invented till after your last victory. Were you you even alive then? Or likely you wore acid wash jeans and had a mullet.The skins are 81 years old. Seahawks are 36 years old.we’ll catch Stop being bitter for being knocked out of playoffs.

  30. I don’t believe for a minute that the Seahawk staff and or management was involved in or aware of what the players were taking. However, it is slowly becoming painfully clear that Pete Carroll doesn’t have the control of the team he should. His style is very relaxed and puts a lot on the player to be responsible, but we are dealing with young adults here. If the team doesn’t find a way of holding these players responsible, then it is just going to keep happening. As much as I love the hard hitting aggressive attitude Pete has brought to the Seahawks, the current issues are really taking some of the luster off.

    In Bruce Irvin’s case, this has really surprised me. The guy was practically picked up off the street by a youth counselor who befriended him, and the guy came with him to Seattle to try to help him stay on track. I was very impressed with their story, but maybe this one doesn’t have a happy ending. Bruce has enough baggage that he won’t get too many chances, but his statement about the suspension and drug use was, at least, a positive step. He didn’t blame anyone but himself.

  31. How is the coach responsible for the conduct of a player away from the teams facility? That’s idiotic and yeah, the actual count is 4 because Sherman’s test was mixed with Browners.

  32. @larrydavid7000

    You mad bro?

    Was your life a lot better in ’91 when the redtails won the Super Bowl? Ha Ha Ha.


  33. Paul Allen is supposedly worth $15 billion dollars.

    So that makes this “punishment” 0.000004 of his salary.

    A comparison: If you made $35,000 a year this would be the equivalent, to you, of $.14.

    Glad to see the league is taking this seriously!

  34. sounds like the McCarthy hearings of the 1950’s….all innuendo’s. There is no proven connection between the athlete’s actions and seahawk staff.

  35. Seahawk fans stop trying to blame this on individuals. If you had 1 or 2 people caught, that could be attributed to individuals. But this is literally the 6th person to have tested positive. This is a systemic failure of the front office to hold the coaching staffs accountable. Nobody is surprised Pete isn’t holding anyone accountable. This is a organizational problem, not just an individual problem. Your sympathetic, excuse driven, apologist fans are the enablers. At some point Goodell will go bountygate on you and then you’ll be the same ones whining how unfair it is. You can stop complaining about people calling you cheats… when you stop cheating!

  36. I can see both sides of this.

    In the case of the Seahawks, I think the whole team shout be tested monthly for a season. Let’s see how things go with the fans when a season is destroyed because of this issue.

    But, in many cases, I don’t believe the team should be held accountable. While they can put programs in place, the CBA limits teams from taking proper measures. It’s not like they can decide to cut players on the drop of a dime.

    I also don’t think fines are the way to go…with players or team. Players should be suspended without pay of course, but longer suspensions would be better, because that way it could possibly cost them a career.

    Teams should only be punished if it can be proven that they did not take steps to prevent these things. And when they are punished, make it cap money. The Skins and Cowboys didn’t like it much.

  37. Isn’t it amazing. One of the biggest cheaters in NCAA history arrives in the NFL and immediately the team starts receiving suspensions for cheating. Any correlation.

  38. How tough can it be to reduce the salary cap by the fine amount? Every fine affects your ability to sign players. Past a certain number of players, the cap hit doubles. And doubles again.

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