Woodson’s deal has base value of only $1.8 million

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When agent Carl Poston told ESPN’s Josina Anderson that cornerback Charles Woodson’s contract with the Raiders had a “max” value of $4.3 million, I had a feeling the base value would be far lower than that.

And it is.

Poston now tells Anderson that the deal has a base value of $1.8 million.

Incentives make up the $2.5 million balance, and it’s unclear unknown what Woodson has to do to earn any, some, or all of that amount.

Incentives are tied to individual or team performance, from playing time to wins to playoffs appearances to qualifying for the AFC title game if Woodson were to hit Tom Brady like Woodson did a dozen years ago, since the Tuck Rule finally has been scuttled.

19 responses to “Woodson’s deal has base value of only $1.8 million

  1. Very funny Florio…I would love to be able to hit you on an imaginary play also.

  2. All of a sudden the Raiders have a very solid Secondary.

    DJ Hayden
    Charles Woodson (or Mike Jenkins)
    Tracy Porter
    Joselio Hanson

    Mike Jenkins (or Charles Woodson)

    Tyvon Branch

  3. For Woodson’s sake I hope its a individual performance and not team performance. Cause he wouldn’t make a penny more than base if it was the latter. It’s too bad he couldn’t end his career with a contender like he had wished. Instead he rejoins the team he never went over .500 with. Beggars can’t be choosers I guess. For both Woodson and the Raiders.

  4. That call robbed the Raiders of a dynasty and gifted one to the patriots all in one swoop.

    Worst call in the history of professional sports.

  5. I would love to meet you Mr. commit2ex…just so I could pound some sense into you. You are truly an idiot and a moron…exactly like your lover, spellingcops.

  6. stupid woodson. shouldve taken a paycut to stay with the Packers. I guess it is a good way to end your career on a losing team, oops on your first team I meant.

  7. “Instead he rejoins the team he never went over .500 with. ”

    Seriously? Are you in junior high? The reference to the “tuck rule” in the article you didn’t read was in a playoff game. And for whatever it’s worth, he happened to play in a Super Bowl with the Raiders. He had two .500 records, and 3 winning records. Glad I could catch you up on what you think you know.

  8. He never went over .500 with the Raiders? WHAT AN IDIOT. He was part of our back to back to back afc west champions baby!!

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