Still no clarity on Cowboys play-calling front


On the off chance the Cowboys have any idea who’s calling plays this year, or how they’ll be called, they’re not in the mood to talk about.

For some reason, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett still won’t say who is taking over the responsibility that by all appearances was snatched away from him by owner Jerry Jones this offseason.

“I think we have a pretty good plan, and we’ll execute it as the offseason progresses,” Garrett said, via Calvin Watkins of

No reason to be in a rush fellas, it’s only May.

The usual suspect is offensive line coach/coordinator Bill Callahan, but he ducked for cover when asked about what ought to be a fairly conventional process Tuesday.

“Whatever coach wants me to do, whatever role he wants me to fill, I’m more than happy to do that,” Callahan said. “We’re working through a lot of things right now. . . .

“When that play goes in, they’re all types of options that we build into the play itself. They can be checks with me, they can be packaged with another run, run-to-run, pass-to-pass. A lot of that [goes] on when the play goes in. You have to, from the people that I’ve spoken with around the NFL. There’s a lot of teams that use that mechanism, use that procedure. That’s one way of doing it.”

That points to the added influence quarterback Tony Romo will have. But no one knows whether to think quarterbacks coach Wade Wilson might have a hand in it, or another coach, or Jones himself.

But the latest simple thing-made-complicated can’t possibly help the Cowboys on the field.

15 responses to “Still no clarity on Cowboys play-calling front

  1. Or, they could just have Callahan call the plays like he did in the OTAs and let people that can’t interpret that continue to write articles.

  2. If they win, it was Jerry and Stevie calling the plays. If they lose, it was Jason, Bill, and Wade.

    There’s your clarity.

  3. I’m sure all the nags heading for the glue factory think they are Seabiscuit too. Anything to save your a**, Tony. Fact is, when presented with opportunity to shine, you turtle up and lose. It’s called reality…in a few years when you are doing cheap infomercials, you’ll think 8-8 was the peak of your life… And it will be buddy, it will be.

  4. The unwillingness to admit who will call plays is obviously idiotic, but the fact that they can’t come up with a uniform response to the question for the media is even worse. Some of the most poorly run companies on the planet still manage to send a consistent message to the public. The GM should really be on top of presenting a unified front, but he’s too busy listening to himself speak.

  5. Not so sure what the big deal is. Just because you as writers or us as fans don’t know doesn’t mean the players and coaches don’t know. I don’t see why it’s any of our business who’s calling the plays we aren’t the gm the owner or anyone else

  6. After Jimmy Johnson left Jones ran the Cowboys into the ground. He hired Bill Parcells and vowled to change his ways. After some success Bill left and it’s back to a circus act with Jones again calling the shots. The man is a fool and a joke and no high quality strong willed coach will work for him because he undermines everybody.

  7. I’ll clarify the process for you. Callahan sends the play to Jerry Jones. If he approves it, it is sent to Garrett. Garrett then decides if he is going to send the play to Romo, or if he is vetoing. If he vetoes, it goes back to Callahan to start over. If he agrees, it is called to Romo. Romo then gets to decide if he wants to run that play or draw something up in the dirt. Once Romo makes the call in the huddle, if it is a passing play: Dez Bryant runs whatever route he feels like, the O-Line may or may not block, Romo will scramble for his life and hurl up a prayer. If it is a running play, the back will go off tackle for a minimum gain and an injury.

  8. #coachjerrycallstheplays

    coach jerry buys the groceries

    coach jerry decides what to cook

    coach jerry will not be stopped this year.

    coach jerry greatest gm/coach/showman/salesman alive.

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