Alex Smith prefers to focus on wins not stats


Last year, then-49ers quarterback Alex Smith caused a stir by pointing out that stats don’t supersede wins.  While that concept isn’t controversial standing alone, Smith’s decision to point to the Panthers and quarterback Cam Newton gave it a little extra edge.

This year, Smith at least can say he’s consistent.

On Wednesday, the new Chiefs quarterback was asked about receiver Dwayne Bowe’s recent boast that he’ll lead the NFL in receiving.

“I’m not worried about that,” Smith said, via quotes distributed by the team.  “I’m really trying to lead the team in wins.  It would be great, but that’s such a long way off.  I’m not thinking about that to be honest.  Not at all.  Jacksonville is the date we’re all looking at.  It’s all we care about.  We have a lot of practices to get ready, and we need a lot of practices to get ready for that game.  We have to play a lot of catch up.  We don’t have the luxury of having been together for years and been in the same system.  We’re playing catch up right now.  We have to make up a lot of ground.”

It’s the right attitude, and the proper urgency.  Every NFL season is a separate entity, and the Chiefs are trying with a new coach, new G.M. and new quarterback to turn the page on a 2-14 season.  Many assume they’ll improve; what we know for now is that, if the choice comes down to improving statistically or via victories, Smith will take the latter.

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  1. he is the leader KC thought they might have had in cassel. the truth is, cassel is a mediocre QB, but smith although considered a little bit above mediocre, knows how to lead a football team. cassel was almost robotic at times.

  2. Smith was the best QB they could have gotten with their draft picks. I’m still annoyed by the people bashing the Chiefs for giving up their 2nd round pick to get him.

  3. I hope Smith has a fantastic year, and I’m not even a Chiefs’ fan. I’m stuck in North Carolina and trying to find it in my heart to root another year for the Panthers, but with Richardson’s screwy decisions, Cam’s new clothing line, and Rivera’s being on the hot seat… that’s really a tough commitment to make.

    Smith is everything I wish Newton could be… a leader, a real team player, and a mature guy who knows big numbers at QB don’t mean squat with the win/loss record is in the crapper. He got a raw deal in San Francisco, and I really hope the skill set he showed there last year will be even better this year.

    I fully expect Smith to lead the Chiefs to a surprisingly good record this season. I wish I could say the same about Cam and the Panthers.

  4. I never saw Alex Smith as even close to being a premier QB in the NFL. He was release material by the 49er’s until Harbaugh brought his system in and made him finally a decent QB by protecting what could be called. He reminds me a lot of Trent Dilfer, a decent QB that was only good with a great team around him. Smith was getting close to that with the 9ers, but the 9ers were smart in letting him go and getting the picks that they did. Smith does not even have anywhere close the talent he now has in KC, that he had in San Francisco around him. This is Matt Cassel all over again for the Chiefs. The Chiefs will have to wait until next years draft to get their QB of the future, and wait several years of grief again, for the oven to produce another burnt Casserole of a QB.

  5. Smith would have led sf to the sb 2 years ago if not for two special teams fumbles, and they would have beat the pats, he would have led the niner’s to a sb win last year too, would have been more consistent and would’nt have over thrown moss or missed 2 wide open receivers in the end zone. Chiefs have very good players in bowe and Charles, very good o line and a good d, he will manage and lead that team to be competitive every year. Once the option fad is over and kaep has to rely on his arm more, they will regret getting rid of a qb and keeping the flavor of the month.

  6. Good because if KC fans don’t get a playoff win soon things are going to get very ugly…. this is a teased and tortured fan base in 2 sports going on 20+ years and it’s a story… that’s what cheering the cassel injury was about btw (the few who did that)

  7. That’s usually the stance people who are mediocre take. They sit on their team’s shoulders and get credit when they really just came along for the ride and tried not to mess things up when the team was rolling.

  8. Being a Raider fan, I really want to hate Alex Smith. But I just can’t. The dude handled his misfortunes in S.F. with determination, hard work and strength of will. He will make the hated Chiefs a much better team. Got nothing but respect for our new enemy who will lead the Chiefs, and Coach Walrus.

  9. I hope he does well. I’ll be glad to see him talk more openly about the team’s progress. Just like in SF, he won’t pick favorites or single out anyone and it’s too early to praise teammates, but you know he’s glad to hear Bowe wants to have another great year. Alex did have some positive things to say about Dexter because of all the roles he is capable of playing. Their RBs should get some solid production, especially if they get the pistol working with Bowe stretching the field.

  10. Smart words from a smart guy. Last year it would be Pioli saying he’s more worried about candy wrappers found in the building than ANYTHING else

  11. Alex Smith has as many 300 yard games as Tim Tebow. Of course he’s going to deflect the stats argument.

    Same old Chiefs with the retread mentality. It NEVER wins anything meaningful. Being better than the raiders is hardly a goal to set. Most college conference winners are better than them too.

    He’s a really nice guy though, so lets cheer him on.


    Same as it ever was…

  12. When you’ve been carried by a good defense your the majority of your career, it’s probably safer to go with the “wins,” your former team had in spite of having you as an Achilles’s heel, over stats.

  13. A faid fan calling any other teams QB situation into question = hilarious.

    I’d guess no franchise has worse QBs than the faid.

  14. Let’s see mediocrity would put the Chiefs at 8-8 this year. Coming off a 2-14 campaign last year I would say 8-8 is worth “striving for” this year.
    I bet your team would like to see 8-8 this year too, Trollonto. But a more realistic view for them, with the worst QB in the division, will be another 4-12 campaign, if they are lucky.

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