Crabtree injury could open door for Moss, others

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We’ve been reminded yet again that they don’t give out the Lombardi Trophy in May.

Even when things look great on paper, the paper yields to practicality once players start getting injured.  In the case of the 49ers, the favorite target of quarterback Colin Kaepernick could now be gone for a while.

The question becomes whether the 49ers will stay in house to replace Michael Crabtree, who is expected to miss six months, or whether they will add other options to fill the void.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the 49ers had not yet contacted Randy Moss about a possible return to the team to which he publicly said farewell, after it became clear that the Niners had planned to say “ta-ta” to him.

The 49ers may now need Moss, who kept quiet about his discontent with a minimal role in 2012 until Super Bowl week.  In 2013, Moss could have a more significant role, given Crabtree’s absence.

There aren’t many other options on the free-agency market.  Brandon Lloyd, a fourth-round pick of the 49ers a decade ago who had 74 catches for 911 yards in 2012 with New England, is available.

It’s also possible, in theory, that the Niners will look at the trade market or, as the offseason yields to training camp and the preseason, the waiver wire.  Either way, the Niners unexpectedly have lost a key piece of their puzzle, which will make it a little harder to put together a successful Super Bowl run in 2013.

23 responses to “Crabtree injury could open door for Moss, others

  1. Didn’t they draft a wr in the first round last year? I’m assuming he can step up.

  2. Certainly a big loss…..but with the exception of the loss of a QB no one player should drastically change a teams ability to win.

  3. I think Llyod can be a great target for Kap! I don’t think they need to be looking for trades tho they have some good players in house already and Crabs might be back mid season.

  4. Moss would just enter a crowded receiving corp as a before

    Before the injury, you figure their top 3 targets are Crabtree, Davis and Boldin.

    Then there’s Kyle Williams, Mario Manningham who are returning from injury.

    Then the unknowns with AJ Jenkins and Quinton Patton.

    Williams and Manningham going down didn’t exactly result in more catches for Moss last year.

    Where will Moss fit in.

    As Niner fan, I feel they should just roll with what they have. Unless Williams and Manningham are not expected back until later in the season then bring someone in.

    Might as well find out what your younger players have.

  5. Lloyd is master of making a highlight reel catch…even when it’s not required.

  6. That’s life in the NFL. It’s now “Next Man Up” and few teams are as deep as the 49er’s.

  7. Moss wasn’t the answer last year. He certainly wouldn’t be the answer this year. Lloyd has had 6 teams in 10 years, gotta ask why.

    Jenkins must step up, and Niners coaches should scheme Vernon Davis back into the passing game. Versatile Vance McDonald may be relied on more than they had planned, as a rookie.

  8. How the heck did Lloyd have that many yards last year! I didn’t think he was that productive. That’s a pretty good year for a receiver that was no where near Brady’s favorite target there had to have been a pretty good reason we cut him. Buyer beware

  9. Not Moss!!!

    Who the hell told you to write that crap, Brian Billick or Heath Evans???

    Only they believe in a wash up because of their past affiliations with him!!!

  10. Moss is the answer if they’ll throw to him!!! Ridiculous how they used him last yr.

  11. Anyone who thinks he will be back midseason is DREAMING.
    This is a serious injury that could result in life long consequences if you rush it back. This kind of injury would end a player’s career back in the day.

    Even with a successful surgery and rehab he will still have the mental hurdle of testing out that achilles and he will NO DOUBT lose a step.

    You don’t injure this tendon without losing a step. No two ways about it.

    The niners were sooo lucky last year with the injury bug with the Smith exception. That RARELY happens two years in a row.

    History doesn’t lie. The last time a Superbowl loser returned to the superbowl the following year (without the aid of spygate) was in 1998. The Buffalo Bills.

    There is a reason for that and it’s not just coincidence.

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