At least one Mt. Rushmore is made of steel, not stone

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We’re getting close to the conclusion of the Mt. Rushmore nomination process, and one of the last teams on the docket will create some of the biggest headaches for folks who’ll try to decide who’s in and who’s out.

The Steelers, who won four Super Bowls in the 70s and two more in 2005 and 2008 have more than their fair share of potential nominees.

From Art Rooney to Dan Rooney to Chuck Noll to Bill Cowher to Mike Tomlin to Terry Bradshaw to Franco Harris to Lynn Swann to John Stallworth to Ben Roethlisberger to Jerome Bettis to Hines Ward to Santonio Holmes to Joe Greene to Kevin Greene to Mike Wagner to Donnie Shell to Troy Polamalu to Aaron Smith to Mike Webster to Dermontti Dawson to John Henry Johnson to Rocky Bleier to Donnie Shell to Joey Porter to Andy Russell to Jack Lambert to Jack Ham to Alan Faneca to L.C. Greenwood to Rod Woodson to Dick LeBeau to Jack Butler to Terrible Towel creator and broadcasting legend Myron Cope, it will be virtually impossible to trim the list to 12 finalists.

Completely impossible to cut it to four.

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  1. Noll
    Mean Joe

    Would have went with Woodson but anyone who played for the Ratbirds cannot be on the Steelers Mt. Rushmore

  2. Chuck Noll
    Jack Lambert
    Franco Harris
    Dermonti Dawson

    Tenure w/all these guys was very long. Level of play also. Dang, they’ve had some talent through that system.

  3. GAWD, impossible is nothing……..except picking 4 Steelers to represent on their own Mt. Rushmore!


    1. Art Rooney SR
    2. Chuck Noll
    3. “Mean” Joe Greene
    4. Franco Harris

    on the backside of each rock:

    5. Jack Lambert
    6. Terry Bradshaw
    7. Lynn Swann
    8. John Stallworth


    1. Jerome Bettis
    2. Hines Ward
    3. Rod Woodson
    4. Aaron Smith

    Just missed:

    1. Mike Webster
    2. Jack Hamm
    3. Mel Blount
    4. Dermontti Dawson

    Worthy substitutes:

    1. Dan Rooney
    2. Bill Cowher
    3. Ernie Stautner

  4. Pats fan here and diehard Steelers hater.

    However, ridiculous pool to pick from. Similar to the Raiders fan yesterday who listed a Mt Rushmore for each positional grouping. (Hate the Raiders too but that was well done).

    I’ll be surprised if I come back later tonite and find 2 identical lists. I hate it but its true.

  5. Steelers fan here. I’ve been thinking about this since you started the Mt. Rushmore series. I think it has to be:

    Art Rooney
    Myron Cope (any real Steelers fan will agree)
    Terry Bradshaw
    Hines Ward

    When I think of the Steelers, these are the four faces that come to my mind first. I can see definite arguments made for several Steelers though.

  6. I say we use a contributor from every facet of the game. There are too many players for this, so my list would be:
    Owner: Art Rooney, Sr.
    Coach: Chuck Noll
    Player: Joe Greene (I believe he is the embodiment of Steeler football.)
    Contributor: Myron Cope (Where would Steeler Nation be without the Terrible Towel?!)


  7. Instead of just limiting it to 4 on a “Mt. Rusmore”, you should just have each team have their own Hall Of Fame. A lot less head scratching on who to leave on or off.

  8. Lambert
    Mean Joe
    Ray Mansfield
    Andy Russell
    Jack Ham
    Art Rooney
    Ray Pinney

    Can’t think of a legitimate honoree that has played in the last 20 years. None of the current players could hold the jock of the 60’s/70’s players. Ward and Bettis included.

  9. @drunk4thliners
    Gotta agree!
    I think the Steelers are the only franchise, except maybe Dallas, that deserve an additional mountain!

  10. Art Rooney Sr.
    Joe Greene
    Jack Lambert
    Chuck Noll

    Terry Bradshaw
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Jerome Bettis
    Hines Ward
    Mike Webster

    and several others

  11. 1. Chuck Knoll
    2. Terry Bradshaw
    3. Mean Joe Green
    4A. Dan Rooney
    4B. Hines Ward
    4C. Troy Polamalu
    4D. Ben Roethlisberger
    4E. Jack Lambert
    4F. Jerome Bettis
    I can’t narrow it down to four either.

  12. Jack Lambert, Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Green, Franco Harris. Honarable Mention: Art Rooney, Lynn Swann, Mike Webster, Troy Polamalu, Chuck Noll, Hines Ward, Rod Woodson

  13. I saw the photo at the top of this page and thought it said Bill Leavy for some reason. You guys remember Bill Leavy, the zebra who robbed the vastly superior Seahawks of their Super Bowl and handed it over to a serial rapist and an over the hill over weight overrated fumbeling slob

  14. 1) Joe Greene – Mean Joe was the man who embodied the Steeler attitude, and created a winning tradition.

    2) Chuck Noll – Built the greatest dynasty in NFL history.

    3) Ben Roethlisberger – He won’t get his due, but give me Ben over Bradshaw any day. The Steelers never won a Super Bowl after the 1979 season until they drafted Ben (against Cowher’s wishes). Ben won with way less talent around him than Bradshaw had.

    4) Mel Blount – Best Cornerback to ever play the game. Yes, better than Deion. They had to change the rules because of Blount. The guy runs a home for troubled youth now, and he still looks like he could strap on a helmet and knock the crap out of somebody.


    Hines Ward – Not a fan of Ward’s whiney, “they never gave me a chance” attitude. But he intimidated defenders and his numbers dwarf the career numbers of Swann and Stallworth.

    Jack Lambert – Would get absolutely tossed around against today’s larger players. Plus he benefited from playing in front of one of the greatest front fours of all time. But his smart play and intimidating attitude make him a Steeler great.

    Franco Harris – Made what most consider the greatest play in football history. Enough said.

    Jerome Bettis – I still can’t figure out how a big RB who played so physical was able to play for as many years as he did.

    Dan Rooney – This franchise didn’t win anything until Dan took the reigns. The rest is history.

    Troy Polamalu – Sadly, his reckless style of play will probably shorten his career. Probably a hall of fame career already, but if he can stay healthy and win another ring, he’s first ballot HOF for sure.

  15. Walter Ambercromie
    Louis Lipps
    Willie Parker
    And any other player that was useful for maybe two years… Um.. Ok Mark Malone

  16. Not a Steelers fan but long time NFL fan:

    Rooney Sr
    Mean Joe

    Hard to leave out Roethlisberger because of recent success but have to give all the glory to that 70’s team.

  17. Mean Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Mel Blount and Terry Bradshaw.

    The Steelers are THE STEELERS because of that 1970s team — perhaps the greatest in NFL history. My Mt Rushmore reflects that.

  18. Joe Greene
    Jack Lambert
    Franco Harris
    Terry Bradshaw
    Lynn Swann
    John Stallworth
    Rod Woodson
    Troy Polamalu
    Mel Blount
    Mike Webster
    Hines Ward
    Jack Ham

  19. For alot of teams picking just 4 isn’t such a daunting task. But when you talk about the storied franchises of the NFL such as the Packers, Bears, Raiders, Dolphins, Chiefs, Steelers, Cowboys, Redskins 49er’s etc, you can’t pick just 4, it’s impossible. And I know I’ve left some teams off but you get the general idea.

  20. Have been thinking about this for weeks and settled on …

    The Chief
    Chuck Noll (coach that built the Dynasty)
    Mean Joe Greene (cornerstone of the Dynasty)
    Franco Harris (play that launched a Dynasty)

    Also love drunk4thliners idea of one person from each facet of the game: the Chief, Noll, Greene, and Cope.

    If I went with all players, for me it would be:

    Mean Joe Greene
    Terry Bradshaw
    Jack Lambert
    Rod Woodson

    Just typing those four names gave me chills …

  21. Bradshaw
    Rooney sr
    Bill Leavy (gave SB XL to Pitts and admitted to it)(I keed I keed)

    Seriously how about Rocky Bleier. Pretty good for a few years on some great teams and gave almost everything for his country unlike most others playing ball at the time. And almost made a amazing comeback after some rehab. If you don’t agree, cool. But he darn well better be on the all time MAN list.

  22. Bengal fan here:


    Anyone who says Bettis or Ward is a moron who has only been watching football for 12 years. You don’t deserve to post. Too many greats and those two don’t even break the top 25. They won’t make the HOF either.

  23. Art Rooney Sr.
    Chuck Noll
    Mean Joe Greene
    Rod Woodson or Jack Ham

    In a pinch I vote Woodson since he was an all 75 th NFL corner while active. Very tough choices but a testament to a superior franchise.

  24. Joe Greene, Art Rooney, Chuck Noll, Hines Ward. Here’s why:

    Joe Greene was the catalyst that turned everything around in Pittsburgh.

    Art Rooney, quite frankly, was never a great “football mind”, but he was The Chief and everyone loved him so he has to be on here.

    Joe Greene was the catalyst, but Chuck Noll steered the ship through one of the most successful decades any team has ever had.

    And finally, Hines Ward, who represents the modern day Steelers. Really wanted to give this spot to Jerome, but I had to give the edge to Hines because he was drafted by Pittsburgh, played his whole career in Pittsburgh, and most importantly, won Super Bowl MVP (in the dumbest Super Bowl ever by the way, but hey, we’ll take it).

    This list is the true list. All others are imposters.

  25. 1.) Art Rooney Sr. – The founder.
    2.) Franco Harris – No Steelers lore without the Immaculate Reception.
    3.) Chuck Noll – Longest tenured coach in Steelers history, 4 time Super Bowl winning, drafted the 70’s dynasty, and several later contributors like Rod Woodson.
    4.) Myron Cope – Fantastic Steelers broadcaster, creator of the Terrible Towel, which without it, seemingly every other team in major professional sports wouldn’t have their own rally towel.

  26. Knew this one was going to be tough–I don’t know Myron Cope and feel bad that I probably should.
    I will go with who i know/to believe that should be on this–again, another team with their own Mountain Range but here goes nothing:

    Franco Harris
    R. Woodson
    Mean Joe
    Art and Dan Rooney
    Big Ben
    Mike Webster
    Mel Blount
    Dermonti Dawson
    And of course: Dick LeBeau

  27. 1. Jack Lambert
    2: Joe Green
    3. Rod Woodson
    4. Jerome Bettis

    Others that should be noted (in order), but not beat these four are: Dawson, Cowher, Hamm, Polamalu, Lloyd, Noll, Bradshaw, Swann, Tomlin, Stallworth, Greene, Harris, Rooney, Webster, Ward

  28. What ever the list ends up being, Art and Mean Joe must be included.
    I would add Lambert and Bettis just because i feel like someone recent has to be on the mountain.

  29. Blows my mind that my list of the Chief, Noll, Greene, and Harris … or an all-player alternate list of Greene, Bradshaw, Lambert, and Woodson is getting so much hate. But it doesn’t really matter whether anyone agrees with me about the imaginary Mt. Rushmore. All my nominees have honest-to-goodness Hall of Fame rings 😀

  30. Greene
    The Chief
    Sorry, but Myron Cope never played a down of football. He invented the Terrible Towel. I get it. But the Steelers won their first Super Bowl without the Towel, which didn’t make its debut until the 1975 postseason.
    Secondly, Chuck NOLL, not Knoll, never sought the spotlight, so I doubt he’d appreciate the spotlight now.

  31. This is hard, probably because I am a Steelers Fan

    Mean Joe

    I don’t think I can narrow it down any further without pulling my hair out, but these guys definitly should be on the mount.

  32. Mr. Rooney’s face is built for Mt Rushmore! Tough other choices…I’d go Mean Joe, The Bus, and Noll to get a little offense, defense, coaching and 5 rings represented.

  33. Ah, the Stillers. Sucked until the early ’70s, then quickly achieved greatness, then consistently good to excellent since. Lots of deserving candidates, but 4 are the sine qua non:

    1 – Art Rooney Sr. – the accidental founder, reflecting the collective self-image of the city of working stiffs;
    2 – Chuck Noll – the coach who finally turned turds into champions;
    3 – Mean Joe Greene – the ultimate, iconic Steeler, and the foundation of the Steel Curtain defense; and
    4 – Franco Harris – the miracle man. There are two statues in the Pittsburgh airport – one of the father of our country, and one of the Immaculate Reception. ‘Nuff said.

    There a a dozen more who may be deserving, but none who outranks these 4. Carve it in stone.

  34. Art Rooney Sr, Chuck Noll, Joe Greene, Franco Harris.

    All HOFers and humble men who never sought to be the center of attention.

  35. I would say like 4 Mountains, it’s incredible difficult to narrow it down to 4. I’d say:

    -Old times: Bradshaw, Harris, Lambert/Ham/Blount and Mean Joe Greene
    -Recent time: Roethlisberger, Polamalu, Ward and Bettis.
    -And those who are non-players: Rooney Family, Myron Cope, Chuck Noll and Dick LeBeau

  36. 3* Mountains. Sorry, I noticed until I posted that.
    But still, they deserve a wall full of players, executives and coaches.

  37. 1. Terry Bradshaw
    2. Joe Greene
    3. Lambert
    4. Jerome Bettis (I’m a Ravens fan, and I miss him. He really made Ravens-Steelers games special.)

    Rooneys (sort of difficult to only include ONE of them)
    Chuck Noll
    Bill Cowher
    Franco Haris
    Hines Ward (Ravens-Steelers just isn’t the same without Ward and Ray Lewis jawing off non-stop)
    Dick Lebeau
    Big Ben

  38. OK, Steelers fans. The assignment was to pick your 4 best players/coaches/whatever. Not 5. Not 6. Not 12. Not 13. And certainly not, mobuccsfan, 23!!! It’s Mt. Rushmore. Have you seen a picture of it? It’s a monument in which FOUR presidents are carved in stone. And if these players are so important to you, learn to spell their names. No one has ever been sacked by Troy Polamlu.

  39. Art Rooney – typical Pittsburgh trash alcoholic
    Joe Greene – steroid user
    Hines Ward – repeat DUI offender
    Ben Roethlisberger – rapist

  40. Art Rooney – the Chief
    Dan Rooney – 4 Hall of Famers in one draft – 1974
    Coach Chuck Noll – Only Coach to Win 4 Super Bowls
    Mean Joe Greene – the greatest defensive player of all-time and cornerstone of a dynasty

    I do not see how the list can contain any other names than those above – if you can only pick 4.

    Only 1 player because if you think about the Black & Gold, its never about players; its about how the best organization in sports has been run since 1969.

  41. Believe it or not, you may have to remove Joe Greene and substitute Myron Cope for one reason and one reason alone – The Terrible Towel – the most recognized fan accessory in all of sports.

  42. If you want to give the scultor the biggest challenge, then make him carve out Troy Polamalu’s hair, Brett Keisel’s beard, Bill Cowher’s chin, and the Chief’s cigar.

    Seriously, though, if I had the difficult task of narrowing it down to four, then the team’s founder, the Chief, Art Rooney, is an obvious choice who should be on everyone’s list. His son, Dan Rooney, was the architect of the team of the 70’s, and is still active in the team’s affairs even today (now that he has returned from his post as an ambassador to Ireland), so I’d have to include him as well. We’ve had some great coaches in Pittsburgh, but the Emporer Chuck Noll won 4 Super Bowls leading this team, so he gets up there as well. As for the player representative, again, there are many worthy choices, but I’d have to go with the guy who started it all, Mean Joe Greene. I’d also suggest having a terrible towel hanging down below the four heads (a tribute to Myron Cope and Steeler fans everywhere).

    Art Rooney.
    Dan Rooney.
    Chuck Noll.
    Joe Greene.
    And a Terrible Towel.

  43. Art Rooney:
    The Chief, who started it all. This one doesn’t really need much explanation, but he represents to family that is Steeler nation.

    Chuck Noll:
    One of the greatest coaches of all time. Four superbowls, and undefeated in superbowls.

    Mean Joe Greene:
    If I’m picking one person to represent the 70’s Steelers it’s mean joe. He was the draft pick that brought the Steelers out of the basement, and the anchor of the Steel Curtain. One of the best at his position ever and represents the Steelers perfectly.

    Ben Roethlisberger:
    This one will get booed I’m sure but hear me out. The Steelers got as close as you can get in modern football to a “dynasty” in the 2000’s. While the 70’s Steelers were legendary, I think a Mt. Rushmore should span the entire franchise’s history, not just one era. Cowher had a lot of good teams in his time but he never won that ring until he got his franchise QB.

    Yes Big Ben struggled in some of the Superbowls (especially his first one), but he was deadly in the playoffs, and the Steelers don’t get there if Big Ben doesn’t put on a pretty amazing display to beat the Colts in Indy. I strongly considered Bettis to represent the modern era, but Ben got us the 2 more rings.

  44. After much thought:

    Art Rooney “The Chief”
    –Represents George Washington on Mt Rushmore as the original general, the first President, the creator of the Nation

    Chuck Noll “The Emperor”
    –Represents Thomas Jefferson on Mt Rushmore as the writer of the Declaration of Independence

    Franco Harris “The Immaculate Reception”
    –Represents Abraham Lincoln on Mt Rushmore and his role in bringing the nation together and ending slavery (this is the tough one – this could be Mean Joe Green as the 1st pick of 1969 and the anchor of the Steel Curtain and the cornerstone of the 70’s – but the Immaculate Reception is ultimately that one moment, that one play, that propelled us to greatness)

    Myron Cope “The Terrible Towel”
    –Represents Teddy Roosevelt, who was on Mt Rushmore due to all he did for business, conservatism and the creation of the Panama Canal.

    Curious to hear your thoughts on my reasoning…

  45. If I absolutely had to pick 4…

    Art Rooney Sr.
    Jack Lambert
    Joe Greene
    Hines Ward

    It pains me to overlook MANY others; however, those four represent everything that is Pittsburgh Steelers football…


  46. Joemontanaflacco | May 23, 2013, 8:12 AM EDT
    OK, Steelers fans. The assignment was to pick your 4 best players/coaches/whatever. Not 5. Not 6. Not 12. Not 13. And certainly not, mobuccsfan, 23!!! It’s Mt. Rushmore. Have you seen a picture of it? It’s a monument in which FOUR presidents are carved in stone. And if these players are so important to you, learn to spell their names. No one has ever been sacked by Troy Polamlu.
    Ssshhh your jealousy is showing. You just wish your choices were so difficult, but we don’t have one murderer to debate over as you do……smh

  47. As usual a few Ravens fans use slander and lies on a Steelers post.

    I’ll use some facts:

    1) No Steeler here was convicted of lying and obstructing a murder investigation unlike Ray “where’s my bloody clothes?” Lewis.

    2) No Steeler here was convicted and sentenced to jail for major narcotics trafficing unlike Jamal Lewis.

    3) No Steeler after being injured and carted off the field was ever mock cheered by fans unlike Kyle Boller.

    And in a larger sense the name Baltimore will forever be remembered as the biggest choke in Superbowl history (administered by Pittsburgh area native Joe Namath and the Jets).

  48. – Art Rooney, Sr. “The Chief”
    – “Mean” Joe Greene
    – Jack Lambert
    – Franco Harris

  49. steelbydesign:
    One amazing, three-game postseason run of EIGHT years ago does not warrant legendary status.
    Roethlisberger has saved some of his worst performances for the playoffs: against New England and the Jets in 2004, Super Bowl 40 in 2005, against Jacksonville in 2007, for most of Super Bowl 43, against the Jets in 2010, and Super Bowl 45.
    Two Super Bowl wins: One TD pass.
    You want his likeness on a side of mountain?

  50. ravanator says:
    May 23, 2013 8:15 AM
    Art Rooney – typical Pittsburgh trash alcoholic
    Joe Greene – steroid user
    Hines Ward – repeat DUI offender
    Ben Roethlisberger – rapist


    Look scum bag, this is for STEELERS FANS to vote for their players.

    Art Rooney was one of the builders of the NFL. Without him, your joke of a team would not even exist.
    You want to talk about alcoholics? Didn’t you have a guy on your team that was CONVICTED for vehicular manslaughter?

    Joe Greene? Steroids were legal in the 70’s, and over 75% of the NFL was on them.

    Hines Ward – 1 DUI. At least he didn’t go to jail on a drug conviction like Jamal Lewis.

    Ben Roethlisberger was NEVER even charged with anything, unlike Ray Lewis who was charged with MURDER and pled down to a lesser charge.

  51. Noll – 4 SB wins.
    Bradshaw – 4-0 in SB’s.
    Greene – The heart & soul of the D.
    Harris – Like some others stated. His play set it off.

  52. I wonder why my vote was deleted?

    Art Rooney – Founder of the team
    Chuck Noll – Changed the culture of the team and turned a bunch of losers into the dynasty of the 70’s
    Mean Joe Greene – First pick of the dynasty and turned the fortunes around for the Steelers.
    Myron Cope – Not only did he invent the Terrible Towel, he was the voice of the Steelers for 35 years.

  53. Clearly the best franchise in NFL history. Despite it’s position as 14th winningest active franchise.


  54. Who prepares a comprehensive list of Steeler Legends, and omits Mel Blount and Ernie Stautner?

    Guess who?

  55. The players who were most responsible for the 4 Super Bowls:

    1. Mean Joe Greene – established the Steeler attitude and swagger, while dominating the games. Many people forget that he was one of the most skilled defensive linemen to ever play the position, and re-invented the DT position with his variations on the swim move
    2. John Stallworth – scored the long, winning TD’s in the ’78 and ’79 Super Bowls. Without John, there’s no way the Steelers could have beaten the Rams in the ’79 game
    3. Franco Harris – the Steelers never won a playoff game before he was drafted. As soon as he joined the team, they reeled off 8 straight division titles, making it to 6 AFC Championship games and winning 4 Super Bowls during a time when he ran for 1,000 yards for 10 straight seasons. His postseason and Super Bowl rushing production was only eclipsed by Emmitt Smith. Harris is vastly under-rated – when you look at his entire body of work, especially in the post-season, he may be the 3rd best NFL player of all time, right behind Emmitt and Jerry Rice
    4. Hines Ward – a tremendously reliable and tough receiver with amazing hands. Ward was the backbone and the heart of the successful teams of the past ten years. Years from now, after his first ballot Hall of Fame election, he will be remembered as the most physical and reliable receiver that ever played the game

  56. Steelers went 37 YEARS with only one playoff appearance and it was a humiliating loss. The Ravens have made the playoffs more than 50% of the time. They WON the SB after only FIVE seasons. Mt. Rushmore for the Steelers? Keep dreaming. This honor is reserved for winners who don’t need nearly four decades of practice before FINALLY accomplishing something. Sad. Smh.

  57. Hey joe you must be quite the winner in the classroom. The ravens went 60 years as the Cleveland browns and never even made it to the Super Bowl once. To say the rats did it within 5 years may just be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

  58. Joe Greene
    Jack Lambert
    Franco Harris
    Terry Bradshaw
    Lynn Swann
    John Stallworth
    Rod Woodson
    Troy Polamalu
    Mel Blount
    Mike Webster
    Hines Ward
    Jack Ham
    Jerome Bettis
    Dermonti Dawson
    Coach Dick Lebeau
    James Harrison
    James Farrior
    Aaron Smith
    Casey Hampton
    Joey Porter
    The list goes on and on. Hampton and Smith and Farrior and Harrison for leading the defense to two Championships.

  59. Joemontanaflacco

    The Browns/Ravens only wish they had six super bowl rings to brag about. The Steelers owned the Ravens up to the last two seasons. Get your history right before you come on here and talking about something you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. And thats the bottom line! Go Steelers

  60. The first two things that come to my mind about the Steelers are physical defence and the Immaculate Reception, so my four choices are Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, Mel Blount and Franco Harris.

    If there was a Builders Category, the 4 would be The Chief, Chuck Noll, Myron Cope & Dick Lebeau.

  61. 1.For certain “Mean Joe Greene” (one of the five best defensive players of all time), the embodiment and heart of the Pittsburgh Steelers Dynasty of the 70’s and the best defense of all time.

    2.A Special consideration should be made and simply put “The Rooney Family” who are as classy and professional as any NFL ownership group and one of the Original and longest standing ‘family’ ownership groups (and they win, of course).

    3.If Joe Greene was the embodiment then Jack Lambert was the “Face.” Just see the famous toothless picture.

    4.Ben Roethlisberger. Love him or hate him we wouldn’t have won 2 Superbowls, been to and could have won (save a ridiculous Mendenhall fumble when we marching to take the lead) a third and WILL WIN at least two more with him including this year (I’m not joking).

    It’s scary to think who I’ve left off the four. Chuck Knoll (Most underrated coach of all time who happened to win 4 superbowls in six years!), Rod Woodson who was probably more talented than all of these other players, Hines ward, Jack Hamm, Mel Blount, Terry Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, The Bus, Greg Lloyd, Carnell Lake, Dick Lebeau, Der Dawson, Mike Webster, Franco, Rocky, Troy Polamalu, Aaron Smith, Cowher, etc…..

    2014 super bowl– Steelers 33 Falcons 24

  62. Anyone who spells Chuck Noll as Chuck Knoll should not have a vote in any way shape or form. Learn how to spell the mans name. He is after all the greatest coach in Steeler history and possibly the greatest coach to ever step foot on the sideline.

  63. Bam Morris
    Richard Huntley
    Chris Fuamatu-Ma’Afala
    Amos Zereoue

    In all seriousness…

    You need to honor the guys from the 70’s–they built the franchise–but I have a hard time not seeing someone from the more recent era of success on the wall as well. So here goes…

    Chuck Noll
    Terry Bradshow
    Mean Joe Greene
    Jerome Bettis

  64. birtikidis- Seems slightly petty to nitpick an accidental misspelling of Coach Noll’s last name, particularly from someone who doesn’t know when to properly use commas and properly punctuate sentences (BOOM– I just nitpicked one STEP further!!!).

  65. Football talent

    1- Joe Green
    2.-Jack Ham
    3.-Rod Woodson
    4.-Troy Polamalu

    All charisma

    1.-Terry Bradshaw
    2.-Jack Lambert
    3.-Lynn Swann
    4.-Jerome Bettis

    All around
    1.- Joe Greene
    2.-Ben Roethlisberger
    3.-Art Rooney
    4.-Bill Cowher

  66. Art Rooney Sr.
    Chuck Noll
    Mean Joe Greene
    Jack Lambert

    The first three could absolutely not be left off and for the fourth I really wanted to go with Terry Bradshaw or Jack Ham or a non 70s Steeler.

    But Jack Lambert was a God to Steeler fans in the 70s. If you think Polamalu is popular with Steeler fans now times that by a thousand and then square it. Jack Splat was the MAN.

  67. With the ridiculous amount of talent this team has had over the decades, I think that any post that actually has Roethlisberger in it’s top 4 should automatically be deleted, as that voter obviously knows nothing about Steeler history.

    Sure, the guy may be a good QB (even if his stats in his first SB were horrendous), but there are probably 30 candidates more worthy than him. Not even a question.

  68. Chuck Noll
    Terry Bradshaw
    Joe Greene
    Franco Harris

    Sorry, I love the Rooney’s, but everyone forgets they were like the Cubs for 40 years til these four showed up.

  69. Have thought a long time about this. If Mt. Rushmore is intended to represent the spirit of the Steelers then I submit the following:

    Art Rooney Sr.: The Chief just has to be there!!!
    Chuck Noll: It was his attitude that made the Steelers consistent winners and set the standard for Steeler football. The ’70’s defense was the greatest ever and it started with the Emperor Chas.
    Joe Greene: He set the tone for all players to follow–Hatred for losing that changed the culture of the team to this day
    Hines Ward or Jerome Bettis: Must have a rep from Super Bowl winners round II & also a rep from offense. Both these men played their positions with a toughness that embodied the “Steeler Way.”

  70. But how can’t you leave Lambert (especially Lambert) or Ham, Russell, LC, Wagner, Shell, Rocky, Franco, Bradshaw, Webster, Swann/Stallworth etc., etc. off any list of greatest Steelers? I decided we should just enshrine a Steelers logo and be done with it!!!

  71. The author says “Santonio Holmes”. Is he high? LOL. And he forgets Mel Blount.

    Quick list:

    Rooney Family
    Chuck Noll
    Joe Greene
    Jack Lambert

    Hon Mention:
    Terry Bradshaw
    Jerome Bettis
    Mel Blount
    Rod Woodson

  72. You could make two or three Mt. Rushmores out of this great franchise.. but if you have to narrow it down to four:

    Art Rooney (100% Lock)
    Chuck Noll (100% Lock)
    Joe Greene (100% Lock)

    and the fourth spot would be up for grabs by:

    Jack Lambert
    Dan Rooney
    Franco Harris
    Terry Bradshaw
    Mel Blount

    I would personally say Jack Lambert

  73. Too much success makes it hard, but should make it easy.

    The Steelers are great, and have great players because of great LEADERSHIP.

    Art Rooney (100% lock)
    Chuck Noll (100% lock)
    Mike Tomlin (100% lock)

    The final one is tough:
    Dan Rooney
    Bill Cowher (Probably Bill on tenure)

    The Steelers should be the only Rushmore with no players.
    1) The Steelers ethic is that no player is indispensable – “next man up”.
    2) There are too many great players to leave out.
    3) You can’t choose between: Lambert or Ham? Joe Greene or LC Greenwood? How do you choose 1 player amongst the raft of HoFers?

  74. Steel2372 said “get your history right”. Here’s some history. There were championships before 1974. There was football before 1974. The Steelers were part of that. History says the Packers have 13 championships. The Browns/Ravens (same franchise, remember) have 10 championships. The Bears have 9 and the Giants have 8. History does not deny Notre Dame’s championships because they weren’t BCS championships. Nor does history deny the Celtics or Montreal Canadiens championships because of merger. History recognizes that all of these championships count. Steelernation recognizes what’s convenient.

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