Some team execs not thrilled about delayed draft


Commissioner Roger Goodell says the NFL needs to move the draft from late April to May because of potential scheduling conflict at Radio City Music Hall, where the draft has been held every year since 2006.

According to Don Banks of, multiple team execs are opposed to the move.

“You’d be hard-pressed to find any football-side person in the league in favor of it,” an unnamed AFC G.M. told Banks.  “Unless you consider having more time for draft preparation a benefit, more time for paralysis by analysis, there’s nothing to like. I’ve tried to think of one [positive], but I haven’t yet.”

One unnamed NFC executive doesn’t buy the excuse for the move.

“The league coming out and saying this is because of the Easter Bunny and the [Radio City Spring Spectacular] is almost embarrassing,” the unnamed executive told Banks.  “This is the NFL.  You think we couldn’t get those dates or make something work if we really wanted to?  This is about moving the draft into May for [TV network] sweeps month.  I’d rather somebody be honest and come out and just admit that it’s about ratings and TV issues.  But I get it.  I suppose we all should be thankful in that everybody in the league benefits financially when the league has success from a TV perspective.”

The root of the consternation comes from the stubborn resistance to change demonstrated by coaches and football executives.

“We’re all creatures of habit in this league, and we like things the way they are,” the unnamed NFC club executive told Banks.  “Anything new is not going to be popular.  We already have too much time to do draft analysis as is, and now maybe we’re going to have another three weeks of it?  Next week we actually start working on next year’s draft, but if the draft isn’t held until mid-May, that work doesn’t even begin until June.  And then it’s only late June or early July when things finally slow down.”

An unnamed NFL executive knows the fight is coming.

“The football ops people will raise hell,” the unnamed NFL exec said.  “There are bunch of issues in play here, so don’t think that it’s done.  Coaches and front office executives aren’t going to like not having their hands on their new players for another two or three weeks.

“They’ll say, ‘Hey, we need to get our hands on them and we need to coach them.’ So this could wind up having an effect on some integrity of the game issues, and we need to listen to that. There’s a lot of ground to cover on this and there’s a long way to go.  This isn’t over at all.”

Still, it’s clear the NFL wants to nudge the draft into May.  Next year, it will happen; the only question is whether the draft starts on May 8 or May 15.  After the draft moves to May and the pro football world continues to spin, it’ll be easier for the league office to sell the teams on change moving forward.

Or, if need be, to force change upon them.

48 responses to “Some team execs not thrilled about delayed draft

  1. Here’s a thought: Expand the season to 32 weeks and hold the draft after Week 16, when teams will be looking for replacements for tired and injured players.

    Or 2 drafts, one at Week 12 and one after Week 24.

    Think of the revenue!

    No! No! THREE drafts! All in Prime time! The first a couple weeks before Week 1 (when the team with the worst record after the 8 week preseason picks first), and then in the other 2 drafts order will be determined by current record.

  2. I’m not thrilled either.

    All this crap does is give insecure media cronies the narcissism to say “there is no off season” when there is.

    There’s an off season because no one is playing a game!

  3. Recent history: in 2011 the draft was held April 28-30. In 2006 it was April 29-30, and in 2007 it was April 28-29.

    Going back to the late ’70s and early ’80s, there were drafts May 3-4 (1977), May 2-3 (1978), May 3-4 (1979), and May 1-2 (1984).

    If it ends up being May 8-10, is it REALLY that big of a deal?

  4. The new NFL Inc: revenue generation and “product enhancement” > the game of football.

    Then again, the Super Bowl has been like this for years. Becoming a victim of their own success.

  5. I don’t see anything about a contractual obligation to keep it at Radio City. Why not just change the venue to keep the calendar the same?

  6. I actually mean this seriously:

    What about a good old fashioned grass roots boycott from watching the first day, the first round of the draft. This is unbelievably stupid moving the draft back even further. If anything it should be held in March.

    If everyone reading this is annoyed enough, especially because this is not simply about the draft but about the greater direction the NFL and it’s priorities seem to be going, why don’t we all just sit out the first round. You’ll hear your choice on radio or internet blogs or whereever in real time anyay.

    Think about it, what exactly are you missing?

    A guy on a phone. The guy gets up. Bro-hugs all around. The guy stands there and takes a picture. Inane questions follow the guy. Rinse and repeat for 6 hours.

    Do you really NEED to visually observe it?

    You’ll find out in real time plenty of other ways, and more importantly send a message to the league: enough of the money grubbing already.

  7. I don’t exactly get the impression this league is struggling with money so it just seems like this is unnecessary. The source who made a comment about the rookies missing out on 3 weeks of practice is absolutely right.

  8. how can the rich be so greedy. they dont care about the game they just care about money. i bet none of these new player safety rules would have come to pass had it not been for lawsuits. they dont care about player safety they just dont want to get sued. now you take 3 weeks from a team to coach their rookies. thats not helping the game at all. the all star game is more proof. either get more people to watch or we cancel it. really? its not competition problems they just dont wanna pay for the trip to hawaii the hotel stay and the game check. greed so much greed.

  9. It’s ridiculous they even have sweep weeks at this point. There are much more accurate ways to measure viewership than an arbitrary week–which is skewed by networks airing Big Event episodes of all their shows anyway.

    It’s a shell game wherein the people manipulating the shells…are fooling themselves.

  10. This sucks. I want the draft when i’m stuck indoors with bad weather in PA. I guess i’ll end up missing some of it now.

  11. Goodell’s Bucket List Before He’s Gets His Golden Parachute:

    Piss off players. Check.
    Piss off fans. Check.
    Piss off coaches and execs. Check.

    Next up: Piss off owners.

    He gets a golden parachute and everyone else gets a golden [——]

  12. This also helps veterans. It makes them a more attractive commodity because teams will now have one less month to get rookies acclimated.

  13. Integrity of the game? Since when has The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person ever cared about that? Or even known what it is?

    The Great Roger Goodell Himself Live And In Person clearly views the league as a platform for selling sh** and making money, not as a competitive sport, in much the same manner as The Troll, David Stern.

  14. So to recap, the coaches of your NFL teams want to get started with their new players as quickly as possible in order to win.

    Goodell wants to maximize TV ratings and revenues in order to be greedy.

  15. I don’t get why Goodell keeps feeling the need to tinker with something that works. It’s bad enough that the draft is spread over 3 days and I have to go to work on Friday with a hangover.

  16. whitecastleisafoodgroup says:
    May 21, 2013 10:59 PM
    Goodell’s Bucket List Before He’s Gets His Golden Parachute:

    Piss off players. Check.
    Piss off fans. Check.
    Piss off coaches and execs. Check.

    Next up: Piss off owners.

    He gets a golden parachute and everyone else gets a golden [——]


    Actually the golden parachute ultimately comes from the owners, for whom Roger is trying to secure as much cash as possible

    You nailed the rest of it

  17. As usual, Goodall lies as easily as he breaths. There are dozens of places they could secure to do the draft on the same day. Goodall insults all of our intelligence by saying such stupid $hit.

  18. I’m with johnnyoclock. We have computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. We can all quit watching and not miss a thing by checking in on other devices. Grassroots boycott of NFL draft sounds like a great idea.

  19. I don’t think this is completely about the draft … this may be a ploy to stretch-out the Combine. don’t laugh … no matter what they do, the draft won’t be more than a three-day event. now, the Combine — I wouldn’t be surprised if the league creates a reality mini-series, built around the incoming rookie class. this would require some extra time — delaying the draft makes this possible.

  20. take a few more weeks away, not like it matters, they hardly “practice” as is. Practice is now a joke. no more 2 a days? pshhh

    This is pretty pathetic, and I usually defend the nfl on their decisions, but this is ridiculous

    nfl n just reported how there are easter celebrations or something. yeah, im sure radio city music hall said “sorry NFL, we have easter this particular year, and in future years as well”


  21. What do you do when you have a very succesful product? Expand, Some ideas.

    -2 expansion teams ( LA and San Antonio)
    -Expand roster to 70 players (60 actives)
    -4 preseason games starting in July
    -18 week schedule with 2 byes
    – 4 more playoff teams
    -Superbowl late January (like it was before)
    -Free agency starting two weeks after the superbowl
    – Scouting combine early March
    – Draft early April one week before the Masters.
    -OTA early May

    This way it would feel like the season never ends imho.

  22. Goodell works for the owners. Why do people continue to think that he’s alone in some room concocting up these crazy schemes and running around doing whatever he wants with total autonomy?

    If the draft is being moved to May, you can bet your ass it’s because the owners want it moved to May to make a few more shekels.

    For the money he makes, he’ll take bullets left and right for those guys, look like a lying schmuck and laugh all the way to the bank. He truly has one of the best jobs in the world.

  23. If it’s ONLY about the venue schedule and execs/coaches are saying there’s more than enough time.. why not move it EARLIER??

    Gasp.. because it’s NOT about the venue, it’s about money. Just be honest NFL.. really.

  24. “Slim Charles says: May 21, 2013 11:14 PM

    I don’t get why Goodell keeps feeling the need to tinker with something that works. It’s bad enough that the draft is spread over 3 days and I have to go to work on Friday with a hangover.”

    Quite honestly I get the need to change. It’s called evolution. Those that don’t evolve and change with the flow of events risk doom of stagnation and irrelevance. Just be honest about the reasons.

    Look at all those businesses that stubbornly cling to their model because it worked for the last 100 years… many wither and die. (Blockbuster, Radioshack, Kmart, Borders, Sun-Times/Newspapers, on and on and on…)

  25. The more the NFL tinkers with what has made them successful, the greater the chance they are going to lose long time fans such as myself. The move to a three-day draft sucks and, for me, has taken the best weekend of the year and turned it into a blah event. I used to get together with a couple of good buddies & we’d make a weekend out of the thing and would always have a blast doing it. It was a fricking great time & we’d look forward to it every year. Now that they changed it, it is just another TV event that I may or may not watch. Move the draft back even further & you will have fans so sick of conjecture about who is going where that a lot more fans will just tune it all out. Quit trying to outsmart yourself, NFL. It will fail in the long run.

  26. I really only care about the 1st rd pick and I don’t watch the draft after that. I just wait for the text alerts to tell me who we drafted. I must say however that I’m not in favor of this change. The offseason is long enough as it is. Making fans suffer an additional 2-3 weeks is stupid and only feeds into the narrative that the owners only care about money not about the fans.

  27. President college records coverup

    Fast and Furious lies and coverup

    Benghazi lies and coverup

    IRS lies and coverup

    Roger Goodell lies

  28. May is the time most Universities hold graduation ceremonies. The new schedule will force many student-athletes to choose between participating in their college festivities and being on call (or even on location) for the draft.

    Keep it how it is. And if Radio City Music Hall isn’t available, book another venue. There are plenty of options for an event with strong national interest.

  29. Im sure moving the draft to a nicer weather month will help the ratings. I for one would rather watch round 6, then say…go for a hike

  30. snaponrules says:
    I wish they would move it around from city to city.
    Get so sick of hearing the new york slobs booing everything.


    I agree. Let other cities host the draft besides New York.

  31. Will the delay push football activities back far enough where more players will be able to participate immediately due to their graduation date?

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