Briggs said he was “spoiled” by Urlacher, misses his pal


Apparently, Bears linebacker Lance Briggs is still getting used to the new look of his defense.

For the first time, he’s out there without a number of long-time co-workers, particularly linebacker Brian Urlacher.

And when he was asked about missing another unsigned free agent, Israel Idonije, Briggs replied “I miss everybody, you guys,” and he walked away from the media, according to John Mullin of

Prior to that, in his first interview of the offseason, Briggs talked about the challenges of trying to fill in as a leader and a signal-caller for the defense for Urlacher, something he admitted was “very different.”

“It just means continue to be me. I’m just vocal now,” Briggs said. “I didn’t call the plays before and now I’m calling the plays. I just have a lot of respect, . . .

“I’ve been spoiled for the last 10 years.”

The on-field adjustment shouldn’t be hard for Briggs, but reading between the lines makes it seem like he’s still not 100 percent on board with the absence of Urlacher, a stance management seems to be fine with. That said, stepping into a leadership role was a significant move for Briggs, which should help eventually allow them to move on.

5 responses to “Briggs said he was “spoiled” by Urlacher, misses his pal

  1. yes he spoiled you on how not to get a ring…now is your chance your still playing…he is home finding a way to pay all his child support!!! Good Luck!!!

  2. Its comforting to have someone else call the plays especially if he constantly has you in the proper alignment. Its just less of a burden if you have a guy that probably knows where everyone is supposed to be and gets you there. I understand what he means completely.

  3. Was he wearing sunglasses and tear up and say (as he walked away) that’s my LB? Just curious? lol.

    Seriously though, these days come at some point but it will be weird not seeing #54 out there doing what he has been known to do, even though yes, he is way more injured than healthy these days and isn’t the same player he once was.

  4. It is now up to Briggs, Williams, and Anderson, as the veteran LBs, to get on the same page while mentoring the young guys Bostic and Greene.

    Urlacher will be missed, but there is still a Top-5 defense in Chicago.

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