Suddenly, Chargers give us plenty to talk about

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Even before the Chargers added long-time Steelers left tackle Max Starks on Tuesday, San Diego’s NFL team had been giving us plenty to talk about after a humdrum offseason.

So we talked about some of it on PFT Live, with Kevin Acee of U-T San Diego.

Acee explains the issues arising from the team’s unusual decision to shield rookie linebacker Manti Te’o from the media, which are unrelated to the question of whether anyone truly wants to continue to ask Te’o about his fake dead girlfriend.  (We don’t, Acee doesn’t, and we don’t know of anyone who does.)

Acee also addresses the impact of linebacker Dwight Freeney, the status of quarterback Philip Rivers, and whatever else came up during however long we spent talking to Acee.

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8 responses to “Suddenly, Chargers give us plenty to talk about

  1. I believe your comment after the draft pertaining to the Chargers was, Meh, Meh. Not that impressed. Telesco is just getting started.

  2. They still have a QB who throws tantrums like a 5 year old, an injury prone RB and not much to speak of at WR. The D may have improved (assuming Teo is better than his combine/Bama beat down, and the vets don’t show their age) but that offense still has the ability to be anemic. They’ll finish 3rd behind Denver and KC. And we’ll all laugh while gochargersgo whines and talks trash about teams better than his…

    4th & 29. Teo couldn’t have caught Rice either!

  3. The analysts (and I use that term loosely) on Pro Football Talk today all choose the Chargers to be under 7.5 wins. I guarantee you they win 10 games. Guarantee. Norv bring gone is worth 2 more wins alone plus Denario Alexander will get a whole training camp to gel, Vincent Brown is back from injury & they have added a legit left tackle along with Dwight Freeney to rush the passer. McCoy will have these guys ready week in & week out. Something Norv did not do.

  4. Looks like the makings of a solid second place finish in the AFC West-if they can get ahead of the Chefs!

  5. Just cause you guys at NBC Sports talk say you wouldnt ask Téo about his gf, doesnt mean main stream media wouldnt. Look what they did w Tebow. I cant wait for you guys to emphasize your stance again shortly…

  6. Raiders and Chiefs propose no threat to clinching the division. Broncos are the Chargers only task. It will be interesting to see what happens. Chargers are looking better than they have in years. Yes Rivers is still here, but the O-line was the problem(hopefully isn’t anymore).

  7. HUHHHHH…… Chiefs and radiers fans always have something to say … FACT IS WE SWEPT THE RADIERS 2-0 AGAIN . Chiefs WE SWEPT THEM 2-0 . Denver is our only comp.
    We WILL make playoffs. Our team is very good . I dobt get why 0-16 chiefs are even talking?? Or the 2-14 radiers im confused. But i will admit IF chiefs and radiers KEEP gettibg the #1 and #2 pick in every draft within the next 20 years they MAY have a chance to win 5 games .

    Chargers will go 12-4

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