Tony Romo: We were 8-8, but I’m not an 8-8 quarterback

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Tony Romo’s first coach with the Cowboys, Bill Parcells, liked to say that you are what your record says you are. But Romo doesn’t exactly see it that way.

Romo told reporters today that despite the Cowboys’ .500 record, he doesn’t view himself as average, or his team as average.

We were 8-8 the last couple of years, that doesn’t sit well with me,” Romo said, via “I don’t think I’m an 8-8 quarterback. I don’t think this organization is comfortable being 8-8. We’re going to do everything we can as coaches, players and in this building to change that. I’m going to do everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen again. That just sits there and eats at you. We make choices to do everything that we can to change that. That’s the approach you take in an offseason. Really every offseason, but it’s there, staring us in the face right now. We’re going to exhaust everything to make sure this football team gets better to take the next step.”

Romo said he believes the Cowboys are improving.

“Now it’s obviously been some good times and some times that we’ve had some rough spots, obviously,” Romo said. “In a lot of ways I know that this team is continuing to get better, and using those experiences to be better, and it’s going to be good.”

And 8-8 is not good.

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  1. He is actually correct. His record as a starting QB in the NFL is 55 – 38 which means he is definitely not a .500 quarterback. Yes, they have been 8 – 8 the last two years, but overall he is not a .500 QB.

  2. Mr. Romo is correct. He is not an 8-8 QB. He is NOT an “elite” QB either…..Do the math….16 games-8 losses =8 wins. Sounds like 8 & 8 to me!

  3. He’s more of a 3-2 quarterback, for the number of touchdowns versus shocking interceptions he typically throws during big games.

  4. “You are what your record says you are” I believe Parcells was the one who stated this? I can’t remember but that is all I have to say. Romo may not be an 8-8 qb for his career or in the future but for the past few seasons, he is what the record says he is.

  5. Don’t worry wil Tony, soon the NFL will be just like the rest of America and you’ll get a participation trophy. In the meantime, just keep pretending you’re more than an average QB. Am sure you could get the ACLU or myabe some PC sports writer to tell you how good you are – in spite of the facts.

  6. Wow!!!
    Can’t believe so many have bought into giving the QB a personal W-L record in The Ultimate Team Sport.
    Vince Young: 31-19.
    Tim Tebow: 7-4.
    C’mon, people.
    Quarterbacks are not pitchers. Pitchers play defense. Quarterbacks play offense. Pitchers have the opportunity to record every out of every inning.
    Meanwhile, quarterbacks play one of the three phases of a football team. They are in charge of distributing the football to various other offensive players. Where would Joe Montana be without Dwight Clark?
    Realistically, only a bad QB can possibly figure into a game’s final outcome all by himself: via a killer pick 6.
    Tony Romo’s numbers over the years have been outstanding. He’s not an 8-8 quarterback. But the Cowboys are most definitely an 8-8 TEAM.

  7. Be honest with yourself when I ask this question: Do you honestly believe that Tony Romo is a SuperBowl-caliber quarterback?

    I don’t even think there are many Dallas fans that sincerely believe Romo will be hoisting a Lombardi trophy at some point. The best Dallas and their fans can hope for this season is to have slight success through the regular season and get bounced from the playoffs early….THAT’S IT.

    Not much to look forward to for the cowgirls.

  8. Let me be (at least) the third to say it:

    You are what your record says you are.

    Stupid thing for Romo to say.

  9. Way to be a leader and throw your team under the bus. You show your true colors with statements like this.

  10. Last year everyone laughed at Flacco’s comments. No one would’ve ever said he was a Super Bowl caliber QB. I think Romo will have the last laugh this year.

  11. As an earlier commented mentioned, 55-38 in 93 starts – Okay so a 9-7 QB

    Too bad the Cowboys aren’t an AFC team, 9-7 practically guarantees you a wildcard spot these days in the AFC

    Whereas in the NFC, 9-7 is one win short of 10-6, which is still not enough for the playoffs and it gets your coach fired

  12. 2-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning is laughing his butt off at Ringless Romo. Romo will NEVER be a winner/champion like Eli.

  13. Well, if in Romo’s mind he’s not an 8-8 QB, it should be 100% clear to everybody: He’s obviously a 4-20 QB.

  14. I’m sorry, but this is a horrible thing to say if you’re Tony Romo. I agree, he’s a good quarterback (not worth was he was paid), but he’s pretty much saying that he’s good, while his supporting cast is terrible. Your team went 8-8, therefore you’re an 8-8 quarterback, own up to it, don’t make excuses or throw your teammates under the bus.

  15. Mr. Wright 212 says: May 21, 2013 7:06 PM

    He just makes this way too easy. I’ll leave the jokes to the countless others who will be commenting.
    Point and case of why this place is a cesspool.

  16. If what you say has merit, Tony, why are you at the same place, as 5-7 years ago, with the team? Every year is the same result.

  17. bobzilla1001 says:
    May 21, 2013 7:38 PM
    Can’t believe so many have bought into giving the QB a personal W-L record in The Ultimate Team Sport.


    Sorry, bobzilla1001, but this is not a new or recent thing about putting the W-L record on the quarterback. The comparison to baseball is kind of lame but the QB, like the pitcher, handles the ball on every offensive play. Even you say football is a TEAM sport. Baseball accomplishments are mostly individual. How would YOU quantify a QB if not based on his record as a starter? I can’t help but think that your whiny response is simply because you are a biased Cowboy fan. Besides, Romo’s overall record is quite positive.

  18. he is who we thought he was now if you wanna…..(DENNIS GREEN- that never gets old)

  19. stop the excuses promo what else do you need to be successful? you have 2 great wide receivers and great tight end and a good running game

  20. He is speaking from a mindset standpoint, not refuting the history of the past two seasons.

  21. All I got out of that was he beleives they need to improve and not beleive that at 8-8, you are a good team. The guy wants him and his team to improve, I am pretty sure the Cowboys fans want that as well. Would you be happy with a guy who was satisfied at 8-8?

  22. Favre himself said, a little while back, that the QB most like he was is Romo. And it’s true, two guys who could put up some pretty sweet numbers overall, but just boneheaded enough to make pivotal plays to diminish the team’s ability to win. But for some reason the “blaming everybody else” factor doesn’t work as well for Romo as it did for Favre. Which is a good thing because it keeps the whole thing “real” for Romo versus Favre who turned water into wine for so many people, people who let him get away with all sorts of asinine behavior for half a decade because he “saved franchises” et al. Romo gets the recognition when he plays great, and he also gets the recognition when he tries to “make a play” and falls on his face.

  23. where in that statement did romo throw his teammates under the bus? I am a giant fan and don’t understand the hate. he will never win anything with jerry and his puppets running the show. why parcells ran away from them. 21 teams would trade for him in a second. football is a team sport … qbs get to much credit and blame.

  24. mackcarrington:
    Obviously you are new to the world’s greatest TEAM sport.
    A quarterback’s only responsibilities are to get his offense into end zones as frequently as time allows and to protect the football.
    Quarterbacks should be judged on their number of TD passes to interception ratio. They should be judged on their respective scoring offense’s ranking. They are in charge of executing the OFFENSE in an efficient, effective and productive manner.
    Records, meanwhile, belong to entire teams and their head coaches.
    I’ve seen far too many games decided by defense, special teams and bad coaching to think even for a second that QBs are deserving either of all the credit or all the blame.

  25. That’s fine if you think you’re betten than 8-8, can you just go out and prove it this season. Getting harder over time to defend my favorite team.

  26. No real fans care about your record or your statistics, all they know is that you’ve led the team to exactly nowhere despite being surrounded by plenty of talent.

    Outplayed by a rookie.

  27. Seriously folks, what do you expect him to say? I know it’s fun to bash on Romo, but he’s a competitor and he said the “right” thing here. I’m sure no starting NFL QB is going to say that he is average or below average.

    That being said, back to all of the predictable jokes now. They are funny after all:-)

  28. @bobzilla1001: You are right that QB’s don’t deserve all the credit or blame. But at the same time you seem to want to minimize the QB’s input or influence. As you said, bad defense, bad special teams, bad coaching can be the reason for a loss. So can bad quarterbacking. And I may have been watching football a lot longer than you may know 🙂

  29. At first glance I thought Romo was indeed throwing his teammates under the proverbial bus, but upon re-reading his comments, I no longer think that is the case…He is simply stating that the team needs to improve, starting with himself.

  30. Why dont people or the media bash on others qb’s? Oh yeah because we are America’s Team and all eyes are on the Cowboys! Feels good to be a fan of the best NFL team! I see lots of haters in here… lol! Go Cowboys! and Romo is the man!

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