Seahawks waive Josh Portis after DUI arrest


In the NFL, if you’re going to screw up, you better have value.

Bruce Irvin apparently does, but Josh Portis apparently does not.

According to Eric Williams of the Tacoma News-Tribune, the Seahawks have waived Portis, shortly after his DUI arrest came to light.

Cutting a third-string quarterback should have zero tangible impact on the Seahawks’ chances this year, or any year.

That makes him a convenient example to make, to give other players the appearance of taking such things seriously — for a team which leads the league in PED suspensions since 2010, and still employs all but one of the suspended.

43 responses to “Seahawks waive Josh Portis after DUI arrest

  1. If you’re really concerned enough to set an example for the rest of the players,waive one of your starters next time one of them screws up. Not somebody like this poor stiff.

  2. What the Seahawks did was no different then what any other team would have done. I believe that is highlighted in the first paragraph.

  3. The difference between Portis and others is that Portis was already on a short leash due to other screw-ups that led to him getting cut last year.

    This has nothing to do with setting an example. This is about cutting bait.

  4. While EVERY team is willing to “make a point” with lesser players, comparing a DUI to a suspension for adderall are two vastly different things.

    DUI, you could kill yourself, others, etc. Adderall…yes, you’ll meet a suspension from the NFL, but thats it.

  5. Never even heard of this guy but I’m sure Lynch, Chancellor, Irvin, Sherman, etc are shaking in their boots.

  6. Love it, Jimmy Johnson school of coaching. Different rules based on contributions to team, and that’s the key to success! How many Superbowls does Dallas win without Michael Irvin? Or the Giants without LT? Note that the Jets and Idzik are looking at bringing over Tim Ruskell to help with personnel. Good luck with that, he won’t touch any player with even a marginal background issue and so then you end up with a team full of Tebows (nice enough guys, but can’t play!).

  7. they probably just had a big meeting about not having negative attention the day before that’s why he got the cut

  8. Why are some of these folks posting on here so naive. I am not a Seahawk as you can tell from my handle. What the Seahawks did is happening all across the country in small and large companies.

    Employers are willing to let some transgression slide as long as the value you bring to the company out-weighs the transgression.

    Bruce Ervin is not a starter, but a situational pass rusher who had a great rookie season and Josh Portis is a player who will never see the field. enough said.

  9. Yeah, scrubs get the door … but this is a systemic issue. Dirty dirty dirty …

  10. seatownballers says:May 21, 2013 2:12 PM

    Losing a 480k a year job over a dui is not a joking matter


    Ain’t that the truth. Wow. Dude made the costliest of mistakes. As a fringe player you CANNOT mess up big. He was already between 50 and 90 before the DUI, and that is not good. There is always Canada.

  11. Portis CAN’T stay out of trouble…..time to clean house again Pete, good job!

  12. To me what is significant about this is not just that he is a “fringe” player, but he is a quarterback. A quarterback, even if he is on the fringe, is supposed to be someone with a lot better judgement and self discipline. A DUI from a practice squad player is easier to take than from even a 3rd string QB.

  13. I am a Seahawk fan, and even I think this move is incredibly bias. How can other “valuable” team members do the same, or worse, and not get released as well?

    This article bring a good point to mind. What’s the message – “You better be good before you make a mistake”?

    Overall this seems crazy unfair.

  14. This dude had a few problems. A dui is dumb on his behalf… One of the biggest problems he faced was politics.

  15. I may be wrong here but I believe under the CBA a player can’t be cut for a failed PED test. In the agreement the suspension is the punishment stated in the CBA. That doesn’t apply to DUIs or other criminal acts.

    Can PFT answer that?

  16. dino2997 says:
    May 21, 2013 1:52 PM
    What the Seahawks did was no different then what any other team would have done. I believe that is highlighted in the first paragraph.

    Okay and your point is???

    It isn’t right for any team to do this!!! Every player should have the same tolerance.

  17. Jprcox,

    Why is that unfair? Do you think every member of every team (or every employee of every company) is exactly equal?

    Some people bring more value based on what they do, and theyre treated as such. Thats very capitalistic, actually. If you think Aaron Rodgers (or Brady, Manning, etc.) would get cut for a minor (right at the legal limit, no indicents) DUI, just like some minor no name packer, you’re high.

  18. He wasn’t going to make the team, anyway. This DUI just gave them an easy way to cut him. The writing was on the wall that Portis was on his way out when they drafted Johnson. So, please stop saying this is unfair. DUI or not, it was going to happen.

  19. So let’s see, the team cuts a 3rd-string QB that couldn’t even make the roster last season.

    How does that have anything to do with cutting a first round draft pick from one year ago? Irvin is a starter. You don’t cut starting first round draft picks, especially when it violates the CBA.

  20. Yeah, we’re tough on cheaters/drunks in Seattle! We won’t tolerate that kind of behavior from our Seahawks! Well, at least the fringe 3rd string QB. Sincerely, Pete the Cheat.

  21. No matter what anyone think of this move by the Seahawks, Portis just isn’t an NFL QB. He was gone sooner or later. Now it’s just sooner…

  22. Wonder what his cousin is thinking about this?
    (Clinton Portis)
    I for one thought he was getting favored treatment
    because of it.

    Seen this guy since HS…..just don’t get it. So many other QB’s throw a better ball.
    So many chances…….whatever.

  23. Would have more respect for Seahawks brass if they let go of Irvin instead of some no namer. Well lets see if the next guy in trouble will be released too…

  24. I’m a MD alum, and paid fairly close attention to his college career. I’m surprised he lasted this long or even made a practice squad. It would be better IMO to be cut based on on-field performance, but he’s pretty much reached his potential.

  25. I am baffled why they would not go with another run and gunner Vince Young. So he has carnal knowledge of Ms. Fischer… That’s between Jeff and Vince.

    Just keep him away from Mrs. Carroll.

  26. It’s a business first and its goal is to make money. You dont make money getting rid of your top dogs. If it becomes habitual then they cut ties as most teams will pass on repeat offenders thereby not boosting another team based on moral compass. This is nothing new and would not be a story if Seattle was a bottom dwelling team.

  27. I KNEW Pete Carroll would eventually show his influence on this team. Look for more of the same in the future.

    Seattle has as much talent as anyone in the NFL, but, they have no character, discipline, and leadership. Look at the teams that win super bowls (Giants, Patriots, Ravens, Steelers, Packers, soon to be 49ers). Seattle won’t compete because they lack a respected leader.

    Sorry Seahawk Fan.

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