Arians not happy with offensive mistakes in Arizona


The 2012 NFL coach of the year may be in for the coaching challenge of his life.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who has inherited a Cardinals team that would be wise to petition for relocation back to the NFC East, isn’t happy with the performance of his offense during offseason workouts.

We’re just not picking it up fast enough,” Arians said Tuesday, via the Associated Press. ”We’re still not picking it up the way I’d like to — at all positions.”

Arians had specific criticism for the men charged with running routes and catching passes.

”I don’t like mistakes,” Arians said.  “I really don’t like mental mistakes, especially if you made the same mistake last week.  That should be corrected and in the books by now, and our receivers are not getting that done.”

Running back Ryan Williams applauds Arians’ tell-it-like-it-is style.

“Everybody’s accountable, that’s the No. 1 thing,” Williams said.  ”It’s a respect thing.  We used to have egotistical guys who felt like they couldn’t be touched and be able to do whatever they wanted to.  So having guys like coach Bruce is able to nip that ASAP and we’re able to have a good, quality practice and sometimes that wasn’t able to happen because some guys were just doing whatever they wanted to do.”

Unfortunately, Williams didn’t name any of the “egotistical guys” who used to be on the team.  It’s possible that he was talking about one or more former quarterbacks on the roster.

”I see [Carson Palmer] sometimes on the sideline, coaching the receivers and talking to the offensive line,” defensive lineman Darnell Dockett said.  ”What a big difference from that position last year.  Right now I think he’s more respected and a lot of guys are willing to go that extra yard for him.  He’s a tough quarterback and he’s going to hang in there for us.”

Even without mistakes and with better quarterback play, the Cardinals have their work cut out for them in the NFC West.  Not long ago the weakest NFL division by a wide margin, it’s now clearly the best.

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  1. “He’s a tough quarterback and he’s going to hang in there for us.”

    Yeah, until the going gets tough. Then Palmer might just retire again. Everyone purchase your tickets now for Palmer’s bus that you will be put under.

  2. From the well-oiled Steeler Machine, to an overacheiving Colts team w/stud rookie QB, and landing with a Palmer-lead gaggle. Can’t think of anyone who would be hapy with that progression.

  3. I think the Cardinals will compete–in about two years. I think the Rams and Seahawks battle it out with the 9ers for the next few seasons and then one or two of those three start to have some down seasons (8-8, 6-10 type finishes).

    I’d say the Hawks and the 9ers both could be those teams in about two to three years before reloading and bouncing back again. Going to be a very competitive division–I believe–for years to come.

    At this rate, it will be better than the NFC East, maybe the North and I’m partial but the NFC South is one of the toughest divisions–and if TB and Carolina grow and add some pieces in the next year to two years, it is going to get even tougher–IMO.

  4. Wait until you see Palmer in the games sitting on the sideline all by himself pouting…he’s not a great leader.

  5. Palmer has a cannon that can drop bombs where ever he wants.

    Just maybe, these WR’s can get down the field for him.,,, IF HUMONGOUS IF,, they can keep him upright for 2.5 seconds.

  6. “Not long ago the weakest NFL division by a wide margin, it’s now clearly the best.”

    Not even close. The AFC west and AFC East have been the easiest divisions in football for YEARS.

    Every team would love to play the chiefs, raiders, bills, jets and dolphins twice a year.

  7. Smooth move for a newbie coach: Insult all your receivers in public.

    I’m sure that went over big with Larry Fitzgerald.

  8. Actually it’s nice to hear a coach be honest. Anyone remember Rex and the Jets last year? Everything was great, and the “super secret packages”. Then they couldn’t score all pre-season.
    Rather have a coach be honest than “blow smoke”.

  9. Everyone counting out the Cardinals are dumb. They led the division with Kevin freaking Kolb and one of the most mediocre, overrated head coaches ever in Ken Whisenhunt.

    I don’t care how great Andrew Luck is supposed to be, is going to be, etc. This guy stepped in after their HC missed the whole season and took a team that was supposedly so horrible without Manning that they nearly went winless and went to the playoffs the next year with a rookie at QB. I think Pittsburgh’s offense last year speaks for itself on what he meant there as well.

    Also, people are banking on Pete Carroll to repeat an 11-5 type season when Seattle had many fluky wins (New England, Carolina, Miami). This same Pete Carroll who’s only got one other season over 9-7 as an NFL coach, mind you with alot of the core players that Bill Bellichick won a Super Bowl with 2 years after they fired him. I know Wilson is the new “I love that guy” because he’s short and was a 3rd round pick, but come on people, stop acting stupid.

    My guess is that with the learning curves coming for both Russ Wilson and Kaepernic now that the league has a bok on them is that the Cardinals are going to surprise alot of people if Bowles can hold that defense together.

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