Arthur Brown had sports hernia surgery

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The Ravens lost one player who was set to be in the mix to help them replace Dannell Ellerbe and Ray Lewis at inside linebacker when Rolando McClain retired and now they’ll have to go without another prospective replacement for the next few weeks.

Coach John Harbaugh announced Wednesday that linebacker Arthur Brown, a second-round pick out of Kansas State last month, had sports hernia surgery a couple of weeks ago. There’s generally a four-to-six week recovery period following operations of that type, which likely means that we’ve seen the last of Brown on the field until the Super Bowl champs open up training camp.

Brown, the 2012 Big 12 defensive player of the year, is still a likely bet to be in the starting lineup once the season gets underway. Jameel McClain, who is still recovering from a spinal cord contusion suffered last season, is pencilled into one starting spot while Brown’s competition — Albert McClellan, Josh Bynes and Bryan Hall — offers less upside for the defense than Brown.

McClain and Brown aren’t the only Ravens defenders limited or sidelined by injuries at this point in the offseason. Linebacker Terrell Suggs, defensive tackle Haloti Ngata and cornerback Lardarius Webb highlight the list of players with varying levels of concern over injuries carried over from 2012 which should mean plenty of reps in OTAs and minicamp for players further down the depth chart.

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  1. And the “hits” keep on coming. I told you about this defense. I can’t until the Steelers play these guys.

  2. Ravens $2 million under the cap, can still cut Leach if need be…you bet June 1st will bring a nice ILB to the World Champs.

    Why would any ILB looking for a ring sign for any other team in the AFC? Pats are downhill, Broncos have Von Miller, Texans Cushing. Some cap casualty will be a Raven for less money no doubt about it.

  3. The ravens are stacked! This article is all opinion. (Besides the surgery). Haloti and Suggs are 100% and Webb is ahead of schedule! The Ravens are gonna be a force this year. You fools are gonna sit here and say Elvis and Suggs arnt the most lethal tandom of pass rushers? Are you kidding me. This defense is top 2 easy. And it’s number 1 is San Fran falls back. I doubt it though. #REPEAT #REMATCH #HARBOWLRD2

  4. Jt – you are crowing awful early. Ben has yet to step on the files and sprain his brain, break a bone, puncture his pancreas or slice and dice his spleen.

    All of our injuries are either minor or those that are major we’re last year and the guys are mostly done their recovery. Sports hernia surgery isn’t an acl tear. Don’t worry, mr brown will be meeting mr roethlisberger in the steelers backfield soon enough. The question you need to answer is who gets double teamed, Suggs, dumervil, or ngata. Maybe the steelers have applied for an exception to the 11 men on the field when they play the ravens. It will be the only way they keep Ben upright this year

  5. You Ravens fans are in for a very, very rude awakening. You lost a ton of starters and you actually think all of these new guys are just going to come in and play upper level ball???

    Hahahaha. We can’t wait to play the Ravens! Because Boldin isn’t here anymore to pull those duck passes out the air to save Flacco! But first..your going to take an @ss whipping from the Broncos and be put in the cellar of the division immediately. Because the Ravens will finish behind us and the Bengals and your going to have to fight the Browns off just to be in third place! By the 4th game of the season, we won’t be hearing a peep out of the Ravens OR their fans. Guaranteed!!!!

  6. Notice there are no links to a source for this post. The only thing that wasn’t manufactured out of thin air was the surgery and that surgery happened two weeks ago after the rookie mini camp. He’s already two weeks into recovery.

    JOSH ALPER: John Harbaugh is cited as the source for the information, which makes it clear that he had surgery a couple of weeks ago, and all those Ravens defenders are coming off injuries. How is that manufactured out of thin air?

  7. “Hahahaha. We can’t wait to play the Ravens!”

    That’s nice. Making fun of an injured player. A new low for Steelers fans.

  8. realdealsteel says:
    May 22, 2013 3:46 PM
    You Ravens fans are in for a very, very rude awakening. You lost a ton of starters and you actually think all of these new guys are just going to come in and play upper level ball???

    As a Ravens fan here’s how I see it. A whole lot of new players, no doubt. But, an upgrade from a speed perspective on the back 7-8, upgrade in size w/front 3-4. It’s a D that may not be top tier on Week 1. But, as guys learn each other throughout the season and start to gel as a unit, they should get better each week. That would mean peaking in Dec/Jan during the playoffs should we qualify. I can see Peyton Manning shredding this D on week 1 and getting eaten alive by them in the AFC Championship game. It’s going to be a work in progress & all they need to do is qualify for the post season. From there, may the better team (on that day) win.

    DL-Ngata, Art Jones, Canty, Spears, Brandon Williams, Cody (if he reports in shape), D Tyson (7 deep w/legit NFL players)

    OLB – Suggs, Dumerville, Upshaw, Simon, Hamilton, McAdoo (studs & young up-and-coming guys)

    ILB – McClain, Brown, Bynes, McClellan, McPhee, B Hall (biggest question mark as a group)

    CB-Webb, Smith, Graham, Brown, Asa J (Deep & talented)

    S-Elam, Huff, Ihedigbo, Thompson

    The guys who left were >30 except for Kruger (part time player given stupid money by CLE) and Ellerbee (part time player who could be awesome, given stupid money by MIA) Kruger’s loss won’t be felt. Ellerbee’s will, unless Brown & Jameel McClain have stellar years & 2 other guys step up and have good years too. But, all the other player losses were planned.

    Write this D off at your own peril……………………

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